We’re Launching A Magazine!

We have some exciting news! Missy.ie is launching a proper magazine! Well kinda.

Do you miss magazines? Because we miss magazines. Websites are great and all that jazz, but you just can't have the same fun with them as you can with a magazine. So, we put on our thinking caps on and we thought that we would do something a little fun that would work alongside our website. And so Missy 'Zine was born! It's a monthly online magazine for girls in Ireland. Basically the same as our website, but so much more fun.


Here's everything that you need to know...


What's In It?

Well, lots of exclusive content that wont be published on our website. There will be the usual mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and interviews. It's basically going to be a magazine format of missy.ie. There's a sneaky peak of what to expect in the first edition above.


How Much Is It?

It's free! Yes you read that right, FREE. Okay we're going to stop now because we realise that we're starting to sound like one of those ads! (Once its gone, its gone!) But we're just so excited! We wanted something that was going to work well alongside missy.ie. We also wanted to do something for our loyal readers, which is why we decided to make it free. And of course, we're just awesome!


This sounds great! How do I get it?

So, just how do you get your hands on this wonder? Simple. Just sign up to our Newsletter  - we swear we won't be bombarding you with emails. We barely have time to bless ourselves let alone be emailing you all day, everyday! We'll email Missy 'Zine to you as part of our newsletter at the end of the month.


When? When? When?

The first issue will be ready at the end of April. Once it's ready we'll email it to you.


The Best Bit

Oh, yeah. How did we forget to mention that this will be a monthly thing! Yep, we're that sound. Every month you'll get to read the very best of Missy for free.


What are you waiting for?

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