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The Dos And Don’ts of Being In Your First Relationship

The Dos And Don'ts of Having Your First Relationship

Being in your first relationship is a huge milestone in life. Don’t worry, everyone reaches it at a different point. But it can be a lot; here’s some tips to try help you keep a level head.

Don’t Drop Your Friends

You swear that you won’t be “that girl”, but it happens easier than you would think. And hey, we get it. You’ve found someone who you really like and you want to spend all of your free time with them, but don’t forget about your friends. Boyfriends/girlfriends come and go, but you always need your friends. Make sure that you make time for your friends regularly and for the love of God don’t spend all of your time with them obsessing over your BF/GF.

Do Tell Your Parents

Yes, there is a certain level of mortification talking about your love life with your parental unit (is this an Irish thing?), but you need to be up-front and tell them. Yes, they might embarrass the hell out of you, but it’s important that they know about this big change in your life. By keeping it a secret they’ll worry and won’t be impressed. Also, nothing worse than been spotted with you new love someone by who’s going to rat you out and in Ireland this will always happen!

Don’t Splash It All Over Social Media

It’s tempting to want to tell everyone about your new lurve, but do a Beyoncé on it and keep it private. Although we all hope that we’ve found “the one” on the first try, the reality is that maybe you haven’t. And that’s ok. But if it doesn’t work out there’s nothing worse than having to change your Facebook status and remove all mention of them from your social media. Maybe putting up the date of your anniversary 2 days in isn’t a great ideas either?!

Do Ee Yourself

Through nerves and anxiety it’s easy to turn yourself into someone else just by constantly saying yes and not wanting to disagree on anything, but don’t change your likes and dislikes for anyone. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t really want to go to the cinema to see that movie or that you really like that band. Be yourself. They obviously liked you to begin with for who you are, so don’t go changin’.

Don’t Feel Pressured

Being in your first relationship is exciting and a big deal, but don’t feel that you ever have to do something that you don’t want to do at any point in the relationship. Sex is a big deal and it’s way too early to even be considering it at the very start of your first relationship. So, if it’s on your new partners mind, but you’re not ready, you have every right to say no. And if pressure starts to be applied, it’s time to make them an ex.

Have you any tips you wish you could tell you younger-self about being in your first relationship?

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How to Cultivate a Positive Social Media Feed

It’s no secret that social media can have a negative effect on all of our lives. Whether it’s comparing yourself to beautiful bloggers who seem to have it all under control, or seeing your ex’s new partner plastered all over his Instagram – social media can definitely bring up some bad feelings. However, social media is going nowhere fast, so it is now more important than ever that we learn to manage it properly. Here’s three easy steps you can take to make your social media feed a happier place:

The Mute Button

Ah, the mute button: a gift from the Insta gods. The mute button is a function on Instagram which allows you to remove certain people’s posts and stories from your timeline. Its perfect if you have someone in your life who can be quite negative or triggering in terms of what they post, but you might not want to unfollow them completely.

My advice: Go through your Instagram feed and see how many people’s posts make you feel unhappy, or that affect your self-esteem, and mute them. Instagram won’t let them know that you’ve muted them, and your feed will be looking more positive already!

Take Regular Breaks 

We’ve all been there – you go online to check one little thing and an hour later you’re 24 weeks deep in that girl’s cousin’s mate’s account. While going on social media can be fun and a nice way to keep up with your pals, spending too much time online can really affect your self-esteem, as well as causing you to procrastinate on the other more important things you have to do.

My advice: make sure you take long breaks from  your phone and do something that’ll boost your mood. This could mean doing that work you’ve been putting off, going for a walk or even just having a cuppa with your mam. Taking a break from your phone will allow you to clear your head from the often negative things we see circulating online. This is definitely something I’ll be trying to do more often.

Follow Positive Accounts

Now that you’ve muted the negative people, and you’ve taken a nice long break from your phone, its time to inject some positivity back into your feed. Contrary to popular belief, Instagram is not just full of models, influencers and fitspos. Although these people are fantastic at what they do, having them be the only people you see online can affect your self-esteem and self-worth. There are so many positive accounts online which are there to help educate and inspire people to live happier, more confident lives. Many of these come from the amazing body positivity movement, as well as other accounts which post positive quotes and stories.

My advice: look up hashtags about your interests – these could be related to arts, sports, makeup or dogs. There is truly an Instagram account for everything! Then, look up some key words like #positivity or #selflove. It sounds silly, but this a great way to find accounts which will fill your feed up with some self-love and care.

So, that’s it. Three easy ways to change your social media feed from being a place of endless drama and negativity to one of positivity, self-love and  true pals. As Beth McColl says in her wonderful book, How to Come Alive Again, “Look – the internet and the media can be lazy and boring and SO predictable in the things it wants us to be. So go beyond it. Take control of it. Curate your online spaces to be beautifully open and diverse and inclusive. You won’t regret it, and it’ll teach you something everyday.”

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Have you any tips for cultivating a positive social media feed?

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We Are Here For Roz Purcell Pushing Back Against Instagram’s Negative Influence

Roz Purcell Is Fighting Back Against Instagram's Negative InfluenceScrolling. Scrolling. Scrolling. It’s addictive, you know you could be doing so many more productive things with your time, but you’re stuck. Few people remain who haven’t been sucked into Instagram’s deep dark hole of gawking at the lives of those who seem to have it all. The perfect face, the enviable body, the endless getaways to the other side of the globe. Instagram is all about projecting your best moments, best angles and best self to the world. We continue to follow the footsteps of these people, be it celebrities or those who just appear more fortunate than us. But how does this really make us feel? The constant comparing is exhausting.


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I remember the first time I noticed my stretch marks probably like 11 or 12, I was like i don’t remember my cat scratching me 😂. A few months of noticing more and more I was like this is so cool I have all these reptile markings no one else has & showing them off 😂 .

As i grew up, went to secondary I realised it was something I shouldn’t think was so cool or show, no one in magazines had them I never noticed them on anyone else, it was not normal or considered beautiful. Even now it’s rare you see an unedited photo in a magazine I’m like how is that girls butt so smooth 😂. It hasn’t been until now the past two years I can confidently walk passed someone in a bikini or shorts and not cringe inside thinking that they’re probably looking at all my stretch marks and cellulite.

Maybe it’s age( most likely) but you realise if someone is doing that they’re 1. A nob 2. A nob. Stretch marks are normal, we all have them, big or small they’re part of me & they’re here to stay! Ps. Got a few replies on stories early like you know what you need to do to get rid of them ”x, y&z” sorry babes I don’t have time or the dedication to massage my but in some super oil for 30 mins before bed sure I’d slip out onto the floor🤣 #stretchmarks #mybodyismine

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Instagram vs. Reality

You may be familiar with Irish model-turned fitness/health guru Roz Purcell (@rozannapurcell on Instagram). A while back, she uploaded an image to Instagram that garnered quite a bit more attention than her usual photos of her recipes from her “Natural Born Feeder” recipe book, of her flaunting her gym gear, or photos of her adorable Jack Russell, Willy.

The series of shots show firstly the perfect picture, the “instagram worthy” shot. Swipe left and she shows us the ones deemed by society as not good enough. Un-posed as she frolics on the beach she looks less like her picture perfect self and more like any one of us. Her caption promotes a powerful message to everyone out there who finds it difficult to separate real life from life online, “This is the highlight reel”.

Sometimes we may forget the 50 or more other pictures that came before the perfect shot. We show our best angle, we get the best lighting possible and even then that doesn’t seem to be good enough when we then go and play around with filters for another 15 minutes.


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The reality of getting a photo on a wooden swing when your arse is scalded 😂 #instagramreality

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Everyone Has Insecurities. Everyone.

It may be hard to believe when looking at Roz that she too can have her insecurities. She admits to having struggled with body image for most of her life during her modelling years. Conscious of her dimples and rolls, she has learned to acquire a carefree attitude that I think we could all do with taking on. 

I myself have followed Rozanna Purcell on Instagram for quite a while now, something about her just felt like a breath of fresh air, she felt a lot more authentic and genuine compared to some of the others on the app. Unlike many of the big stars with perfect bodies on Instagram who promote ridiculous weight-loss teas and supplements in order to make themselves a few extra bob, Roz has written her own recipe book, full to the brim of simple and most importantly healthy meals. Roz is a force to be reckoned with, not afraid to hit back at the body shammers and doing things a little differently.


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Step Away From The Phone

If your Instagram feed is making you feel bad about yourself, do your mental health a favour and have a declutter. We are all too wrapped up in the social media bubble, filtering not only our photos, but our true selves to conform to societies idea of perfection. 

The internet and social media has played a huge part in not only how we view ourselves but in how we present ourselves to others. Be it friends or even strangers, most of us pick and choose what part of ourselves we want to put on show to the world. When we see the best part of other people’s lives we forget that it is not a realistic representation of real life. Look at yourself and your own social media pages, we are ALL guilty of putting our best selves out there.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to a point where a picture is having a negative effect on how you view yourself or the life you live, remember that those photos only show a minuscule insight into that person’s life. There is a lot more to us that what is on our social media pages, FACT. 

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The Problem With Sex Ed In Irish Schools

The Problem With Sex Ed In Irish SchoolsThere is an age-old saying that runs through the blood of the Irish that goes like “SEX IS BAD”.

It has been bestowed upon us by the catholic church who has us believe that sex is shameful and against the will of god. For girls, that if you became pregnant without marriage you had basically spit in the will of God and therefore should be shunned away. For gays, you were made out to not actually exist. And still to this day even when we have come forward so much, there is still a huge problem in the way we talk about sex and how sex ed in Irish schools is taught.


I remember the day that we all rejoiced at the sound that we would have the talk in school because it basically just meant a day off for us. I remember the lady who walked in, old, a tight bun in her head and a sharp suit on. She looked at us dead in the eye and proclaimed to us that if we ever had sex we would rot in hell.

Okay, she didn’t actually say that, but the undertone was there. We started to discuss the changes to our bodies, the vital part of growing up. Then the sex. The way it was explained was that a man and a woman who were in love and married would do the when they finally wanted to have a baby. And that was it. 

So, the problems with sex ed in Irish schools… 

1.We were only allowed have sex in this one circumstance for this one reason. 

This is an age-old way of thinking and should be done away with. It only reinforces the idea of not being able to have sex for just, I don’t know… Pleasure? Children become sceptical of the whole idea of it and don’t learn of the different reasons and possibilities of why one would have sex.

2. If you are gay, you will learn nothing. 

For anyone going through a time where they aren’t sure about themselves and their sexuality, “The talk” in school is not going to help you one little bit. Basically, if you think or know you are gay, there will be no information for you on how sex works with a man and a man or vice versa with a woman and a woman. We are only taught about relations between a man and a woman with no mention of how it works any other way and how to protect yourself from STIs.

3. There is no consent talk. 

Consent is not complicated. Everyone acts like it is something very strange and difficult to understand but it is a very straightforward concept. But it does need to be clarified, especially to young people who have only scratched the surface of the sexual world. However consent is not mentioned thoroughly in “the talk” where the basis of consensual sex lines should be set. 

4. Boys and girls are separated. 

There comes a time in every sex talk where the boys must leave the room because the girls will be talking about, heaven forbid, periods. Periods are a natural part of the life cycle something that should be taught to boys just as much as girls. Boys should not need to shy away from the idea of periods anymore, it is how they are made after all. Girls also have to leave the party when the talk goes to a specifically boys section. But most girls are going to need to know this information too at some point, so why the separation? 

The Problem With Sex Ed In Irish Schools

In real talk; we need to update how to teach young people about sex, and make it a positive experience rather than one you go home from with even more question than which you started.

One of the biggest issues with Sex Ed in Irish schools is that it’s usually done during the tail-end of Primary Schools – 11-year-olds are not sexually active. It’s when you hit your teens and start having those feelings and begin first relationships that you need more information. Most of us know the basics about the mechanics of sex, but lack awareness on contraception, diseases and the emotional side.

Although the Irish Government kept saying that they’re going to roll-out a more robust Sex Education plan, we’re not exactly holding our breaths on this one and there are a lot of you who probably need that info ASAP. So, the only thing to do is to self-educate.

Everything That You Need To Know About Contraception

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How To Handle Grief At Christmas Time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For most people. For some it is a time of sorrow and hardships. If you’re dealing with grief, whether it’s new or old, the holidays can be really difficult.

Remember just because everyone else is happy doesn’t mean you have to be. It can be daunting while everyone around you is happy and merry to handle grief at Christmas time, so here are a few pointers.

1. Plan

You don’t need to plan to the second, but I find when you have a schedule and know what you are doing, it can help a little. You can prepare yourself for events rather than have them sprung on you unexpectedly. This way you can give yourself some breathing room.

2. Don’t force yourself 

It doesn’t matter if it is Christmas or that whats-her-face from the office will be devasted if you don’t show to the party; you don’t have to attend everything. Don’t push yourself too soon to show up at social events, especially during a time of grief. There is always next Christmas where whats-her-face will be able to burn your ear off.

3. Watch the bubbles 

If you do end up going to parties mind the amount of fancy champagne you have. Sometimes you don’t realise the feelings you have managed to bottle are still there, and all thy need are a few fancy bubbles to come up again. Just watch yourself with the drink, just so you don’t have a breakdown and have the fear in the morning. Here are some tips to stay safe on a night out.

4. Don’t fake it 

Don’t plaster a fake smile on for your teacher, your boss or your friends or even your family. Even if you think you are being strong, there is no need to cover pain. Remember a problem shared, is a problem halved. And chances are the people you talk to will feel much more empathic towards your feelings this time of year than any other.

5. Give yourself time

Whether it’s a step outside or a whole day in bed with bad movies and an abundance of ice-cream, give yourself the time you need to heal. Remember there is always next year, or even the year after that, where you will be a lot more capable of handling these things with company.

6. Enjoy the Christmas spirit

While it may be difficult, chances are the person who you will miss this Christmas would want you to enjoy it. Don’t dwell too long on things you can’t change or regrets. Try to find a balance between enjoyment and sadness. Always remember it’s okay to be sad, but Christmas can be the most warming loving time of year. Channel that energy and enjoy the joys.

7. Lastly find the balance

For some, Christmas can help with grief, for others it can be a burden on handling grief. Try to find your own middle ground between the joys of Christmas time and your own healing. Just remember to allow yourself to feel all the emotions whether happy or sad, grief or joy. They can all help to deal with grief.

Have you any tips or guidance for dealing with grief at Christmas time.

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What To Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s Close With Her Mam

FYI: you *might* just want to leave this article open so that the boy casually sees it…

Guilty as charged, my mam is definitely one of my best friends, and I’m sure I’m not the only unjust call us the Gilmore Girls! So, here is a little heads up if you are about to get serious with a girl who is very close with her mam. 


Things have to be planned in advance, because they will have to check with mam. 

Even at the older ages, we girls who love our mammies, always check with them when we go out. It’s not even permission anymore, it’s just a letting them know type thing. It makes us feel better when our mams know what we are doing. 

Decisions will be made with advice from mam. 

Mother knows best. That is the golden rule. It isn’t an insult to you, but if you suggest something we will probably need to consult with our mams before we give the final decision. 

Our mams know everything about you. 

Fair warning, we talk to our mams about everything. Small and large everything is discussed with mam. All boy interests included. They are just the best listeners. So, if you end up meeting our mams, chances are they already know everything about you and what you are going to say. 

Being friendly with your mam matters to us. 

It’s not a deal breaker, but the way to treat your mam matters to us. It influences our decision on what we think of you. We love a mammy’s boy. So having a good relationship with your mam is actually seriously attractive to us. 

Their mams, are basically the over protective dads. 

They will scrutinize you, hard. They will make sure that you are a good match for us. After all no one knows us better than our mams. So, be prepared for some over protective dad stuff, but from our mams. 

Have you any advice for dating a girl who’s close with her Mam?

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How To Cope With A Grandparent Passing Away

How To Cope With A Grandparent Passing Away

Grandparents. They are so much more than just grandparents; they’re the people you go when you’re mad at your parents. They are the people you go to when your parents are mad at you; cuddle up with them as they tell their children not to yell at you. They’re that piece of money shoved in your hand when you’re saying goodbye and no one else is looking. The extra Christmas present under the tree. That last scoop of ice cream that your mam said you couldn’t have. As people say “You’re in your granny’s”.

So saying goodbye, is hard and unfair. Often losing a grandparent is the first time we’re confronted with grief and loss. And it can be a difficult time to navigate.

I won’t give you the five stages of grief here, just ways to make a grandparent passing away a tiny little bit easier to process.

Stage one; The passing. 

1. Cry. 

It has to be done. Whether you cry watching the soaps, or haven’t shed a tear since the time your last baby tooth fell out, you have to cry. It’s imperative in helping you come to terms with their death and this means it can be hard. When you cry, you make it real. You make their death real. So, people are reluctant, naturally. But not crying only bottles it up, until you later explode. Better to cry comfortably, than head-bomb later on. 

2. You are allowed to be sad. 

This one is majorly important. Just because they weren’t your parent or your sibling, this does not mean you have to put on a brave face for those around you. You were close to them in a way no one else was. You don’t need to be the shoulder to cry on all the time and you have every right to be just as upset. Some people might not be particularly close to their own grandparents and might not understand the sheer level of your grief. That’s on them, not you.


How To Cope With A Grandparent Passing Away

Stage two; The funeral. 

1. You don’t have to serve sandwiches and smile. 

Irish funeral are known to be good fun. Laughing and reminiscing about past time, and sometimes getting a small bit tipsy. But it’s always easier said than done. As a grandchild, you will be hugged, cheek pulled, and told by many people, that you look so grown up. You can ditch this by stepping outside, leaving for a while. Get some air, if you need it. Don’t pretend to be okay. People will understand. 

2. Talking to others, will however, make you feel better. 

Surprisingly hearing stories about your grandparent from others perspective is one of the nicest things you can hear. How they lived in the eyes of others. Even stories about other people, maybe family members who you haven’t seen in a while can be good. Whether you use it as a distraction or as coping mechanism, talking to family members and friends is a good idea. 


How To Cope With A Grandparent Passing Away

Stage three; The rest 


This stage can be the hardest because after the craziness of the funeral, things finally start to quiet down. Which is when you have a load of time on your hands. A lot of time to think. This is where random memories flood in and can make you very upset. This can be anywhere from the week after the funeral, to a year later. No matter how long afterwards, your sadness is still relevant. So, talk. Talk about your grandparent, talk about those memories. To anyone. Don’t think anyone will understand? Write it down. Journal it. Get the feelings all out. Don’t allow yourself to suppress them. 

2. Find your own quirks to cope. 

You’re never too busy for a cry. Make the time to recover. Listen to their songs, go over their stories. Sorting through their things can be a real recovery tool. Find your own way to cope with them being gone. Keeping one small thing of theirs, like a necklace, a ring. Or in my experience, trying on a heinous 80s dress that belonged to my grandmother and putting on a fashion show for my family. 

3. Moving on. 

I’m not saying you throw away the memories and never think of them again. But moving on is important. People move on in many ways and you will have to find your own way to do so, but you can move on while remembering them. Just remember that pain is temporary, you will not be sad forever. 

Have you any guidance to give those dealing with a grandparent passing away?

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The Law of Attraction: How To Shape Your Life

*note* the law of attraction is not based on religious beliefs, unless your faith is something you wish to bring into it yourself 🙂

The Law of Attraction is something I stumbled upon a few years ago after coming across a book that had belonged to my sister called The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. The book contained words that have never left me to this day and many big names such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and even our very own Conor McGregor use the LOA. When I first began researching about the process it all made so much sense to me and I was so excited to learn how I can really use it to get what I want out of life!

All that we are is a result of what we have thought.

– Buddha

For anyone who has never heard of the LOA, put in its’ simplest terms it is a universal law that you attract what you think about, be it positive or negative. Due to the recent popularisation of the law it seems its’ meaning has become somewhat lost, with many people believing it is about simply thinking positive and you will bring whatever it is you want into your life. This unfortunately is not the case. We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them. It is a process of learning how to control your thoughts.

Here is an example to make it a little easier for you to understand; if you’re struggling with money chances are you will be complaining often saying “I need more money,” or “I’m so broke!” and therefore you don’t find more money as you continue to attract needing more money. Instead of saying “I wish I wasn’t so skint” say “I am wealthy” (even if you’re currently living off the Eurosaver menu). You must speak into existence that which you want and most importantly believe that what you ask for is actually coming. ALWAYS think and say what you want, NOT WHAT YOU DON’T WANT!

I’ll talk you through a few of the basic steps to get you started with the Law of Attraction.

Step 1: Be clear about what you want

If you’re starting out, I recommend beginning with something small. In The Secret, Rhonda Byrnes suggests asking the universe to see a feather as a way for you to test the LOA. Ask, and then don’t ask again. Don’t worry if you don’t see it within an hour or even that day, just believe you will. I tried this when I first started out and yes, I saw a feather in my own home, randomly just appearing in my hallway. So, give it a go if you’re a bit skeptical!

Once you’re ready to ask for something a little more advanced, first sit down and really think about it and why you want it, and be specific, this is very important.

Step 2: Ask

Just like with the feather, you ask for what it is you want and send your intention out into the universe. If you want to take this more seriously I would highly recommend creating a vision board. Not only are they fun to make, but creative visualisation has shown to be very effective in the LOA. Stay tuned for my next article where I talk you through making your very own vision board! 

Step 3: Believe

I know it may be hard but you must try not question how or when it will come to you. You just need to teach yourself to believe that have already have/own whatever it is that you asked for and most importantly feel what its like to have it. If you asked to get an interview for a particular job you want, visualise everything from the moment you get the phone call from them up until the moment you walk through their door and feel the excitement and nervousness that comes with that experience.

It sounds silly, but trust me, it works. During the process of waiting, avoid becoming disheartened if you don’t receive right away. Instead, take pen to paper and each day write down 5 things you are grateful for that day and read over them again before you go to bed. Gratitude is key in the LOA.

“The mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come” – Wallace Wattles

Step 3: Receive 

Now this is the best one, obviously! Now that you’ve achieved your goal your belief will only be stronger and you can continue to work on using these methods until it is just a way of life. The one motto you need to remember is thoughts become things!


If you would like to learn more in depth about the LOA I have a few book recommendations that I found very helpful:

  1. The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes (she has a series of books in relation to the LOA such as The Power, The Magic etc)
  2. Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  3. The Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard
  4. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

If you’re not much of a bookworm then don’t worry cus I got you. I’m going to leave a link to a video of some famous celebrities talking about using the Law of Attraction that you might find interesting here.

Sam Ozkural is a YouTuber who has done a sort of mini-series on the Law of Attraction, she also does fitness and lifestyle videos which is how I originally came across her.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the next step of creating a vision board!

The LOA is not magic, it’s science

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4 YouTube Fitness Channels To Try

Yes, we know we *should* be trying to workout, but it’s hard to find the motivation when you have such a busy schedule. Exercising is great for both the body and the mind. Not only does it help keep your heart healthy, it can also help with stress and anxiety. So, what’s the answer when you just cant find the time? Enter YouTube.

We know the concept of workout videos on YouTube isn’t revolutionary, but it’s just so handy.Not only can you do YouTube workouts from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere – you can also do them any time and they’re completely free. The only problem is that there are just so many to choose from. Here are some of our favourite YouTube fitness channels to try out…


4 YouTube Fitness Channels To Try

4 YouTube Fitness Channels To Try


If you’re looking for something super fun to get you moving, Blogilates is the one for you. Cassey Ho has over 4.3 subscribers, so she must be doing something right! Cassey’s enthusiasm is pretty infectious and there are a whole host of workouts to choose from; like pilates, dance and celebrity workouts like How to Get Beyoncé’s Body. Cassey also has a free 1 month beginners plan.


4 YouTube Fitness Channels To Try

Yoga With Adriene

The benefits of doing yoga, both physically and mentally, are well documented, but it can be hard to try squeeze in a class. Which is where Yoga With Adriene comes in. Adriene has a whole host of videos like yoga for teens, yoga for migraines, as well as meditation for anxiety. So, there really is something for everyone. If you really want to try out yoga but are a bit worried, fear not. Adriene has an awesome 30 Days of Yoga beginners program.


4 YouTube Fitness Channels To Try

Popsugar Fitness

Another great YouTube fitness channel is Popsugar Fitness. There are a huge mix of workouts to choose from. Again, there are lots of super fun ones to keep you interested, one for beginners and ones to give you a bot of a challenge. They also have a great 30 Minute No Equipment Barre Workout. Barre seems to be the workout that all the city peeps rave about, but it can be hard to find a Barre class in rural Ireland, so this is a great way to try it out. Plus, we don’t need to remind you that it’s free and you can do it at home! Yay!


4 YouTube Fitness Channels To Try

The Body Coach

We’re pretty sure that The Body Coach, aka Joe Wicks, is taking over the work (he has cookbooks and his own line of kitchenware!), but it all started off with his YouTube. The Body Coach is known for his HITT training (that’s High Intensity Interval Training) which can sound super intimidating, but there honestly not. There are also beginner videos too, but if you’re already into your fitness Joe’s videos are sure to give you a challenge. Most of the videos are under 15 minutes, so we’re pretty sure that we have no excuses not to sneeze in a workout anymore.


Are there any YouTube Fitness Channels that you love? Let us know!

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How To Beat Homesickness In College

How To Beat Homesickness In College

There are two types of people who move away for college: those who love life from the second the parental unit say a tearful goodbye and those who struggle to adjust. And there’s no shame in that at all.

Often it’s not exactly homesickness, but more a general anxiety about how much has suddenly changed in your life. It’s perfectly normal to crave going home and returning to your normal and old life, but ultimately live does propel onwards, even if you’re not entirely ready. Here are some simple tips to help beat homesickness in college…


Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

It’s okay to feel homesick. The jump to college is a big one, especially after the world-wind of L.C results and CAO offers. You might also have ended up in a different course, college or county than you had planned for 6 weeks ago. It’s a lot. Allow yourself the time to adjust to the change.


Don’t Give In

Stay positive, it will get better. Moving to college and feeling homesick is often the first real test of adulthood that many of us face. It’s so tempting to just want to give into it and head back to the security of home, but really think long and hard about where that will get you in the long-run. You obviously want to be at college if you applied and put in the work. So, realistically it’s not the best idea to pack it all in. That is unless you are pretty sure that you’ve made a huge mistake in picking the course that you did – it happens! In this case make sure that you have a chat with you college ASAP to make to ensure that you’re where you’re supposed to be.


Plan, Plan, Plan

It can be hard to wrap your head around the idea of being your own boss all of a sudden. It’s your responsibility to get yourself up in the morning. You might have to navigate the horror show that is Dublin Bus (to us culchies at least!) and think about what you’re actually going to eat every, single day. Suddenly the thought of not having mammy’s home cooked meal waiting for you feels very bleak. To ease yourself in to the reality of being an adult batch cook your food in advance. Also, M&S do great microwave meals, because…adulting!


Start Building Your New Life

Decorate your new college bedroom so that it starts to reflect you and is more homely instead of a lifeless jail cell. Join societies left, right and centre. It’s so fun to try out something new and interesting. And a hobby will distract you. Set yourself the task of speaking to one new person a day in your course. Start exploring your new surroundings too. The quicker you become familiar with everything, the faster you’ll start to feel more at-ease. And as they always say, fake it until you make it.


Buddy Up

College can be such an exciting time when it comes to making friends and although we wouldn’t recommend limiting your new friendship option, try befriend at least one person who is “from up the country” too. It can be so nice to have sometime who relates to the struggles. No offence to those who have the luxury of still living at home, but sometimes you really don’t get the true struggles of being away from home for college and how lonely in can be initially.


Go Home When You Can

Friday can feel like an awful long way away on a lonely Monday night, but it’s not. And if you feel like you need to go home every weekend, then do. Also if you feel the need to Skype home every evening, do that too. Keep in touch with your friends from home as well, chances are they might be going through the same thing too. It’s good to have your “home” friends and “college” friends.


It’s really important to remember that homesickness is normal. We all have out bouts of loneliness once we move out of home for the first time. Be sure to look forward at all the positive things your college time holds for you. You’ve only just begun!

Have you any tips to beat homesickness in college? Let us know in the comments below.

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We Need To Stop “Shipping” Toxic Relationships

We Need To Stop "Shipping" Toxic Relationships

Have you ever realised just how often we’re forced to normalise Toxic Relationships onscreen? I didn’t -until recently that is. And once I started to think about it, it really annoyed me.

We recently chatted about the ways that TV Shows Distorted Our Expectations Of Secondary School and and it got me thinking about how some TV shows and movies are just so problematic in their portrayal of relationships. The more I thought about it the more I realised that toxic relationships are often idealised on screens. And worse, we’re actually manipulated into rooting for the couple – or “shipping” them – as is the term these days.

Here are some of the fictional relationships that we really should have dumped…

We Need To Stop "Shipping" Toxic Relationships

Run, Bella, run!


I know that 10 years on Twilight isn’t that big of a deal anymore, but trust me when I say it was HUGE at the time. This is definitely another example of a movie you would have been obsessed with in the 00’s. But I’m sure you’ve probably seen the movies at some point in your existence. Twilight was the original movie that kicked off all this “shipping” and you were either Team Edward or Team Jacob.

The problem is there really shouldn’t have been a Team Edward at all. Edward spends most of his time trying to influence and control Bella. Whereas Jacob is happy to let her be as she is. And guess who she choses in the end? There’s also the huge metaphor in Twilight in that Bella had to change (become an undead vampire, no less!) in order to be with Edward. You should never have to change who you are to be with someone.

One of the major plot lines in the series was Edward trying to stop Bella from seeing her best friend because he was “worried about her”. That’s not protective, it’s possessive.  There’s a huge difference between “text me when you’re home safe” or “do you want me to collect you?” to being followed to events that you are not invited to (girls nights) or throwing a fit about your significant other doing something without you. Women should be allowed go, do, say what they want.

We Need To Stop "Shipping" Toxic Relationships

“You’re not a bad boy, you’re just a bad person”.

Gossip Girl

I should have been working on commission for Gossip Girl because I got so many of my friends watching it. I even wrote about it for Missy! But I recently watched it again and it honestly really disturbed me.

The Problem With Chuck Bass

Chuck was supposed to be the boy bad who we grew to love. But a quick watch of the very first episode of Gossip Girl and you see just how problematic Chuck is.

In the space of one episode he proclaims that Nate is entitled to “tap that ass” when talking about Blair. No one is ever entitled to sex. Ever. And when referring to Serena he says that “there’s something wrong with that level of perfection, it needs to be violated”. The language used by Chuck, and by extension the writers, is appalling and perpetuates rape culture. Lest we not forget that Chuck tried to force himself on Serena and then delivers the line, “your life is over slut”. And oh yeah, he rounds off the pilot by trying to rape a 14-year old Jenny Humphrey. Someone reading this who has never seen Gossip Girl is probably wondering what they hell is this show? We kid you not. These were actually major plotlines in the series.

Originally Chuck wasn’t supposed to be a main character, but after his off-the-chart chemistry with Leighton Meester the writers decided to throw them together to become Chair. Chuck and Blair should have their own place in the Toxic Relationships Hall of Fame.

A Bad Romance

The thing is, Chuck treated Blair so awfully, but she just kept coming back for more and even married him. And the writers tied-up their toxic relationship into some epic love story. It was messed up. Anytime she tried to express how she felt (in true Blair Waldorf take-down form!) Chuck responded by being even worse instead of listening to her. He then traded her for a hotel, like she was his possession and got angry when she had the cheek to be upset about it.

Now, I know TV series have to create drama and that couples just can’t have a nice happy time (why oh why?) but Chuck and Blairs toxic relationship was not a healthy one. It’s worrying to think that girls may experience this in real life relationships and think its normal. It’s not. Gossip Girl sends out an awful message to viewers.


Toxic Relationships Shouldn’t Be Shipped

Being fed these toxic relationships makes it harder for viewers to recognise troubling behaviour in their own relationships. The message sent out is that if you put up with this type of behaviour you will be rewarded with a happily ever after in the end. In reality that doesn’t happen and toxic relationships can be dangerous and damaging.

We get that drama is needed in tv shows and movies, but it shouldn’t be in the form of emotional abuse towards women. Toxic Relationships should never be rationalised or normalised. Even Friends is problematic when it comes to how it portrays relationships. Need convincing? Sit back and read this thread on Twitter.


Are we over thinking this or do you think that movies and TV shows glamorize toxic relationships? Let us know in the comments below.