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Meet Your New Music Obsession, Milk.

The up and coming pop group Milk. will soon be taking Dublin by storm. The four-piece band includes Mark Mckenna, Conor Gorman, Morgan Wilson and the very handsome Conor King all in their early 20s. They are taking a whole new twist on music by mixing different genres and brand-new sounds. got the chance to sit down with them ahead of their shows to chat about music, Dublin and life.


How did the band come together?

Wilson: We were all together in music college actually,

Mckenna: Yeah, the band started with just me and Gormi really. Basically, I was actually in another band and then I met Conor through that and we became mates. He sent me a song he had written and I thought it was very cool and we started writing together and eventually Milk was born and then we knew Morgan and then our bass is Conor King from college and we just kind of asked him to play from us. 


How long have you known each other?

Gorman: Maybe three years. Started writing together about two years ago.

Wilson: Yeah around about that I’d say.

Mckenna: I only really got to know Morgan about a year ago. 

Gorman: I was thinking about this the other day one of Morgan mates lives around my estate and I remember seeing Morgan around my estate when I was like ten.

Morgan: My roommate is actually Conor’s next-door neighbour.

Mckenna: And then, we’ve known Conor King for a little over a year actually, he is very well-known around for playing the bass and we were worried that he wouldn’t like our songs, but he heard one of them and thought it was good so we said that he could come play for us if he wanted, please.


How did the name Milk. come about?

Mckenna: There is a book and movie called “Clockwork Orange” about a gang of four teenagers and the lead character drinks milk and he basically puts loads of drugs into it. I just found it was hilarious how they took something as innocent as milk and they took something as violent as drugs. It shows that drugs and violence are as prevalent in an adult’s day-to-day life and a glass of milk is to a child’s day to day life, which is a very weird contrast.

Gorman: We will probably have to keep it now unless we get sued by milk.

Via Milk. on Instagram

What is the genre of music you are most inspired by?

Mckenna: We are all inspired by different genres and I think that is what makes a good mix. We try to mix everything we can, there will even be small details in the back of a song that could be really influenced by an oasis song but it wouldn’t sound like an oasis. So, there are always hints of things there.

Mckenna: In a few songs that we have there are a lot of Daniel Ceaser inspiration.

Wilson: I don’t think we have a right to one certain genre.

Mckenna: We just kind of go for it and if something doesn’t sound right or if it’s unnecessary we would take it out.


How are musical decisions like that made?

Wilson: I think I lot of our creative bits are made over WhatsApp.

Mckenna: Yeah if we didn’t have WhatsApp we wouldn’t be half as organised as we are.

Gorman: We have a WhatsApp chat where we talk and send memes and then a separate one where we keep and archive important things.

Mckenna: We do a lot of like, if I write something I’ll send it into WhatsApp and then someone will say I like that let’s try this with it and we will change it from there.

Wilson: If we didn’t have a computer or WhatsApp you could say goodbye.

Mckenna: We are the band of 2020.


How does the process of writing songs happen?

Wilson: We’re not a band that meets up and jams to a song, it starts with one of us and then we add stuff on and then we record on a laptop.

Mckenna: It always started with just one of us, we have way too many songs that aren’t finished. We probably have at least two albums full. Some songs that me and Gorman would have written a while ago that doesn’t even sound like us anymore.

Via Milk. on Instagram

How did the song ‘Drama queen’ happen?

Gorman: That kind of started off as a punk song.

Mckenna: Yeah it started a while ago, but we’ve changed it since. It used to be very fast but we slowed a bass line down from another song and then we liked it much better. Gormi made a demo of it then I wrote lyrics and played it off my laptop and put my phone down beside me and I sang with the track of the laptop. It sounded awful at first. That was back when we were recording things on our phone. We thought it was really amazing at the time.

Gorman: We are very thankful for our producer, now.

Morgan: He is a wizard.


Are there struggles having a band in Ireland?

Mckenna: Not in Ireland anyway. If you’re not in Dublin though it would be. I feel like every band eventually in Ireland needs to come to Dublin at some point.

Wilson: It’s easier having it here compared to other places in this country just because this is just where the people are.

Gorman: The music scene is not that big here, you play like two gigs and people start to know who you are.

Wilson: I wouldn’t say it has made it more difficult actually, the scene is so small here when you are getting started it can be a little bit easier, at least play a couple of gigs. Like all your mates will go, everyone is looking to support each other, it is a very supportive environment. I’d actually be quite grateful for how small the community is, to be honest, I think that it would probably work against us if it was bigger.

Mckenna: It’s also nice to be able to play a gig and it is 20 minutes away from your house rather than get a three-hour train.


Is there any inspiration that comes from Dublin?

Wilson: I suppose we kind of take it for granted, it is very culturally involved.

Mckenna: Our sound as well at times, Dublin was the birth of U2, the birth of that distorted guitar, we kind of use a good bit of that. I feel like we are a very Irish band, I suppose the culture, growing up in Dublin. A lot of lyrics come from what we were raised with.


How do you balance college and music?

Wilson: With very little efficiency, but the college is very understanding because we are at college for musical art’s so they are lenient. We are trying to create a career with this band and college is helping that. But college has been great, it’s the reason we know each other and helped us get contacts in the music world.


Is social media a big part of having a band?

Wilson: Yeah definitely, specifically Instagram, I guess its most relevant for people our age.

Mckenna: I think people just like to see what you’re doing behind the scenes, get that insight into what you are genuinely like as a person. Like when I follow bands I want to see what they do when they are not on a big stage. So, it’s all just the lads hanging out, there are no gimmicks.

Wilson: I think it made it really pay attention to the detail of how everything looks. Even when we are announcing stuff we will use little candid photos. They all stick to this kind of film-photo theme. But, they are generally just us, doing normal things.


When are your next shows?

Wilson: We have a showcase in Cork on the 2nd of May and then our headline is on the 8th of May on the top floor of Whelans.  You can get tickets here

Make sure that you follow Milk. on Instagram

You can listen to the debut single by Milk. “Drama Queen” on Spotify now.


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Music Year In Review & Who To Look Out For In 2019

Music Year In Review & Who To Look Out For In 2019

2018 was another huge year for music. We saw the emergence of some amazing new raw talents as well as the return of some of our favourites artists.

The beginning of the year we witnessed Dua Lipa’s domination over the pop world, releasing hit after hit with the likes of “IDGAF” and her Calvin Harris collab “One Kiss” being our summer anthem. She was an unstoppable force.

The Arctic Monkeys released their first album since 2013, and we also saw the growing popularity of hip hop artists such as Cardi B, Post Malone and Drake.

The artist with the biggest impact in the charts in 2018 was arguably Ariana Grande. Her music released later in the year had the biggest influence, with tracks like “Thank U, Next” becoming the fastest song in Spotify history to surpass 100 million views. Meanwhile the iconic, star-studded music video broke YouTube records for being the most viewed music video within 24 hours of its release.

Sadly, 2018 came with both its ups and downs, with the loss of many great artists, from rapper Mac Miller, to the legendary Aretha Franklin, to DJ and producer Avicii.

With the year drawing to a close, here’s who to look out for in 2019…


Tom Grennan

2018 was a great year for the 23 year old British singer songwriter. Still riding off the popularity from his previous releases such as “Something in the Water” & “Found What I’ve Been Looking For”, this year saw the release of his debut album Lighting Matches and sold out shows across the UK and Ireland. Currently in the studio working on his 2nd studio album, I’m confident it will be another big record, maybe this time with a little more recognition.



Not exactly new on the scene but definitely not one who will be fading into the background any time soon. His pop anthems are laced with 80’s synths and this year saw his collabs with the likes of Shawn Mendes and Halsey. Check out his latest EP “Suncity” for some chilled, somber melodies with an R’n’B influence.  


Dermot Kennedy

Our own homegrown talent and who is making a name for himself in Ireland and across the pond. Despite not having yet released an album he’s selling out shows all over the world and has been dubbed by YouTube as one of the artists destined for success in 2019 after having made their “Ones To Watch” list. His raspy voiced teamed with folky guitar strings is enough to make anyone to become hooked. Make sure to listen to the powerful tune “Glory”, you’ll be happy you did. 


Lewis Capaldi

Describing himself as a “chubby guy who sings sad songs” is, while self depreciating, also kinda true. The 21 year old Scotland native released his first single “Bruises” with great success, garnering almost 93 million plays on Spotify at present. 


Ella Mai

The Londoner R’n’B singer brings a retro vibe to her songs and she’s definitely one to keep an eye on for the coming year. “Naked” will give you all the feels.


Drax Project

A 4 piece band from Wellington, New Zealand, who first gained attention with their cover of Macklemore’s Thriftshop. Intertwining their pop sound with elements of electronic drum & bass, their sound is unique and their 2017 single “Woke Up Late” has all the factors of a summer bop.



The German born singerreleased her first EP “Damaged: Vol 1” in 2017 with a follow up EP “Damaged: Vol 2”. Her alternative/pop sound is addictive, listen to “Not A Love Song”, and thank me later. 



Chances are you have already heard of the name floating about, and it’s not surprising why. 2018 was a huge year for the young Norwegian singer. She spent her year playing shows and festivals across the world, while her songs were blasted among every radio station in the country. Next year she is expected to release her long awaited and highly anticipated debut album. She also plays her biggest Irish gig yet at the 3Arena next November. Grab a ticket if you can!



Anothergrowing name who is flying the flag for Ireland. She recently played Longitude where her set was full of catchy pop tunes with impressive choreographed dance routines. “What Do You Know” and “Troublemaker” are her most popular songs on Spotify, both with well over 1 million listens. With immense potential we hope to see her make a bigger impact on the Irish music scene in 2019.  

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5 Minutes With Max and Harvey Chats To Max and Harvey

There are two type of people in the world; those know they hype around twins Max and Harvey, and those who will soon know all about them.

Max and Harvey are two Berkshire born twin brothers who have been steadily working on their music career for a number of years, which is mad considering that they’re only 15 years old! The boys have been signed to a huge record company in America, which means we can expect big things from them. had the chance to chat to Max and Harvey ahead of their concert in Dublin next week.

How did you get into music?

Max and I have been singing for as long as we can remember! Our dad used to be a professional singer so he’s really the reason we fell in love with it. He has taught us a few things about harmonizing and we owe a lot of what we’ve learned to him.


Are there any bands/musicians who have inspired you?

Some of our favorite artists right now are Marshmello, Twenty One Pilots, The Chainsmokers, and AJR. They all really know how to get the crowd hyped with their high-energy shows and we love how they’re always doing something creative and unique.


What do you like to do in your downtime?

In our downtime, we love playing football and watching our favorite team, Manchester United. We also like to hang out with our friends and family, including our dogs Pippa & Freddie!


Are you looking forward to playing Dublin?

We’re so pumped! We love Ireland because it’s so beautiful, and we cannot wait to meet our Irish fans. We know they’re going to love the show!


What is the best thing about your fans?

We have the BEST fans! We won our first major award at the Radio Disney Awards because of them and their dedication to us. They are so supportive of us in everything we do and we hope we can meet and thank every single one of them.


Have you anything exciting lined up for 2019?

We’ve got so many things happening in 2019, including more new music and a few surprises!!

Max and Harvey play Dublin on 1 November 2018. You can get tickets here.