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Climate Change: What You Need To Know And What You Can Do

To everyone else besides Donald Trump it seems abundantly clear that our planet is getting hotter and that some people *cough cough* politicians, are not doing anything to tackle it. It seems that the need for change has been left up to the younger generations of the world.

Two years ago, a 16-year-old Swedish school girl called Greta Thurnberg skipped classes each Friday to sit outside the Swedish parliament, by herself, advocating for climate change action. On Friday the 15th of march 2019 Greta was joined by more than 4 million students all around the world marching and demanding change with her. We are running out of time to make change, so the time is now. 

What you need to know about climate change. 

  1. Our actions will become irreversible in the next 11 years. 

If you are reading this chances are that climate change will not impact you too heavily in your lifetime, but in the lifetime of your children or grandchildren it will. Since the time of the industrial revolution climate change has been getting progressivily worse and we are now nearing the time that nothing can be done about it anymore. Humans have just over 11 years to rectify our wrongs. 

  1. People who still deny it are fooling themselves. 

There is an overwhelming amount of proof that climate change is real and happening. Our sea levels have risen at an astonishing rate since the ice caps have begun to melt. Countries have reached record high temperatures in the past year and we have lost over half animal species from deforestation and other harmful toxins. There is no more room for being sceptical bout the sources of proof when they are right in front of your eyes. Ignorance is not bliss in this case. 

  1. We will be the first generation to save our planet. 

Not trying to toot our own horn here but we are just the beginning of a wave of generation who will follow in our footsteps to save the planet. 

What you can do for climate change. 

Im sure you’ve heard the speech already. Turn off the lights don’t use too much water recycle. But there is much more you can do. 

  1. Cut down on red meat. 

I know it is a foolish concept to think that everyone is going to give up Christmas dinner at the click of fingers, but the meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to the rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere and by cutting down on red meat, such as steak and mince you could make a hell of difference. Did you know that if we killed humans at the same rate that we kill animals we would all be gone in 17 DAYS? All 7.7 billion of us. 

  1. Buy a reusable-products. 

Did you know one reusable water bottle (3 euro in Penney’s btw) can make up for 167 normal plastic bottles? Did you know one reusable coffee cup can make for 500 normal coffee cups? Reusable products are available everywhere and for just about everything and in the long run they will actually save you money. 

  1. Stay far away from single use plastics. 

Single use plastic are the equivalent of King Joffrey in Game of Thrones. They are the Voldemort of the Wizarding World and you should not use them. Practically useless and take years to decompose they are no good and will not be coming into th future with use. Things like plastic straws, plastic bags, cling film and plastic cups. Stay clear. 

  1. Do your best to avoid palm oil. 

This scandal being covered and hushed by the big companies that make money of chopping down the trees of the amazon at an alarming rate and extracting the palm oil for use in everyday food products that could be easily replaced by a more eco-friendly product. Not only does this kill our natural source of air by cutting down trees but it also murders numerous indigenous animals in the amazons. We have already lost half population of the orangutans. 

  1. Do the basic. 

The speech you are given still has some meaning. Turn off the lights, switch off the tap, walk or cycle instead of driving, use both sides of the paper. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. Simple easy things can make the biggest difference. 

Remember that we can fix climate change but we need to do it NOW. Don’t be scared. Spread the word. 

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Why Our Climate Needs Saving

On October 8th 2018, the United Nations released a 12 year warning calling for urgent changes needed to limit the catastrophe that is climate change & its repercussions. 

Our generation is the answer to the end goal; a safe climate.

What Is Climate Change?

I fully encourage any young person that feels they don’t understand what climate change is, to ASK this question. You should never feel embarrassed or ashamed for not understanding the topic.

More importantly, have you noticed the news headlines of crippling heat conditions, severe earthquakes, devastating hurricanes & more extreme weather conditions becoming more frequent? That is our climate changing. 

Our climate is changing because of human activity. Actions such as deforestation, agriculture & burning fossil fuels have caused the climate to reach a tipping point. A tipping point that places Earth in the unthinkable direction of a state of being inhabitable. This would mean that it would be impossible for any living being to survive on Earth.

What Causes Climate Change?

You might not have noticed but certain everyday actions can have a huge impact on the progress of our climate changing. Leaving a light on when you’re not in that particular room, spending longer than 5 minutes in the shower, using an unnecessary amount of plastic, eating excessive amounts of meat & using aerosol cans such as spray deodorants are all a contributor to the worsening of our climate. 

Ideas To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Although the reduction of these everyday actions might seem extreme, they are not as scary as you might think. Even cutting down  the amount of meals you eat a week that contain meat can have a positive impact on our climate. You do not have to make a drastic dietary change if you don’t think it suits you. Personally, I became a vegetarian to do my part in bettering the climate & it has its perks. I now have a much better diet & I also get my meal on airplanes before anyone else onboard (usually, the vegetarian meals are tastier too). I’m not a fantastically skilled cook (though I still survive on a vegetarian diet) but when I give cooking a go, books like ’30-Minute Vegetarian’ by Ylva Bergqvist with 100 vegetarian recipes make the vegetarian lifestyle feel incredible. 

Start making small positive contributions to the climate, every contribution makes a difference. After a certain amount of time, that small contribution you made will become a habit & your everyday actions will help towards a better climate without you even noticing.

Why Should I Care?

I believe the problem that surrounds the neglect towards climate change is formed from a lack of interest.  Caring about climate change & how you can help is the key solution to a better climate. Follow an Instagram page (@climatereality is a great Instagram page that posts daily about our climate) that focuses on climate change, read an article or a book about climate change or ask someone about the current situation surrounding our climate. Feed the curiosity.  

I find that climate change is also a great topic to bring up in a conversation. Sharing your knowledge of the current climate crisis &  how humanity can help will spread the word but you might also learn something new about it from others. It’s also a brilliant conversation starter on dates if you’re stuck in silence!

Here is  link to an article I read recently speaking on climate change & the United Nations’ statement:

This is only the beginning, if no change is made. The winters will be deathly cold with unbearable conditions, if no change is made. The summers will be suffocatingly hot with people gasping for relief, if no change is made. People will continue to suffer as a result of our climate changing, if no change is made. Learn how you can help. Change is possible, a better climate is possible.