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5 TV Shows That You Need To Watch Right Now

Is there anything better than having a new TV series to bing-watch? The answer is no.

Here are some of the TV shows that we are currently loving, and think you will too..

Derry Girls

Up front: I only started watching Derry Girls a few weeks ago after hearing so much about it and OMG it’s amazing! I watched season 1 twice in one week. It’s set in Derry (obvs!) in the 1990’s and follows the girls (plus the wee English fella) as they navigate normal teen life in the shadows of The Troubles. If you love a really great laugh, Irish humour, good music, pop-cutter references and a lot of heart, Derry Girls is for you. P.S, Sister Michael is my Spirit Animal!

Season 2 just finished, but you can catch up on all 12 episodes on the Channel 4 player.

The Bold Type

Who doesn’t love a drama set at a fictional magazine? The Bold Type showcases strong, realistic female friendships as Jane, Kat and Sutton navigate life in NYC. The storylines are cleverly framed around modern hot topics, such as #metoo, Period Poverty and LGBT issues to name but a few, so it does make you think. The fashion is incredible too!

Season 1 and 2 are currently available on Amazon Prime in Ireland and new Season 3 episodes are available weekly.

The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

Maybe one for our slightly older readers, 16+, but this is honestly so good we couldn’t not mention it. The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel follows Midge as she deals with her perfect, fairy-tale life imploding and her sudden realisation that she’s actually a great great stand-up comedian. The series is set in 1950’s New York and the clothes are just dreamy. Midge is serious bad-ass too! We want to be her.

Season 1 and 2 are currently available on Amazon Prime in Ireland

This Is Us

It’s kinda hard to describe what This Is Us is about and why it’d just so watchable. On paper it’s just about the Pearson family, but there’s so much to it. It’s uplifting and heartbreaking all at the same time. Expect to laugh and cry in the space of 5 minutes.

Season 1 and 2 are currently available on Amazon Prime in Ireland and Season 3 is airing on RTE 2.

The Umbrella Academy

Based off of the comic books written by My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, the new-ish Netflix series is a little slow in some parts but really gripping one it gets going. It also stars our very own Portlaoise man, Robert Sheehan. The plot revolves around a dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes who reunite to solve the mystery of their father’s death, and the threat of an impending apocalypse. If you’re thinking “not another superhero movie/TV show”, we hear you, but this is actually good and not the same-old thing we’ve seen in 20 movies at this stage.

Season 1 is available on Netflix now with Season 2 currently in production.

What TV shows are you watching right now?

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The Dos And Don’ts of Being In Your First Relationship

The Dos And Don'ts of Having Your First Relationship

Being in your first relationship is a huge milestone in life. Don’t worry, everyone reaches it at a different point. But it can be a lot; here’s some tips to try help you keep a level head.

Don’t Drop Your Friends

You swear that you won’t be “that girl”, but it happens easier than you would think. And hey, we get it. You’ve found someone who you really like and you want to spend all of your free time with them, but don’t forget about your friends. Boyfriends/girlfriends come and go, but you always need your friends. Make sure that you make time for your friends regularly and for the love of God don’t spend all of your time with them obsessing over your BF/GF.

Do Tell Your Parents

Yes, there is a certain level of mortification talking about your love life with your parental unit (is this an Irish thing?), but you need to be up-front and tell them. Yes, they might embarrass the hell out of you, but it’s important that they know about this big change in your life. By keeping it a secret they’ll worry and won’t be impressed. Also, nothing worse than been spotted with you new love someone by who’s going to rat you out and in Ireland this will always happen!

Don’t Splash It All Over Social Media

It’s tempting to want to tell everyone about your new lurve, but do a Beyoncé on it and keep it private. Although we all hope that we’ve found “the one” on the first try, the reality is that maybe you haven’t. And that’s ok. But if it doesn’t work out there’s nothing worse than having to change your Facebook status and remove all mention of them from your social media. Maybe putting up the date of your anniversary 2 days in isn’t a great ideas either?!

Do Ee Yourself

Through nerves and anxiety it’s easy to turn yourself into someone else just by constantly saying yes and not wanting to disagree on anything, but don’t change your likes and dislikes for anyone. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t really want to go to the cinema to see that movie or that you really like that band. Be yourself. They obviously liked you to begin with for who you are, so don’t go changin’.

Don’t Feel Pressured

Being in your first relationship is exciting and a big deal, but don’t feel that you ever have to do something that you don’t want to do at any point in the relationship. Sex is a big deal and it’s way too early to even be considering it at the very start of your first relationship. So, if it’s on your new partners mind, but you’re not ready, you have every right to say no. And if pressure starts to be applied, it’s time to make them an ex.

Have you any tips you wish you could tell you younger-self about being in your first relationship?

Read More: 5 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

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The Best Coachella 2019 Outfits

The Best Coachella 2019 Outfits

The first weekend of Coachella 2019 is done and dusted. And although we have FOMO from No-chellea for us, we loved seeing the different outfits.

This year there was a lot more glamour on show rather than the usual outfits. And some of them looked SO amazing! Sequins and white boots are in!

We did see a lot of swimwear as outfits and to that we say “Live and let live”, but we just couldn’t help but wonder how comfortable and practical that is after the end of a very long day!🤔 And any girl who’s ever worn a jumpsuit knows the bathroom struggles!

Here are some of the best Coachella 2019 outfits to inspire your festival attire this summer…

The Best Coachella 2019 Outfits

One of our absolute faves at Coachella this year was Michaela O’ Shaughnessy. We loved all of Michalea’s weekend outfits, but this one was our winner because it just felt like the traditional Coachella/California vibe; relaxed, comfortable but still so stylish!

Don’t be afraid to go full on with the glamour at festivals – as long as it’s still practical! We loved Noelle’s “sugar plum festival fairy” look and that YSL bag is to die for – although the idea of having such a fab bag at a festival is giving us serious anxiety!

Kaelin Fox wore an incredible For Love & Lemons Stardust Maxi Dress and we are obsessed! Definitely one of our absolute fave looks from the whole weekend!

View this post on Instagram

✨fairy godmother of coachella✨🌈

A post shared by Rachel Martino (@rachmartino) on

See, we told you white boots are officially the must-have when it comes to Coachella 2019 outfits! How fab is Rachel’s multi-coloured dress?

If full-on glamour isn’t your thing and if you prefer a more laid-back festival look, Lauren Arthurs is your inspo! Lauren wore this Nasty Gal That’s the Sway Fringe Jacket and we need it!

If white boots aren’t your thing, so for the always trust-worthy white converse like Lorna, aka LC’s Closet. We love how chic and simple this outfit is.

Retro Flame is a bit of a Coachella veteran by now, but we think that this is our all-time favourite look from Erika! We found something very similar from PrettyLittleThing for €50!

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The April Beauty Edit

I thought I would go a bit old-school style with this new segment on and share my current favourite makeup products.

IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40

IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC is one of this products that I’ve heard a lot about, but recently I feel like I’ve seen it everywhere. So, of course I saw it as a sign that I needed it ASAP. I’m still on the hunt for a foundation that works well with my super oily skin and I thought that this might finally be “the one”. I have some good news and bad news to report.

Bad News:

The original IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC sucks for oily skin. It honestly made my skin fell disgusting after a few hours wear. So, I went and bought the Oil Free version. RIP my bank account!🙈

Good News:

The IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 works really well with oily skin. I’m actually obsessed with the finish of the oil-free version. I didn’t really like the normal one and TBH my skin felt so gross and heavy after a few hours wear. I won’t lie and say that it’s 100% amazing, but for the moment I’m really liking it and I probably would class it as my current favourite.

I purchased the IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC from QVCUK with the intention of using their money-back guarantee but I kinda forget to send it back (oops!) but I popped into Arnotts and asked for a sample to the IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 and I was really impressed when they gave me a really good size sample (I got 4/5 days out of it). So, I went back to Arnotts and bought it there. I also saw Bonnie Ryan talk about how great the Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation as for oily skin, so that’s now on my list to try! Seriously, someone stop me!

Carter Beauty 18 Shade Eye Palette – Warm Velvet, €14.95*

When Carter Beauty launched last August and I saw the eye shadow palettes I instantly knew that the Warm Velvet palette would be my jam. I only recently got it and OMG I’m obsessed! There are so many different looks that you can create with the palette and the pigmentation is really great. The colours really remind me of the Modern Renaissance Palette. For only €14.95 it’s well worth the money.

PS…Smoky Lash, Penneys, €3.50

This mascara has become my Number 1 Holy Grail product. I have converted so many people to this mascara and everyone raves about it. I hate clumpy mascara. I like a natural looking lash with more volume and something that lasts all day. As a disclaimer I used to love expensive, high-end mascaras, but I would never buy them again because this is SO much better and it’s cruelty free!

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil, €15.20

No matter which eyebrow products tempt me I always come back to Benefit! They were the brand who made me obsessed with my eyebrows back in the day. I’ve tried all of the top brow products on the market but my favourite is definitely Benefit Precisely My Brow.

The reason that I’m including it on my April Favourites is that I did stray again, but not far. I was using the Benefit Goof Proof, but in my onion Benefit Precisely My Brow is way better. I like a really fine pencil for my eyebrows to fill them in without over-doing it. Benefit Precisely My Brow is really similar to Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz. I went through 3 Brow Wiz‘s before I finally gave up the ghost and admitted that it wasn’t uh-mazing. Precisely My Brow  is the way to go!

Madison Makeup Contour Highlight Brush, €9*

First world problem story time; I lost my Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush when I was traveling in Vietnam.😭 Yes, I spent €50 on one make brush, yes I’m stupid, yes I still lament the loss. I couldn’t find a brush that was similar and it was so annoying. I was using various Real Techniques brushes, but it just wast the same.

I was gearing up to buy a new Powder & Sculpt Brush when I was sent on the new Madison Makeup Contour Highlight Brush – it is identical to the Powder & Sculpt Brush and only costs €9! I love this for contour because it really allows you to build up and natural and subtle contour – no hash lines in sight. It’s also perfect for lightly dusting highlight onto the skin. I just seriously love this brush!

Currently Trialing

I’m pretty ridiculous in how I spend months considering one purchase but then impulse buy something else in two seconds. So it is with the iGlow Long Lashes Serum. I saw someone talk about it online and I got a confirmation email before you could say “Can you really afford that?“. I’ve been looking at gets a lash serum for a while now, so I’m interested to see how I get on with this – I will let you know!

What beauty products are you loving this month? Slide in to my DM’s on the Instagram – I love trying new products!

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5 Things To Know About Your Parents

Let’s be honest; you can be the best of friends with your parents and the worst of enemies all in the space of like, 10 minutes.

Sometimes it can be very hard to see where your parents are coming from.Here’s 5 things to know about your parents to try demystify them..

They Had A Life Before You

Yep, before ruining your life was their sole goal in life, your parental unit had a whole other life going on before you and your siblings made an appearance. They had relationships, worries, ups and downs, and friends. Ask them about their life. And although we doubt that they used to be a part of the South Side Serpents, there’s probably a lot that you can learn about them and from their own experiences. Ask them what music they used to listen to, or what the fashion was like when they were a teen for some guaranteed lols.

They Don’t Tell You Everything

As much as it might drive you insane, your parents don’t tell you everything and it’s not because they don’t trust you, it’s because they probably want to keep any adult stress and tribulations out of your life.  But the reality is, they have things going on too. Although we’re sure that they’re not planning to take over your city like Hiram Lodge in Riverdale, cut them some slack if you sense that they’re a bit stressed. There’s usually a reason to everything. And although you don’t necessarily have to take on their burdens, look at small ways that you can help them out.

They’re Not Always Right

Shocker, we know. But sometimes parents do get it wrong. Try not to gloat for too long or leverage it to push boundaries. We all make mistakes. The older you get the more you realise that you really do just have to wing it when it comes to life. Adulting is hard. okay!

They’re Constantly Worried About You

We’ve all had the “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” “Who are with?” “What time will you be home at?” texts. It’s not because your parents want to ruin your fun, they’re genuinely worried about you. You are their world and they worry about the constantly, in big ways and small way. So, be open and honest with them to reassure their fears and try to see where their coming from every once in a while.

They Love You

Even if you mange to F-up to epic proportions and your parents are so disappointed in your actions, always know that they do love you more than life itself. There’s nothing that you can say or do that’s going to alter that, ever. Sometimes our mind might try trick us in to believing otherwise or we might have earned some justifiable ire, but they love you unconditionally. So, tell them when you need them even if it feels like the most impossible thing in the whole world.

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There’s A Movie Based On A Harry Styles Fanfiction!

Yes, you read that correctly! There’s an actual movie based on a Harry Styles Fanfiction!

Everything That You Need To Know About After

Let’s hop back in time to 2013 first. Anna Todd started using the popular fanfiction website “Wattpad” to write a YA based on the members of One Direction. In the original chapters (which are still available to read fo’ free on Wattpad, BTW) Tessa a college freshman, falls in love with Harry and the two end up in a tumultuous relationship. Anna wrote over 80 chapters and the series has had over a BILLION views! Wattpad reached out to Anna and offered her help in finding a publisher. The rest is history! Once the book was published the movie-rights were sold and here we are being blessed with this movie.

As with most Fanfic’s, the story doesn’t actually revolve around Harry Styles being in One Direction. Instead the story happens in Washington State University. Anna obvs couldn’t use Harry’s real name (or the other 1D boys names!) once the book was publish due to legal reasons (sad times!), so Harry was changed to Holden.

Here’s The Trailer!👇

Was anyone else waiting for him to reveal that he was a vampire or something?

Meet The Cast

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin plays Hardin Scott aka Harry Styles. Hero previously stared in Harry Potter playing the young Voldemort. Fun fact: his uncle IRL, Ralph Fiennes, played Voldemort! The role of Tessa is played by Josephine Langford. If Josephine looks slightly familiar that’s because she has a v famous sister; Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by After Movie (@aftermovie) on

When is After released in Ireland?

At the moment we don’t know.😥 It’s out this week (April 12th) in the US. reached out to the production company to find out its Irish release date. They said, “Currently we do not have a release plan for UK/Ireland but will let you know when there is one”. So, it will happen, but when is the question. We have a feeling it will happen over the summer OR Netflix will get it in a similar situation to “Isn’t It Romantic“, which went on general release in US cinemas, but was made available on Netflix internationally a few weeks later. We’ll keep you posted!

What are your thoughts on a Harry Styles Fanfiction being turned into a movie?

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Meet Your New Music Obsession, Milk.

The up and coming pop group Milk. will soon be taking Dublin by storm. The four-piece band includes Mark Mckenna, Conor Gorman, Morgan Wilson and the very handsome Conor King all in their early 20s. They are taking a whole new twist on music by mixing different genres and brand-new sounds. got the chance to sit down with them ahead of their shows to chat about music, Dublin and life.


How did the band come together?

Wilson: We were all together in music college actually,

Mckenna: Yeah, the band started with just me and Gormi really. Basically, I was actually in another band and then I met Conor through that and we became mates. He sent me a song he had written and I thought it was very cool and we started writing together and eventually Milk was born and then we knew Morgan and then our bass is Conor King from college and we just kind of asked him to play from us. 


How long have you known each other?

Gorman: Maybe three years. Started writing together about two years ago.

Wilson: Yeah around about that I’d say.

Mckenna: I only really got to know Morgan about a year ago. 

Gorman: I was thinking about this the other day one of Morgan mates lives around my estate and I remember seeing Morgan around my estate when I was like ten.

Morgan: My roommate is actually Conor’s next-door neighbour.

Mckenna: And then, we’ve known Conor King for a little over a year actually, he is very well-known around for playing the bass and we were worried that he wouldn’t like our songs, but he heard one of them and thought it was good so we said that he could come play for us if he wanted, please.


How did the name Milk. come about?

Mckenna: There is a book and movie called “Clockwork Orange” about a gang of four teenagers and the lead character drinks milk and he basically puts loads of drugs into it. I just found it was hilarious how they took something as innocent as milk and they took something as violent as drugs. It shows that drugs and violence are as prevalent in an adult’s day-to-day life and a glass of milk is to a child’s day to day life, which is a very weird contrast.

Gorman: We will probably have to keep it now unless we get sued by milk.

Via Milk. on Instagram

What is the genre of music you are most inspired by?

Mckenna: We are all inspired by different genres and I think that is what makes a good mix. We try to mix everything we can, there will even be small details in the back of a song that could be really influenced by an oasis song but it wouldn’t sound like an oasis. So, there are always hints of things there.

Mckenna: In a few songs that we have there are a lot of Daniel Ceaser inspiration.

Wilson: I don’t think we have a right to one certain genre.

Mckenna: We just kind of go for it and if something doesn’t sound right or if it’s unnecessary we would take it out.


How are musical decisions like that made?

Wilson: I think I lot of our creative bits are made over WhatsApp.

Mckenna: Yeah if we didn’t have WhatsApp we wouldn’t be half as organised as we are.

Gorman: We have a WhatsApp chat where we talk and send memes and then a separate one where we keep and archive important things.

Mckenna: We do a lot of like, if I write something I’ll send it into WhatsApp and then someone will say I like that let’s try this with it and we will change it from there.

Wilson: If we didn’t have a computer or WhatsApp you could say goodbye.

Mckenna: We are the band of 2020.


How does the process of writing songs happen?

Wilson: We’re not a band that meets up and jams to a song, it starts with one of us and then we add stuff on and then we record on a laptop.

Mckenna: It always started with just one of us, we have way too many songs that aren’t finished. We probably have at least two albums full. Some songs that me and Gorman would have written a while ago that doesn’t even sound like us anymore.

Via Milk. on Instagram

How did the song ‘Drama queen’ happen?

Gorman: That kind of started off as a punk song.

Mckenna: Yeah it started a while ago, but we’ve changed it since. It used to be very fast but we slowed a bass line down from another song and then we liked it much better. Gormi made a demo of it then I wrote lyrics and played it off my laptop and put my phone down beside me and I sang with the track of the laptop. It sounded awful at first. That was back when we were recording things on our phone. We thought it was really amazing at the time.

Gorman: We are very thankful for our producer, now.

Morgan: He is a wizard.


Are there struggles having a band in Ireland?

Mckenna: Not in Ireland anyway. If you’re not in Dublin though it would be. I feel like every band eventually in Ireland needs to come to Dublin at some point.

Wilson: It’s easier having it here compared to other places in this country just because this is just where the people are.

Gorman: The music scene is not that big here, you play like two gigs and people start to know who you are.

Wilson: I wouldn’t say it has made it more difficult actually, the scene is so small here when you are getting started it can be a little bit easier, at least play a couple of gigs. Like all your mates will go, everyone is looking to support each other, it is a very supportive environment. I’d actually be quite grateful for how small the community is, to be honest, I think that it would probably work against us if it was bigger.

Mckenna: It’s also nice to be able to play a gig and it is 20 minutes away from your house rather than get a three-hour train.


Is there any inspiration that comes from Dublin?

Wilson: I suppose we kind of take it for granted, it is very culturally involved.

Mckenna: Our sound as well at times, Dublin was the birth of U2, the birth of that distorted guitar, we kind of use a good bit of that. I feel like we are a very Irish band, I suppose the culture, growing up in Dublin. A lot of lyrics come from what we were raised with.


How do you balance college and music?

Wilson: With very little efficiency, but the college is very understanding because we are at college for musical art’s so they are lenient. We are trying to create a career with this band and college is helping that. But college has been great, it’s the reason we know each other and helped us get contacts in the music world.


Is social media a big part of having a band?

Wilson: Yeah definitely, specifically Instagram, I guess its most relevant for people our age.

Mckenna: I think people just like to see what you’re doing behind the scenes, get that insight into what you are genuinely like as a person. Like when I follow bands I want to see what they do when they are not on a big stage. So, it’s all just the lads hanging out, there are no gimmicks.

Wilson: I think it made it really pay attention to the detail of how everything looks. Even when we are announcing stuff we will use little candid photos. They all stick to this kind of film-photo theme. But, they are generally just us, doing normal things.


When are your next shows?

Wilson: We have a showcase in Cork on the 2nd of May and then our headline is on the 8th of May on the top floor of Whelans.  You can get tickets here

Make sure that you follow Milk. on Instagram

You can listen to the debut single by Milk. “Drama Queen” on Spotify now.


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A Modern Take On 90s Fashion Trends

It was kind of an alarming realisation for Team Missy that most of you reading this are 00’s babies, officially making us nineties babies old relics. But lucky for us the 90’s are SO in right now. Thanks in no small part to the incredible Derry Girls the nineties are taking over fashion again. Thankfully it isn’t as much of an assault on the eyes as the first time around.

Here’s how you can work some 90s fashion into your wardrobe without looking like you’ve been caught in a time-warp.

A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via @sydneymaycrouch

Hair Clips and Scrunchies

Take it from us; you were doing 90s fashion wrong if you didn’t have a million hair slides or butterfly clips. We’ve already told you why we are obsessed with the hair slide trend but we are also here for scrunchies! As demonstrated in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before a scunchie is VERY important! Penneys, Claires and Topshop have lots of great options. The rule with scrunchies is the bolder looking the better and go super high with your ponytail!


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via @bourksandbees

Mom Jeans

The first signs that 90s fashion was on the way back was reappearance of the Mom Jeans a few years ago. Although we are ride or die for black skinny jeans it is nice to be comfy without wearing a tracksuit. Also, can we just write and ode to high-waisted everything?! Sometimes cuts can be a bit weird on Mom Jeans, so shop around and try them on until you find the perfect fit. We love these ones from Topshop or the original Levi’s, which are available in Kildare Village BTW!

A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Platform Trainers

I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want(ed) in the 90s, Platform Runners like Baby Spice! With the Spice Girls set to play Dublin next month it might just be time for me to make my 6-year-old dreams come true and invest in these. Well, maybe not the ones that Baby Spice is wearing in the above picture – they are insane! Also spot a 13-year-old Prince Harry! The return of the platform trainers have divided a lot of people.

A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends


The ultimate 90s fashion piece was the choker! New Look are selling the “authentic” ones that ruled the 90’s, but we love Missoma’s offerings, which are much more wearable and so pretty.


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Slip Dress

Yes, it looks a lot like a nightdress, but a slip dress can look amazing. We are obsessed with this one from Nasty Gal and it’s currently reduced to €24! If it feels a bit too out there for you wear it over a plain white t-shirt for the ultimate 90s fashion look.


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via @sydneymaycrouch


You knew you were going on holidays when the bumbag came out! We are glad that we left the original bumbags back in the 90’s, but we are loving the modern take on them because they have reminded us just how handy they are. Even though we’re pretty sure our allowance wont allow us a Gucci bumbag we LOVE this designer-like offering from PrettyLittleThing.


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via EmilyCanham

Flannel Shirts

British YouTuber Emily Canham managed to tick off lots of 90’s fashion trends in this one look with Dr. Marten boots, mom jeans and a flannel shirt! We love the idea of using flannel shirt for the awkward in-between weather when it’s too warm for a coat but too cold to go without.


Which 90s fashion trend would you wear?

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Steal The Look: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Makeup

We were OBSESSED with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Makeup when watching the show. Sure, the storylines were gripping and Nick is a beaut to look at, but it was the hair and makeup looks that really stole the show.

We’ve already shared how you can steal Sabrina’s style, but we just had to know more about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina makeup. And good news; we’ve found some of the exact makeup worn in the show! Step this way…

Steal The Look: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Makeup

Sabrina’s Makeup

Sabrina‘s head makeup artist Candice Stafford-Bridge chatted to Allure and told them that she keeps Sabrina makeup pretty simple. “She can raise the dead, but I wanted to be true to a 16-year-old high school girl and make her makeup believable,” says Stafford-Bridge.

The exact red lipstick that Sabrina wears? Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour in Very Prive. “It’s the world’s most expensive lipstick,” laughs Stafford-Bridge. “It just happens to look amazing on her.” So, we’ll start saving now then!

Stafford-Bridge avoids Instagram makeup or any on-trend looks to keep that same vintage vive that Riverdale has going on. That means skipping any noticeable contour or highlight.

The Dark Side of Sabrina

Sabrina’s makeup changes drastically as the series goes on and according to Stafford-Bridge that’s by design.

“I think the thing with making Kiernan less made up is that before the Dark Baptism, she’s pure and she hasn’t chosen the so-called Dark Side,” she continues. For the look, Stafford-Bridge prepped Shipka’s skin with Dermalogica Ultra Calming Mist, then mixed two Kjaer Weis cream foundations and Jane Iredale Dream Tint for a base to match her skin tone. Her rosy cheeks, meanwhile, come from either MAC’s Cream Blush in Rich Coral or MAC’s Powder Blush in Dusty Rose.

Then there’s the lip, a rosy peach balm by Dior. “In the early episodes her lips are the Dior Lip Glow in 004,” says Stafford-Bridge. “It gives her a really natural glow.”

When Sabrina finally swipes on some dark lipstick, though, pay attention: It’s a sign that she’s considering going all in with the coven. Take a scene in the second episode, for example, in which Sabrina calls on the Weird Sisters—a trio of dark witches decked out in Bite lipstickAnastasia Beverly Hills Eye Palettes, and stacks of false eyelashes—to assist her in pranking a group of boys who bullied her mortal friend at school.

She arrives to hex the bullies in classically witchy makeup, courtesy of Tom Ford Bruised Plum purple lipstick and a black powder along her lash line. It’s dramatic, it’s dark, and it matches the Weird Sisters perfectly.

Steal The Look: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Makeup

The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters definitely steal the show from Sabrina when it comes to the makeup in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. “We put all the makeup that you can possibly put on a face on them, and we go into the non-traditional colours, so greys and blues and blacks,” says Stafford-Bridge.

Their looks definitely aren’t everyday wear for us mere mortals. Prudence wears a blend of Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Squid Ink and M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Bespoken For.

Dorcas’ look is a little bit more attainable. She wears cult favourite  Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Glastonberry with M.A.C. Lip Pencil in Currant. Glastonberry is a berry-purple shade that shockingly looks amazing on just about everyone.

Agatha’s signature shade is Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Whiskey and the brand’s Lip Liner in #48 which are a mahogany and a blackened violet and unfortunately not available in Ireland at the mo’.

To finish-off The Weird Sisters makeup Stafford-Bridge “used all of the lashes in the lash drawer” (a mix of Ardell Individual Lashes and Kiss i•Envy Trio) and amplified with multiple layers of Dior Diorshow Mascara.

Who’s makeup look is your favourite in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

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Spring Fashion Essentials

Spring has sprung…apparently. It’s definitely still cold, but there’s no denying that it’s time to pack away the winter coats and start dipping your toes in Spring fashion.

Here are the 4 Spring fashion essentials that you need in your wardrobe…

Black Denim Jacket

You can never go wrong with a trusty denim jacket. We love a good black denim jacket because it just goes with EVERYTHING. Size-up, or even hit up the mens department to get one that will allow you to layer a hoodie under it during the chillier moment of spring. Our top pick is this Topshop Womens Oversized Denim Jacket.

Wear it with mom jeans or throw it on over a dress for the perfect day or night look. This is worth investing in now because not only will it see you through the next 6 months at least, it’s a piece you will have in your wardrobe for years to come.

Floral Midi Skirt

If there’s one thing that you’re going to see everywhere over the next few months it’s the midi skirt. Bonus points for a floral midi skirt. Wear it with Docs, Converse, ankle boots or Vans and then sandals come summer. For something that will cost you under €30 it’s a solid investment. We love this New Look ditsy floral midi skirt

Green With Envy

We’re calling it now; sage green is officially the colour when it comes to spring fashion. We don’t know what it is about the colour, but there’s something really calming and cheerful about it, making it perfect for spring. We are obsessed with this Green spot skort playsuit – so cute and perfect for the day with sandals during the summer or dress it up with heels.

I’m With The Band

Another versatile addition to spring fashion is the band t-shirt. Perfect for throwing on with jeans or with your floral midi skirt. The only difficulty is trying to pick one. Prince T-Shirts are super popular. Take your pick because Nasty Gal, Missguided AND Boohoo all have a Prince Purple Rain T-Shirt. Personally, we kinda want to be South Side Serpents like Betty Cooper!

What do you think of our Spring Fashion picks?

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AD 5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

* Collaboration with Chill Home Insurance

How much time do you spend in your bedroom? If you’re anything like us it’s probably a lot of time. Between studying and hanging with friends, to the almost mandatory Netflix and Chill at the weekends and of course, sleep, your bedroom really becomes your go-to place. It’s also your sanctuary from the world, so you may as well love it!

Now we’re not recommending getting Dermot Bannon in to go mad, but there are some ways that you can make your room “insta-worthy” no matter your budget. So, whether you’re giving your room at home a much-needed revamp or decorating your first room in college, we have some tips on how you can redecorate your room on a budget.

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget


Yep, the first tip is to bite the bullet and do that deep-clean that you’ve been promising to do for months (or years!). Go full on Marie Kondo and clean out your whole room. Donate what you don’t need anymore to charity. Make better use of space and storage by investing in some storage from Ikea. Once you have everything cleaned take a good look at your room and really think about what you’d like to do with it.

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

2. Work with what you already have

One of the best ways to redecorate your bedroom on a budget is to use what you already have and improve upon it. If you can’t afford to change the curtains look at what colours you could use elsewhere in your room to compliment it.

The quickest and cheapest way to redecorate your bedroom is to move the furniture around. Try moving your bed to a different wall if you have the space.

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

Image via Joanne Condon

3. DIY

Do you have a chest of drawers that could be up-cycled with a bit of paint? Check out the rabbit hole that is Pinterest for tons of cool ideas. Joanne Condon is the absolute queen of up-cycling – definitely check out her Instagram for some fun inspiration! If you don’t have anything ask your granny or other family members if they have an old dresser, desk or bedside table lying around the place. St. Vincent de Paul and other charity shops can be great for furniture.  Some chalk paint and new handles work wonders and make everything look “Insta-worthy”.

A really fun and budget-friendly way to add a fun, new look to your bedroom is to use wall decals like the gold spots above. They’re easy to stick on and shouldn’t mark the wall (please don’t blame us if they do!) and are super-cheap!

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

Image via Primark

4. Invest wisely

If you are spending a bit of money make sure that you do it wisely. Don’t go for colours that you’re going to be sick of in a few months. Stick with naturals and then add a pop of colour using budget-friendly accessories. Call us basic, but we love the Marks and Spencer Iris Spotted Dobby Bedding Set that ALL the bloggers seem to have!

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

5. Accessorises make a room

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget (or parental permission!) to make big changes like painting the walls, or getting a new bed – it’s the small details that make a room anyway! Fairy-lights make everything better, FACT! And they only cost a few euro. Don’t overlook Dealz and Penneys for cute accessories. Add contrasting cushions and throws to create a cosy atmosphere in your room. The key to a great Insta worthy bedroom is the stying. By mixing and matching a few new additions with your own books and pictures you can create the impression that you’re redecorated your whole bedroom.

Have you any tips to redecorate your bedroom on a budget?

Thanks to Chill Home Insurance for collaborating with us on this post.