40 Pairs of School Shoes We’d Actually Want To Wear

40 Pairs of School Shoes We'd Actually Want To Wear

Here’s a mad thing from the world of fashion; school shoes are officially in!

Yes, €780 will get you these Gucci shoes (!!!!)

If you’d rather keep your huge wardrobe of Gucci shoes for “good wear” (imagine?!), here are some really nice school shoes that you’ll actually want to wear…

You obvs know better than us what your school rules are about shoes. Yes, the heeled 00’s style school shoes are in again, but some schools have strict rules about heel height. We also know that some schools don’t allow boots, so Docs are out; and that some schools do allow runners, so we included a pair of Vans. We tried to keep it as varied as possible so you can find a pair that suits you.

The T-Bar shoes might look a little childish, but we love them! They’re definitly something you could wear at the weekends with a dress and tights.

Even if we could afford the Gucci Loafers, we would not be wearing them to school! The good news is that there are loads of similar styles for a fraction of the cost! ASOS do a great replica with these ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Movement leather loafers.

Dr Marten’s are still big news this year. We personally love the Dr Martens Modern Classics 1460 Patent 8-Eye Boots. If that’s not your style or you’re not allowed boots, these Dr. Martens Adrian Loafers Black Polished Smooth are great – they have a good sole on them as any Irish mammy would tell you, so you’re definitly going to get a school year, or two, out of them.

And of course we have to mention Dubarry!

Here are some more of our favourites…


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