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5 Feminist Books To Empower And Inspire

So, now that we are on our way to having body autonomy in Ireland the fire has been lit. There is so much to know and learn about the feminist movement across the world and as everyone knows the best way to learn and broaden the mind is through reading.

Here are 5 books to inspire and to give you more knowledge.


A Girl’s Guide To Joining The Resistance – A Feminist Handbook on Fighting For Good by Emma Gray

Emma Gray wrote this book to be a guide for self-care and activism in Trump’s America. This provides background information on key issues so you can be informed and decide where you stand on certain issues. There’s a guide for navigating the world of “fake news” and making sure you’re getting quality information. Theres also helpful and practical advice on how you can get involved with organisations that help and support. We love how approachable each topic is and how the book is laid out with colourful illustrations.


Feminist Books For Teens

Scribble Yourself Feminist by Chidera Eggerue

Scribble Yourself Feminist is such a fun book. It’s full of quizzes and pages to colour in, lots of inspirational quotes and stories; plus it really gets you thinking about what your thoughts and opinions are on feminist and genre issues in a non-intimidating way. We wish we could show you every single page in this book because it’s just so beautiful. If you’re looking to broaden your mind, this is the one for you to start with!


Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies): Amazing women on what the F-word means to them

“I didn’t know I was a feminist until I was fifteen. I didn’t know I was a feminist because I didn’t know I needed to be, and I also didn’t think I would still be allowed to wear make-up if I became one”. – Scarlett Curtis.

We mentioned this one before and we’re so excited that it has finally been released. The book is a collection of personal essays from various writers on diverse topics. The book was curated by Scarlett Curtis, who is our absolute hero here at Scarlett is a passionate activist and co-founder of The Pink Protest. This is a brilliant book full of great advice and inspiration. Contributors to the book include Evanna Lynch, Jameela Jamil, Keira Knightley, Tanya Burr, Kat Dennings, Saoirse Ronan and Zoella to name but a few.

Royalties of each copy sold will go to Girl Up, an initiative hosted by the United Nations Foundation.

That’s What She Said – Wise Word From Influential Women by Timothy Joy

This is the perfect pick-me-up and a book to really inspire. Each double page has beautiful illustration and quote from an inspiring women in history and a short biography of each women on the other page. With beauty words of wisdom from Iris Apfel, to Oprah, Michelle Obama and Emily Dickenson to name but a few. This is such a beautiful book and something you’ll have for years. The temptation to cut all the portraits is real, but we just couldn’t do that to a book!


Together We Rise – The Women’s March Behind The Scenes At The Protest Heard Around The World -The Women’s March Organisers and Conde Nast

On January 21, 2017, three million people boarded buses, Sharpie’d signs, and took to the streets as part of the largest protest in American history. Marchers from eighty-two countries and all seven continents rose in solidarity to share a common message: Hear our voice. This is the definitive history of the Women’s March, a front-row seat to the genesis, planning, and execution of one of history’s most galvanizing movements, and a look at how women are moving forward.

This is a beautiful coffee table style book that’s perfect to dip in and out of and something history lovers will adore.

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5 Books To Read If You Loved To All The Boys I Loved Before

5 Books To Read If You Loved To All The Boys I Loved Before

Our obsession with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is real! We’ve already watched some movies to try feed our obsession,so now it’s time to turn to our other obsession…books!

The movie was based on the mega-popular book series, so that got us thinking about other books that have similar themes and stories as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Here are 5 books to read if you loved To All The Boys I Loved Before


P.S. I Still Love You, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Need more of Lara Jean and Peter? We feel you! It’s a good job that there are two more books in the series. There’s major talk that both books will also be made into movies after the huge success of TATBILB, so get on that ASAP to find out what happens. Spoiler Alert: John Ambrose is a main character in both books!😱


Eleanor & Park

The story follows dual narratives by Eleanor and Park, two misfits living in Omaha, Nebraska from 1986 to 1987. Eleanor and Park meet on a school bus on Eleanor’s first day at the school and they gradually connect through comic books and mix tapes of ’80s music, sparking a love story. This book has been topping best-selling YA novel lists for a few years now, so there’s a lot of love for it.


Anna and the French Kiss

Anna can’t wait for her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a good job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. So, she’s not too thrilled when her father unexpectedly ships her off to boarding school in Paris – until she meets Etienne St. Clair, the perfect boy! The only problem? He’s taken, and Anna might be, too, if anything comes of her crush back home. Will a year of romantic near-misses end in the French kiss Anna awaits? This deals with a similar theme as TATBILB in that Anna and Laura Jean both have the habit of holding onto the idea of someone else instead of living their lives in the now.

The Fault In Our Stars

The story is narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old girl with cancer. Hazel’s parents force her to attend a teen cancer support group where she subsequently meets and falls in love with 17-year-old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee – who may just rival our love for Peter G! There’s also a movie version to watch, which will leave you with a stupid smile on your face, just like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before…until it all becomes very real. Get ready for your heart to break. Also, the cover for this is giving our serious vibes for the ICONIC Laura Jean and Pater screen saver!


If I Stay

The story follows 17-year-old Mia Hall as she deals with the aftermath of a catastrophic car accident involving her family. Mia is the only member of her family to survive, and she finds herself in a coma. Through this coma Mia has an out-of-body experience where she is able to watch her friends and family gather at the hospital where she is being treated. Mia finds herself stuck between two worlds; the world of the living, and the world of those who have moved on. Mia realizes that she must use her past and her relationships to make a decision for her future. What will her life be like if she stays?

Have you any suggestions for books to read if you Loved To All The Boys I Loved Before?

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Things We Are Living For This Autumn

Things We Are Living For This Autumn

Yes, it’s V depressing to be back in school but there’s also a lot to get excited about now that it’s officially autumn – be still our beating Halloween heart!

Here are some of the things to look forward to this autumn…

Things We Are Living For This Autumn


TV Shows

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

We are mega excited for the arrival of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sabrina Spellman must reconcile her dual nature as a half-witch, half-mortal while fighting evil forces. So far a lot of the details have been kept very hush, hush but there is talk that it will exist in the same world as Riverdale. Both shows have the same creator and mention has been made of Greendale in Riverdale in the past. The full series will drop on Netflix on October 26, so it will be perfect Halloween Break viewing material. We’ll have more details as we get them!



Another TV show that were are excited to see is Legacies. Stay with us on this; it’s a spin-off of The Originals, which was a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. The show will revolve around Hope Mikaelson, aka Klaus’s daughter. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are two HIGHLY underrated shows. Both are on Netflix, so now you have an excuse to binge-watch both. Legacies premiers October 25, 2018 in the US, but no word when it will air in Ireland. We feel like TG4 will get it, as they aired The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.



Autumn is traditionally a very busy time in the movie world as most highly anticipated films drop between October and December to be in the run for the Oscars.

Crazy Rich Asians

Yes, we mentioned Crazy Rich Asians before and hyped up a August release date, but for reasons unknown the release date in the UK and Ireland was changed multiple times. But has confirmed that it will be released in Irish cinemas on the 14th of September. There’s been a lot of talk about this movie. Some have called it the saviour of the rom-com genre, others are obsessed with the fashion and it’s also important to note that this is a huge moment in representation in film. Seriously, read the books ASAP!

Crazy Rich Asians is out 14th September.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

We say this as HUGE Harry Potter fans; we weren’t super hyped for the first movie in the Fantastic Beasts series. BUT The Crimes of Grindelwald looks really, really good. We are excited to see where the series goes because Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them felt more like a foundation movie to get the series rolling and away from Harry Potter.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is out 16 November.


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

If Mackenzie Foy looks a bit familiar to you, that’s because she played Renesmee Cullen in Twilight. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is going to try expand on the much-loved Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Nutcracker. It looks like fun and it will definitely be a great way to start getting in the festive spirit.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is out 2 November.


Mary Queen of Scots

Our very own Saoirse Ronnan might just finally be set for Oscar glory with her turn in Mary Queen of Scots. Margot Robbie co-stars in a very unfortunate get-up, but points for accurate history!

Mary Queen of Scots is out 18 January.


The book relates are kinda quiet towards the end of the year but there are a few worth noting. First up is My Mum Tracy Beaker, which is out 4 October. This probably means very little to you but Team Missy was super excited when this landed into our offices a few months ago. You see Tracy Beaker and basically all books by its author, Jacqueline Wilson, made up our early teen years. We highly recommend that you give the original book, The Story of Tracy Beaker, a read. The series was really beloved and was even made into a TV show.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies) is also out the 4th of October. This is a collection of essays about what feminism means to various women. Some contributors to the book include Emma Watson, Zoe Sugg, Keira Knightley,  Saoirse Ronan, Tanya Burr, Kiernan Shipka and many more.


Seriously, bury us in autumn trends! We are very excited to dig out the autumnal makeup. We are here for the return of Berry Lips. Also expect to see blue and purple eyeshadows. Keep an eye on to see how to create wearable looks of these trends.

You’ll also start to see a lot of the Christmas sets appearing in shops pretty soon. Keep an eye out to grab a good bargain, but be careful with sets that just give you miniature sizes. Yes, its fun to try new things, but we’re all about genuine value here at If we see anything that’s worth while we’ll update you on our Insta!

Urban Decay will also release their Naked Cherry Palette. No word yet on a release date but we think mid-October.

Things We Are Living For This Autumn

New Look Teddy Coat


Dont @ us, but we are of the opinion that Autumn/Winer fashion is the best. Soz, Summer! You just can’t beat being snuggled up in oversized jumpers. And there is serious joy to be had from selecting a winter coat. Don’t even get us started on scarves!

The good news for your bank balance is that a lot of the trends from last year are still big news this year. There’s still lots of tartan and teddy coats, as well as lots of corduroy.We’ve already hyped the return of Dr. Martens and believe us, mustard yellow is going to be everywhere.

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5 Minutes With…Lucy And Lydia Connell

Find The Girl Book

We are HUGE fans of Lucy And Lydia Connell here at Not only are we obsessed with the twins Instagram feeds, but they are also our fav on YouTube! And now the girls have added a book to their ever grown empire. Jessie nabbed the girls to chat about their new novel, Find The Girl.


What inspired the story for Find The Girl?

We’ve always wanted to write about what it is like to be a twin, and how special the twin bond is. We felt that writing a fiction book, we could be so creative with the story and we love how the twins find not only themselves but each other in the story. 


Are the characters of Nina and Nancy based on you guys? Do you share any similar traits? 

Nina and Nancy are not us, but we feel that when our readers read our story, they will definitely see us in Nina and Nancy and in their personalities! Nina and Nancy are polar opposites, whereas we are exactly the same! We could literally be the same person, so it was really interesting to explore their differences and develop their characters!


Who’s your favourite character in the book and why?

Lydia’s favourite character would be Nancy. Lydia feels like she relates more to Nancy’s personality, and Lucy loves Nina’s character because of her love for photography and the way Nina prefers to live life in the moment!

Were you influenced by any particular books that you read as teens?

We loveeeee reading, and Lucy was never seen without a book in her hand when she was younger! We were absolutely obsessed with Jaqueline Wilson books and we loved the Mary-Kate and Ashley books too!


5 Minutes With...Lucy And Lydia Connell

Find the Girl by Lucy and Lydia Connell


Did you enjoy the writing experience?

We loved the writing experience as we felt like we could be super creative. As there were two of us, we had so many creative ideas for the storyline and each chapter switches between Nina and Nancy, so you can really get an insight into how each twin is feeling in the different situations that take place in the book. We collaborated with Katy Birchall as we loved her writing style and she really loved our story. We feel like the perfect dream team.

Are you planning any other books?

We loved the whole process so to have the chance to continue this story would be incredible! We are so obsessed with the story and would love the opportunity to explore these characters more! Keep your eyes peeled!

What advice would you give our readers who hope to become authors some day?

We feel that you should write about topics that you have a real passion about and be true to yourself in your writing style, so people love your writing based on you, as you’re the only person who can bring your personality across.

Find the Girl by Lucy and Lydia Connell is published by Puffin, priced €14.99

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5 YA Books You Have To Read This Summer


There’s just nothing like sitting in the sun on a hot, summers day reading a book!

Whether your making the most of the fine weather or if you’re looking for something to keep you engrossed on holiday, here are the 5 YA books you have to read this summer…


Eve Of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

We already chatted about Eve Of Man, but we loved it so much we are more than willing to talk about it again.

This is the first book in a trilogy by author Giovanna Fletcher and her husband, Tom. You may know Tom from his time in McFly/McBusted and his seriously impressive Wedding Speech. The book follows two narrators, Eve and Bram. Eve is pretty darn special because she’s the first girl born in FIFTY YEARS. So, basically the future of humanity rests on her shoulders. No pressure! Eve has always accepted her fate and never questioned her life cut off from the rest of the world. Until she meets Bram. Then she starts to realise that life mightn’t be what it seems.

Eve Of Man really gets you thinking about the future, humanity and our morals. It feels very current with a lot of talk about the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s full of action and adventure and a few plot twists. We can’t wait for book 2!



War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

The 4th and final (sob!) part of The Red Queen series is HUGE, so it’s definitely going to keep you occupied. The story continues on from where it left off in King’s Cage with Mare dealing with Cal’s betrayal (we’re seriously still not over that!) The problem is they’re going to have to learn to work together to bring down Cal’s evil half-brother, Maven. Awkward! The book is kinda full on, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the kingdom is in full-on war mode. Prepare for a lot of drama, action and some shocking character deaths! We’re still thinking about the ending! If you haven’t already read the other 3 books you’re in for a serious treat!


I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman

For Angel Rahimi, life is only about one thing: The Ark – a pop-rock trio of teenage boys who are currently taking the world by storm. Being part of The Ark’s fandom has given her everything – her friendships, her dreams, her place in the world. Jimmy Kaga-Ricci owes everything to The Ark too. He’s their frontman – and playing in a band is all he’s ever dreamed of doing. But recently everything in his life seems to have turned into a bit of a nightmare. And when Angel and Jimmy are unexpectedly thrust together, they will discover just how strange and surprising facing up to reality can be.

I Was Born For This is about obsession and hero-worship and an internationally famous trans musician, it’s about a girl going to london for the first time to meet a friend she’s known for years but never met, it’s about three boys who started from nothing and became gods, it’s about teens who sit in bed reading fanfic and dreaming of being rich and famous and in love, dreaming of a life that is something beyond what they have. We just adored this book because it was so relatable. If you loved The Fault In Our Stars, this is for you!



The Surface Breaks by Louise O’ Neill

We’re calling it now; 2018 is the year of the Mermaid! August will see the release of the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Watch the trailer now! And fuelling our obsession with all things mermaid is “The Surface Breaks” This is a feminist retelling of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale by‘s fave, Louise O’ Neill. Be prepared to question everything about your beloved Ariel from the Disney movie.

The Surface Breaks tells the story of Gaia, a young mermaid who lives deep beneath the sea, off the cold Irish coast. Gaia dreams of freedom from her controlling father. On her first swim to the surface, she is drawn towards a human boy. She longs to join his carefree world, but how much will she have to sacrifice?

Once you really think about the fact that Ariel gave up everything in her life and changed her body to be with a man she didn’t even know, you just can’t stop.


Sami’s Silver Lining by Cathy Cassidy

Sami’s Silver Lining is a beautiful and thought-provoking book which tells the story of Sami, who is forced to flee his home in Syria for safety in England. Sami attempts to begin a new life but struggles to overcome the pain of the past. Memories of the long and dangerous journey across icy waters, armed with only his dad’s old coat, a flute and the hope of a brighter future, are never far away.

Although this is fiction, it’s obviously based around the true and scary situation that thousands of migrants find themselves in. Sami’ Silver Lining is more than just a holiday read and will stay with long after you finish the last page.

What summer reads are you loving?

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#GirlsInSTEM: Andrea Gonzales Talks Girl Code

Andrea Gonzales

In the latest part of our #GirlsInSTEM series we chatted to Andrea Gonzales who wrote Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral, and Getting It Done with her friend Sophie Houser. Girl Code is the story of two teenage tech phenoms who met at Girls Who Code summer camp, teamed up to create a viral video game, and ended up becoming world famous.

Andrea is a classically trained pianist, but when she discovered coding her life took a different turn. We spoke to her about her early desires to become an engineer, the challenges she faced being a woman in tech, and how Tampon Run has helped to destigmatise periods.


You have previously said your parents wanted you to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. What made you choose engineer? 

When I was younger, I really admired this character in an old animated movie called Atlantis: The Lost Empire, named Audrey. She was this young, fiery, talented, and driven mechanic…I wanted to be just like her! I also liked video games, and my sisters had already called dibs on doctor and lawyer. I made the “decision” to be an engineer when I was around 5…so the choice to become an engineer was for several reasons that really only a kid would find motivating.


Were you and your parents aware before you decided to be an engineer that there was a gender gap in the STEM career paths?

Yes. I had never experienced it for myself before, and wouldn’t really experience it for a while, but I had a strong tomboy identity, so I felt that it wouldn’t be that hard for me because I was already so “boyish.”


If so, did this cause you to rethink your choice at any time or drive you to prove girls can do anything boys can do?

I’m a bit competitive, which both drives me to prove people wrong and raises the stakes of failure. I never liked the idea of not being able to do something, and especially not being able to do something because of my gender. It seemed like a challenge—a very daunting one, of course—but one that I was willing to take on.


Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser.

Why did you apply for Girls Who Code

I had already been coding for a few summers at a co-ed summer camp, and while I loved my time at that camp, I wanted a change. Girls Who Code is more than just a 101 course in computer science, it offers an incredibly supportive network and a foothold into a number of tech companies and connections. I also wanted to see how I would change as a programmer if I were surrounded by women. In some ways, Girls Who Code was more daunting to me than the co-ed, since I was such a tomboy and was intimidated by the idea of hanging with only women for nine hours a day. But honestly, it was because I had become accustomed to the idea of being surrounded by men. I’m glad I made the decision to apply!


We know your game Tampon Run was created to help deal with the stigmatisation of periods, how has the reaction to that been?

For the most part, it’s been incredibly positive. Even for me, when I first released Tampon Run, I still felt uncomfortable talking about my own period and about periods in general. After Tampon Run went viral, I had to adapt quickly, to say the least. People of all ages have played with the game, from parents who want to show the game to their kids, to middle school students who have started educating each other about the stigma surrounding menstruation. The message is that menstruation is a natural bodily function that young children should know about from an early age and without shame. Of course, there have been trolls and people who don’t get that, but Sophie and I have taken critique in stride; it’s made us stronger and more driven. Tampon Run has made lasting impact beyond our wildest dreams, and at the end of the day, we’re proud of that.


What advice would you give our readers if they want to get into coding or any STEM career?

Persevere! I’ve said this from the beginning and I’ll keep saying it. Going into STEM and coding is hard, period. Going into STEM and coding as a woman or other marginalized gender is even harder. But if you’re doing what you love, it’s incredibly rewarding, even if it is challenging. It will take a little more effort but find those other women in your STEM communities. Become an advocate for other women who haven’t taken the leap. You’d be surprised how just being in STEM as a woman can encourage others to join you. 

Can you recommend any online resources for those who might not have a class or camp close by?

For sure! Codecademy, Khan Academy, and are great places to start when learning to code. There are countless other online resources to get started; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.


How did you find putting your book Girl Code together? Did you enjoy the writing process?

We had a very short amount of time to write the book, and at the time I was finishing my senior year of high school. There were times where I’d be with friends but sit in a corner of their apartment editing a chapter or responding to my editor. I spent most of my school breaks with Sophie working on the book. I felt very exposed – it was tough talking about my life, knowing people I knew would read it…especially my parents. It was definitely a challenging time and it took a toll on me mentally, emotionally, and academically, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I never had so much time dedicated to thinking about my life, how I’ve changed, and how to articulate it all in writing. I grew so much as a writer and a thinker, and it was amazing to see that two years of work on Tampon Run manifested in a real, physical book. I cried when I got my first copy! And of course I’m so lucky to have gotten the chance to reach more young women by sharing my story in Girl Code. It was an incredible experience.


Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral, and Getting It Done is available now!

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Things We Are Living For This Summer

Things We Are Living For This Summer copy

How is it summer? I mean don’t get us wrong, we are excited, but didn’t it roll in so quickly? It literally feels like 2 minutes ago that we were buried in snow!

Anyway, now that summer is here and exams are over (for some of us!) we can finally sit back and enjoy life.

Here are the things we are LIVING for this summer!


Crazy Rich Asians

The top spot for the movie we are most excited to see this summer goes to Crazy Rich Asians. Based on the book of the same name (quick, read it now!), the story revolves around the grand wedding between Singapore’s most eligible bachelor, Colin Khoo, and a fashion icon, Araminta Lee which is billed as the wedding of the year. New Yorker Rachel gets thrown in at the deep-end when she travels to Singapore to meet her BF’s family who just happen to be crazy rich. As you can see from the trailer it just looks amazing. Be prepared to become obsessed with traveling to Singapore!

Crazy Rich Asians out August 15

Ocean’s 8

We don’t know about you, but we have fatigue from all the superhero movies which suck-up time at the cinema. So, we are very excited to see an action-packed movie that doesn’t revolve in the Marvel universe. Ocean’s 8 looks like its going to be amazing (um, RIHANNA stars in it, so of course it’s automatically incredible!). If you haven’t seen the original movie with George Clooney, who is the brother of Sandra Bullock in the movie, get on it ASAP!

Ocean’ 8 is out June 18


Eve Of Man Tom and Giovanna Fletcher teen reads summer 2018

Eve Of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

We love us some YA here at, but honestly it’s been a while since we’ve REALLY loved a new YA series. But that has all changed with the release of Eve Of Man. We were always going to give this a go because we are O.G McBusted fans and we just adore Giovanna Fletcher, but we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed Eve Of Man. Eve is the first girl born in 50 years and as a result is solely responsible for the future of humanity. She always accepted her fate, until she meets Bram.

Eve Of Man is based on a simple and plausible concept; what if no more women were born? Eve Of Man really draws you in and leaves your mind blown by how it could easily happen. It’s great read that doesn’t get too bogged down in over-doing the dystopian angle, which some YA novels can fall prey to. If you’re looking for a great holiday read, this is the one. We are already anticipating book 2!

Eve Of Man is out now.


Taylor Swift

Summer and music seem to go hand-in-hand and we are totally okay with that. While there are lots of festivals and events on around the country over the next few months we are super excited about the arrival of Taylor Swift on our Isle! If you weren’t lucky enough to grab some tickets when they originally went on sale, fear not there are still some tickets available to see Taylor in Croke Park on the 15th of June.

Buy tickets here.


Orange Is The New Black

We are totally ok with saying goodbye to our black-wares (until Autumn, that is) in favour of some summer brights. And we are particularly loving the colour orange which we have spotted in numerous summer collections. See some of our fav picks below.



The big news in the beauty world this summer is that Glossier has FINALLY arrived in Ireland. And we are excited! Usually Ireland is forgotten about when it comes to big beauty brands and it can take ages for it to become available here. But fun fact: we are part of a very exclusive club in having Glossier deliver to us. At the moment Glossier only ships to the U.S and the U.K. And now Ireland has joined that list! Special or what?? In terms of what to buy we did a review on Glossier back in November. Our number one pick is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. Seriously, try it!

glossier_milky_jelly_cleanser ireland

What are you looking forward to during the summer?

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How To Become An Author With Holly Black

A few weeks ago we were super lucky to get the chance to sit down and chat with author, Holly Black, about her latest book, The Cruel Prince. While we were chatting to Holly she was very generous with her advice to aspiring authors. And we just had to pass it one because it was just so real and valuable.

So, if you fancy a lifetime of crafting words, here’s how to become an author…


Writing Her First Book Was Hard

It took me about 5 years to write my first book, Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale. And I didn’t really know how to write a book. And so a big part of it was just trying to work that out. I went back all the time. And I think this is often a problem; you know when you are a good reader and a critical reader and you know you are not doing the thing you’re supposed to be doing and so you write it and you’re like “woa that is not book-shaped“. That doesn’t work. But I don’t know why it doesn’t it doesn’t work because I’m writing my first book. And I have no experience as a writer. I have tons of experience as a reader. And I think that was a huge part of both how I found my way, but also what got in my way.

I had that inner critic that said “This is wrong. Its wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong“. And I had to go back and I would change it and change it and change it. And then finally I found my way through. But I really despaired at finishing. It became “I wonder if this will ever end?” It takes time, especially the first book. And it will never be as hard again because you learn so much.


Holly’s Writing Process

I try to write everyday. I write about a 1000 words a day, which isn’t that much. I’m not that fast. Sometimes I can maybe write 2000 words on maybe a red-letter day. I have been trying what I call fast drafting which is basically bashing it out for maybe the last book I wrote, which is the sequel to The Cruel Prince. I’ve finished Wicked King, which is the sequel to The Cruel Prince. It is finished. I’ve never been this far ahead. I’ve written 20,000 words of it. I have a rough idea of where it’s going. I have a pretty good plan. Fingers crossed.


You Have To Write Even When It’s Not Fun

I think sometimes people think that writing is fun for me. It’s not! She says with a laugh. “It’s just as unfun for me as it is for you. I don’t know what’s happening either. And its frustrating. And I can’t wait for it to be fun.

For sure, sometimes it’s fun and when I was young I would only write when it was fun but I can’t do that. If you’re going to write professionally you have to write when it’s not fun. And I think sometimes that we worry that the stuff we write during those times is worse. But when you look back I guarantee you will never be able to tell which days were the days that if felt like pulling teeth and which days it came out of you easily. I always think it’s important to know that it isn’t you, that you feel this way where you’re like oh, why is this so hard?” It’s just hard.

And the other thing that I realized is that you have to write the book that your reader self would want, not the book that your writer self thinks you ought to write. You know, don’t challenge your writer-self. Do the thing your reader self is really excited about.


The Key Ingredient When Writing…

Showing and not telling. There are many cases where you need to show and not tell, but as an absolute rule I think it can really trip people up because there are times when you just need to tell the readers somethings and showing them to the reader will take a reeeeally long time and in fact just being like ok here’s this fact now we go to the story. Because what the reader care about is the story.


Criticism Is Necessary

I had a critique partner which was really helpful because at least it was one other person who was expecting it. It was a huge help for me. It can be helpful. It’s a person who will keep you accountable. And I think also it’s great to have someone who critiques your work, someone to tell you what’s working and really telling you this part is great. And it’s great to be able to critique their work because we learn to be a better reader of other people’s work and a better reader of our own work



The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, the first book in the The Folk of the Air series is available in hardback now.

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5 Dystopian Book Series To Read If You Loved The Hunger Games

Here at Missy we love a good dystopian book series. The Hunger Games seems to be the star of the show when it comes to dystopian book series. We made it our mission to find some other series that offer the same great elements as The Hunger GamesGive these books a read if you’re looking to fill the dystopian series hole in your life.


1)Divergent by Veronica Roth


You may have seen the Divergent movies, but they were originally a book series. We highly recommend that you give the books a go even if you’ve seen the movie. The story is so much better portrayed in the novels and your imagination is allowed run wild, rather than be confined by the on-screen adaption. If you loved The Hunger Games books you’ll really enjoy this dystopian world.


2) Delirium by Lauren Oliver.


There are three titles in this dystopian series, Delirium, Pandemonium and Requiem. Again, this is a dystopian style story. Love has been declared a dangerous disease, once you turn eighteen you are given immunisation, known as “the Cure”. However, before Lena Haloway can be given the Cure she meets a boy from the Wilds. The books follow their love story in a world determined to stomp out love and romance for good.


3) Matched by Allie Condie


This is also a trilogy, Crossed and Reached follow the first in the series, Matched. Again, the world has shifted leaving the Officials in charge of every aspect of human living. It is chosen who you love. How many children you will have. Where you live and work. And when you die. When Cassia falls in love with a boy she was not assigned to, she begins to make decisions of her own. Decisions that upset the order of things, putting her in harms way.


4) Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick


Hush, Hush is the first instalment in the series, followed by Crescendo, Silence and Finale. Nora never really pays attention to guys, that is until she meets Patch. The strange guy who she doesn’t quite know if she should love or hate. Patch has a scary mysterious side to him, a side Nora is afraid to get to know. In falling for Patch, Nora learns of the Fallen, and their ancient battle with the immortal. Not as dystopian as the other series we’ve mentioned but it definitely offers up a different world with magical creatures and angels, oh my…


5) The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare


This gigantic series features six novels, great news if you read the first book City Of Bones and become hooked like we did. This is the same series that inspired The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones movie starring Lily Collins. If you’ve seen the movie please don’t let it put you off reading the books. They are far better than that disaster… The books also inspired a Netflix series by the same name, which is better but still nothing compared to the books.

The novels follow Clary, who finds herself immersed in a world of angels, demons, monsters, immortals, faeries and Shadowhunters. Clary faces a lot of difficult choices, finds herself in many a battle of good vs evil, and of course there are a love triangles aplenty!

There’s also a spin-off series set in Victorian London, The Infernal Devices, which we may be even more obsessed with!


Can’t get enough of dystopian book series??

A special mention also goes to Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed series. Although it might not fit neatly into the dystopian book series genre by Cecelia’s own design, we think that you will definitely enjoy both books!

Don’t forget to check out our other book recommendations! 

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5 Things To Do This Weekend

We’ve got that Friday feeling!

Here are 5 things to do this weekend…

1. Register For Darkness Into Light

Darkness Into Light is Pieta House’s flagship annual fundraising and awareness event to promote suicide prevention and to tackle the stigma assisted with mental health. The 5km walk takes place at 4.15am on May 12th. Most walkers will finish the walk just as the sun comes up to show the significance in the saying, the night is always darkest before the dawn.

The spirit of Darkness Into Light is so important. And its a wonderful event to be part of. Both Dani and Jessie have already signed up to it, so team Missy will be represented at it. It’s taking place in most towns and cities in Ireland. There are also a few locations worldwide.

You can register for Darkness InTo Light here. There are also venues locally where you can sign up in person. So check social media to see where they are.

This has been a huge event for the past few years and we think its going to be an even bigger deal this year. Make sure that you sign up, not only to help a very worthy cause, but to also ensure that you don’t have FOMO when you wake up to see all the posts on social media on the 12th of May!

For more information about Pieta House’s service visit the Pieta House website.

2. Read

The weekends were made for reading. And if you’re not swamped with exam prep we recommend taking the time to get a whole lotta reading done. We have built up quite the selection of books for you to choose from. Searching for a new YA series? Or looking for something a bit more historical?

3. Re-watch 13 Reasons Why

We’ve said this on our Twitter, but our spidey senses are tingling at Missy HQ and we think that 13 Reasons Why Season 2 might just do a Beyonce and appear announced on Netflix in the coming weeks.

The evidence? Well there’s not much, which is why we’re suspicious. There’s been no trailer released, which is very weird. Normally a trailer would be out a few months before a release to build up some hype. 13 Reasons wrapped filming late last year, so we know its finished. There was also an advanced screening held a few weeks ago in LA for some very lucky superfans who were made sign an NDA (That’s Non Disclosure Agreement). Spanish Netflix has also dropped a teaser trailer that features none of the cast but instead students discussing issues facing teens. And some of the cast have started saying some words about the new series.

So yeah, we’re calling it; 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is coming soon!

If not in the next few weeks we reckon it will drop just as the summer holidays start to ensure maximum impact. Anyway, you should definitely re-watch the first series because we don’t know about you, but we forgot LOTS of things that happened! OMG Alex!!!!!


Feeling like you need a little pick me up with all this talk of exams looming? We have the perfect way to cheer yourself up. Introducing Salted Pecan Crack Toffee from The Londoner.

This only require 5 ingredients and we bet you have most of them in your kitchen cupboards. But this recipe comes with a warning from The Londoner herself, it’s highly addictive. Hence the “crack” name!

5. Do Some Self-Care

With exams looming left, right and centre it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. Take some time this weekend to do something for your mental health. Whether it be a walk in the countryside or a long, hot bath or reading a magazine from cover to cover; do what makes you feel like a million dollars.

Read More: Simple Ways To Practise Self-Care

Have you any suggestions for things to do this weekend?

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5 Books To Read If You Love Historical Fiction


If you love a good old-fashioned romance like Pride and Prejudice or Emma, we’ve compiled 5 novels to check out in the historical fiction genre that are definitely must read for those of you who would switch the dancefloor for the ballroom, and a fast car for a horse drawn carriage!

The Luxe

  1. The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

The Luxe is a YA historical fiction novel, written in 2007. It follows the lives of the Holland Sisters and their friends around 1899 Manhattan. There are plenty of twists and turns, enemies disguised as friends and many a dashing gentlemen thrown in for good measure! Godbersen encapsulates all the drama of the 21st Century into this turn-of-the-century realm. Think Gossip Girl, but with even more scandal! There are four novels total in this series so you’ll have plenty to keep you amused in your 19th world.

bright young things

2. Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen

Godbersen came back in 2010 with this new series of historical fiction. This time we’re in 1920’s New York. The skirt lengths are shorter, and the girls a little more confident in their society, but one things remains, plenty of scandal! Think flapper dresses and speakeasies in a time when prohibition was still in force. The plot follows the stories of three girls, whose worlds collide (and fall apart) in surprising ways throughout the novel. There are three novels to read in the Bright Young Things series, so plenty to keep you in the roaring 20’s!


mrs hemingway

3. Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood

If you have ever read any of Hemingway’s works then this piece of historical fiction may be of interest to you. Even if you’ve never heard of Hemingway Naomi Wood’ novel is paced at a compelling rate, you’ll want to keep turning pages to get more information on the whirlwind lives of the Mrs Hemingways (yes, plural, there were four after all…).


4. Longbourn by Jo Baker

In Longbourn Baker tells the servants side of the story behind the great Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. The story is told from the perspective of Sarah, the servant who washes the clothes, scrubs the floors, and empties the chamber pots of the Bennet family. If you have read  Pride and Prejudice this historical fiction novel will be of great interest as you get to hear of the same events but through the servants eyes and ears.


The Book Thief

5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


You may have seen the movie, but if you haven’t read the book do so immediately!! This piece of historical fiction is beautifully written. Zusack highlights the impact of WWII on society, but displays it all through the perspective of Death. Death tells us the story of Liesel, a young girl affected by the events of the war, so there is an air of innocence throughout the text. The Book Thief is a compelling story that you’ll want to read it all in one sitting.


Don’t forget to check out our other book recommendations!

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