25 Things To Do This Christmas

  1. Watch Christmas films all morning, in cosy, festive pyjamas.
  2. Treat yourself to some Christmas pyjamas! We have our eyes these ones.
  3. Watch your favourite Christmas movie.
  4. Eat chocolate for breakfast.
  5. Give. Christmas is a time for giving and even if it’s only €1 that you have to spare it all adds up. Try donate locally or to SVP or Dogs Trust, which is where our donation went this year.
  6. Bake something yummy! We love this Malteser Cake!
  7. Turn the phone off. Being bombarded with highly staged “Christmas Goals” photos and humble-bragging is so draining for your mental health. This year we’re turing our phones off to live in the moment, and we think you should do the same!
  8. Mind yourself. Christmas can be a difficult time for lots of reasons. We shared a list of helplines on Instagram. It’s not weak to need to talk.
  9. Read A Christmas Carol or another festive book!
  10. Make some proper hot chocolate.
  11. Eat a whole tin of Roses/Celebrations or Quality Street.
  12. Don’t feel guilty for anything. Not for not going out, not for eating that little be extra…you do you and feel no shame in any of it.
  13. Give yourself a festive manicure.
  14. Be thankful for what you have. It’s easy to let the green-eyed monster creep in, but be thankful for what you have and those around you.
  15. Blast Christmas songs non-stop!
  16. Make time for those who you don’t always get time to see. Life is hectic and the beauty of Christmas is that things really slow down. So, try take the time to squeeze in that visit to your great-aunt or your elderly neighbour, they’ll be only delighted to spend some time with you.
  17. Treat yourself to something nice. Merry Christmas To Me, From Me! 
  18. Watch the whole Harry Potter series on RTE, because isn’t even Christmas if you don’t?
  19. Keep an eye out for early sales.
  20. Rock a red lip, Nars Cruella is our fave!
  21. Binge-watch a boxset. We recommend Jane The Virgin for serious OMG and LOLs!
  22. Take proper photos, not just ones for the ‘gram. If you have an Instax dig that out and document your time, you’ll be really glad someday.
  23. Bundle up in layers and go for a walk on a crisp wintry day.
  24. Have a little DIY pamper session at home.
  25. Relax. Try to take a some time for yourself, unwind and indulge a little!

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

Team Missy



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