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Could Influencers Please Stop Photoshopping?

We already spoke about some of the different aspects in the recent Irish Influencer Scandal, but the most worrisome problem for us is the issue of Irish Influencers photoshopping their images. It has been frustrating to watch how some bloggers have been pushing unrealistic aspirations without any regard to the consequences and the effect it is having on people’s mental health.

We kinda talked about some of the issues with social media and bloggers before, but we really wanted to double-down on the serious issue of photoshopping. Because making a location look different is a whole different ball game to dramatically altering your appearance. Colette Sexton from The Sunday Business Post recently called it a public health crisis and we completely agree. 

The True Danger of Social Media is Influencers Photoshopping

We were told not to talk to strangers on the Internet. Not to use our real names or give personal details. But one of the biggest dangers of social media today is the false images that we are bombarded with. When you see all these images of perfection it’s so easy to turn on yourself and ask “Why don’t I look like that?“. The reason is no one looks like that – unless you download the Facetune App.

We all love a good filter, or maybe make that blemish a little less notable. But photoshopping yourself to look 2 stone slimmer next level. And that’s the very real problem. Some very prominent Irish Influencers are completely editing their appearance and it’s so dangerous.

Joanne Larby a.k.a The Makeup Fairy was one of the Influencers who was mentioned time and time again in reference to photoshopping. Joanne often portrays herself as being very into the gym and says that she “works hard” to look the way she does on Instagram. But some of the photos unearthed over the past few weeks offers some very stark differences between Joanne on Instagram and Joanne in real life. Before the Influencer Scandal erupted Joanne was promoting a Beauty, Fitness & Wellness workshop. All details of the workshop have since been deleted. But The Makeup Fairy is by no-means the only one.

Rosie Connolly was forced to apologise for photoshopping an image on herself that she took as part of a campaign with Rimmel. Yes, it’s obviously terrible for her and her confidence that she suffers from acne. And it’s probably something we would all be tempted to do. But how is it acceptable to be selling a product to someone promising them fabulous skin when you know it’s not the truth? Imagine the confidence knock to anyone who bought that thinking they’d have nice skin like Rosie’s.

We all want to be that little bit more toned, but photoshopping yourself to make yourself appear thinner is unacceptable. There are people looking at these pictures and being awful to themselves because their waist isn’t that small. That they don’t have a thigh gap. Or that their skin doesn’t look that flawless. And then to be trying to sell tickets to a “confidence workshop” just shows the lack of awareness to their actions.


Influencers Blur The Line Between

You definitely see altered images in the media all the time, but advertisements now have to declare any image altering below. Have a look at the next Mascara ad that you see. We bet you’ll see a disclaimer at the bottom saying that image has been digitally altered. The big problem with Influencers photoshopping is that they allow you into their lives so you almost don’t expect them to deceive you in such a way. Then when they get questioned on it they’re being bullied and everyone is a hater. 

No one forces any of these influencers to post pictures of themselves. Why would you bother posting so many selfies of yourself online if you have so many insecurities? If they’re not happy with themselves why spend your time taking photos of yourself? It seems so depressing. Even more depressing is the thought of sitting there altering your picture into a way you know you’ll never look like. It’s just downright dangerous for them to be posting these images online knowing that people will be complimenting something that isn’t real. Everyone loves a compliment, but to be getting likes and compliments on a way you’ll never look is so messed up. And in turn it sets unrealistic expectations for their followers.

Joanne Larby put forward the argument that celebrities Photoshop themselves, but how is that a justification? Do we wish celebrities would stop Facetuning themselves on social media? Yes. Do we also wish magazines would stop butchering perfectly beautiful women? Of course. But celebrities are somewhat removed from our realm. Influencers are not. They can not be selling the ‘we’re your friend” vibe and then pulling this.

No Escape

It’s so easy to forget when you’re looking at pictures that they are probably not a true representation. Especially with all the scrolling that we do.

Being made feel inferior by a little grid is something a lot of teens are struggling with. Anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphia cases are on the rise in Ireland. It’s estimated that 400 new cases of eating disorders emerge each year, representing 80 deaths annually. 

Being hard on yourself is horrible, but being hard on yourself for a way that you could never look is so upsetting and debilitating. It’s hard to escape these false images when they are so rampant on social media. Not everyone is perfect the whole time. But you have influencers pushing foundation promising perfect skin, promoting weight-loss tea and flaunting a “perfect” figure when they’re Facetuning themselves into oblivion in the photos.

We’ve Had Enough

Influencers just need to stop photoshopping. End of story. We don’t want excuses or justifications.

It’s false advertising and it’s illegal to be promoting products that don’t give the results that you say they do. They are also contributing to the current body image crisis that is continuing to grow each year in Ireland. 

It’s not good enough for Influencers to essentially play dumb when they are called out on serious issues like this. Just like any job you have responsibility to inform yourself and know what you can and can’t do.

Influencers need to stop with the self-importance and realise that their actions have consequences. Photoshopping themselves is having a detrimental effect on vulnerable and impersonal young people in this country. According to Bodywhys up to 200,000 people in Ireland may be affected by eating disorders in some way.

If Influencers are photoshopping themselves they’re obviously not happy in themselves either. It’s beyond ridiculous that they can’t then take the time to understand how they’re actions are effecting others. Most of these Influencers are grown women and the market that they are “influencing” are teenage girls who already have enough pressure and doubts to deal with.

 What Needs To Change

Let’s be clear, this issue does not only affect Irish Influencers, but it feels like in such a small and increasingly overcrowded industry here some have taken it too far. 

Let’s be honest, we’d probably be the first to complain when influencers share everything about their lives. There is definitely a struggle to produce content, but also to be relatable and real. But it is their job and responsibility to present their content and therefore themselves in a balanced way just like media and magazines must. There’s no point saying you weren’t told of your obligations. Influencers need to start being held to the same account as traditional media and disclaiming if they are altering their images. But we honestly don’t see why “good” content has to go with photoshopping like some Influencers are claiming. You can have amazing pictures without turning yourself in to a Barbie.

We would just like to see a bit more honesty and consideration from Influencers. Whether they like it or not they are role-models and figures of inspiration to thousands of followers and they need to start being accountable and recognise the responsibilities that go along with their job that they signed up to willingly. Relatability, honesty and ‘real-ness’ are all incredibly valuable attributes. 

What You Can Do

Question what you’re seeing. Love yourself. Be thankful. Speak out. Unfollow. Get help if you need it. Talk with your friends. Don’t believe everything you see and read. Be aware of the dangers of social media. What does matter is that you never, ever, let an app make you feel like less of a person or as though you are inferior. You are enough. 


Let us know your thoughts on the issue of Influencers Photoshopping.


If this affected you in any way or if you have anything that’s worrying you please get in touch with Bodywhys on  LoCall 1890 200 444, or visit their website

Image: Beth Sandland

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How To Keep Yourself Safe Online

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about internet safety in Ireland. Some points have been very valid and others are just a bit too much of a won’t somebody please think of the children vibe. There’s concern and there’s overreacting.

The internet and social media is now embedded in our society. The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no way to go back. It’s also not right to punish people, especially teens, for the bad actions of others. It goes back to the issue of victim blaming. Social Media is perfectly safe, if you’re mature enough to deal with it. The internet is a bit like driving, you need to learn how to do it safely. With all this in mind we thought we would share a few simple tips to keep yourself safe online.

Do not get caught up in a game of who has more followers.

It can be tempting to keep your profile open to gain more followers, but don’t. It’s like keeping the front door of your house open so people can come and go as they please. It’s weird and you’d never do it in “real life” so why do you leave the door to your life open online? There’s a lot of information people can get from a simple photo on Instagram. Be mysterious and safe all in one go.

Know the signs if someone is going too far.

Rule in life: always be suspicious. Is someone who you don’t know constantly trying to interact with you? It’s nice to get compliments, but is it a bit too persistent? Do they have an ulterior motive in trying to get your attention and talk to you? These are all things that you have to keep in mind. The internet is a great place to connect with people, but you still need to protect yourself all the time.


Again, put yourself in the real world. If someone stood in front of you and was hurling abuse at you would you stay standing there? No. So, if someone is being abusive to you online delete and block them. If someone is anonymously harassing you online see how pathetic they are and delete them. It drives bullies insane if you ignore them. It can be hard, we know, but delete them. It’s actually pretty cathartic.  If someone makes you feel uncomfortable in any way delete them straight away and block them. We here at Missy have had to do it ourselves a few times. Protecting yourself is in no way weak. In fact is shows great strength and maturity.

How could it affect your future?

The online world is changing rapidly and who knows where it is going to be in 5 years time. As scary and downright annoying as it is you don’t know how your online profile might affect your career prospects in years to come. Once something is on the internet it’s there forever. There are lots of sneaky ways to save or find something. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t like your parents to see it don’t put it online.


Tips To Keep Yourself Safe Online.

There are certain apps we think you should avoid having on your phone such as:

– Tinder

– KiK ( Anonymous messaging app)

– Sarahah (Anonymous messenger board)

You don’t need these in your life. Be the brave one amongst your friends and say that you have no interest in them. You’ll be surprised at who will follow suit. And if someone gives you slack for not having a certain app, let them off. There are tons of other apps to communicate with friends and not randomers.


You should never:

– Share your location

– Agree to meet with someone you “met” online

– Share pictures/videos of any kind with people you do not know

– Accept follower/friend requests from strangers.

– Share private information

Every popular social media site/platform/app, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have privacy settings, and you should understand your privacy settings, and should be aware of who can see the content you are sharing!


We recommend the following settings for the following online profiles :

– Instagram: Private Account ()

– Facebook: Friends ()

– Twitter: Protect my tweets ()


Here are a few key safety tips for the EXTREMELY popular Snapchat:

– NEVER send inappropriate images/videos, it is very easy for people to save them without you knowing.

– ONLY friends should be able to see your Snapchat story

– TURN OFF Snap Map! ()


Plenty of online profiles such as Instagram, Twitter, Tinder allow you to put personal info into Bio’s. You should NEVER include the following personal information in your bios:

– Phone Number

– Email

– Address/location

– Age


Be Savvy

We know that you might see some Influencers or Bloggers sharing such information, but please remember that they are professionals and such contact information is handy for PR’s and people looking to work with them. Soz hun, but you’re not a celebrity, so keep those details to yourself.

Lets talk honestly here, don’t put your age up online. If someone with a perverted mind is looking to interact with a teen and they see your age you are marking yourself straight away. You would probably put your age up innocently enough, but when you think about it from that angle it’s scary.


If someone is making you feel uncomfortable online firstly block them. You can report them to the Social Media site. We strongly encourage you to do this, but please be aware that there are millions of people using these apps every day and it can be hard to get a quick response from the Help Teams. For that reason we urge you to share your concerns with someone else such as a friend or and adult if the situation calls for it.

One last note

If you have younger brother’s or sisters take the time to sit down and discuss technology and the online world with them. Explain the dangers and the risks, and explain how to be safe online.

Most importantly remember that NO MATTER WHAT there is always a solution and you should always share any concerns with someone else.

How do you keep yourself safe online?

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Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

Self care is something that we should all most definitely do more often. It’s so important for our mental & physical wellbeing to take a bit of “me” time.

Self-care is defined as “any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good self care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others“.

Here’s a few simple ways that you could practice some self-care…



So boring, we know. But seriously a few early nights really does you so much good. Switch off the phone, read a book to help you drift off and just sleep. If you’re struggling with sleep try listening to some podcasts or audio books with your headphones in. We really recommend the Harry Potter audio books, because it’s just so relaxing to listen to Stephen Fry’s voice.


Taking the time out of the rest of your life to get lost in another world is one of the best ways to practice self-care. We don’t know about you, but trying to keep up with all that studying is hard. Taking the time to read something that you don’t have to is such a luxury itself. We have a few recommendations in our Book Section.


Probably the hardest one to do, but switching off the phone and the computer is good for the soul. We promise you will not miss anything that is worth your while. We are all far too reliant on social media these days to entertain and inform us, but it’s probably the most toxic thing for our mental health. Try switching off your phone come 7.30pm a few nights a week. Just taking the time to do something other than obsess about the latest update and likes is honestly so refreshing. We’re definitely going to try do a few weekends social media free.


We don’t mean going and treating yourself to a Chanel bag in Brown Thomas (but if you do will you buy us one too?). If it’s a bar of chocolate or a new eyeshadow palette or a new pair of shoes that you want, just get it. Reward yourself for your achievements. Whatever it is just enjoy it. You deserve it.


The practice of meditating has been a round for a long, long, long time but it’s really starting to become the thing that people turn to when looking at their self-care practises. It’s also been known as a great way to deal with anxiety. Try downloading the Headspace App which is a guided meditation and very relaxing. You get 10 sessions free, so it’s a great way to figure of if it works for you or not.



This is something that you can do anywhere and it takes no time at all but could make the biggest difference. Just taking a minute to take three deep breaths could really help in calming yourself down and re-focusing your mind when things get a little overwhelming.


Probably the cheapest, but the best way to look after yourself is to get fresh air and lots of it. Grab some headphones (see below!) and get out and go for a stroll. If you want to try get a friend to come too, but sometimes its just nice to go for a stroll and be left with your own thoughts and ideas. It you hit a wall especially when studying or life gets too much some fresh air is a good way to try work it all out.


We are here for journaling! Sometimes with everything jumping around in your brain it can be great to just get it down on paper in front of you. Even just writing a letter expressing all your thoughts, worries and frustrations can be so therapeutic. You can throw it in the bin once you’re done – there’s something oddly freeing about getting rid of it.


The above is true, but you know it is nice to pamper yourself every now and again. A bath with a little bit of everything thrown in or even sheet mask from Penneys. Pick out a new nail polish or throw in a hair mask. Do something that makes you feel great. Again, you deserve it.


Dance around your room, go for a walk, start running, join a club or start a new gym class. Just pick something that you enjoy doing and make it your outlet.


Music can be such a powerful too. Take the time to listen to a  bit of music in the morning before school as you’re getting ready or make a playlist to listen to in the car. We’re on a bit of a 90’s vibe ourselves lately. From chill-out music to just help you relax or just jump around to some rap music, find your grove – literally!


Taking some time to spend with the people you love is great for the soul. Just be present. Put the phone down and enjoy the time that you spend together. Memories are more important than Snapchat streaks.


Sometimes it’s just great to talk about anything and nothing. A lot goes on inside those heads of ours so sometimes it’s just nice to let it all out. If there’s something that’s getting you down saying it out loud is half the battle over.


One of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your mental health is to just be kinder to yourself. Let the bad thoughts go and stop being so hard on yourself.  You are enough. You are worthy.


This is in no way a definitive list. If you have something that’s your jam, do that. You don’t have to do these all together or all the time. The important thing is to be mindful that you are doing something just for you and because you want to. Find that thing that relaxes you, or allows you to refocus or the thing that allows you to blow off steam.

What do you do to practice self-care?

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Everything You Need To Know About The Contraceptive Pill

What You Need To Know About The Contraceptive Pill

What You Need To Know About The Contraceptive Pill The Pill is one of those almost mysterious things when you’re younger. It feels very grown up in a way. And you probably have a ton of questions about it. So, here’s everything you need to know about The Contraceptive Pill.

Why You Get It

There are actually lots of different reasons why someone might be on the Pill. One of the most common reasons is usually to use it as a form of contraception. So, how does the Pill work? It stops the body from releasing an egg (also known as ovulating) which then prevents you from getting pregnant, but only if you take it correctly!

The Pill is also used to treat other problems such as Poly-Cysistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and irregular or heavy periods. It can also be used to ease period pain. Another reason why some people, particularly teens, are put on the Pill is to help with acne because it can balance out hormones. Obviously everyone is different and everyone will react differently to The Pill.

How To Get It

In order to get the Pill you will need to be given a prescription my your GP. This isn’t a big deal at all and your doctor will see girls like you everyday. It might feel a bit weird to you the first time you go in, but trust us all the stuff becomes normal.

There are a number of different Pills, so your doctor will have to assess you to pick the correct one for you. This is just a few questions about you and your families health and a blood pressure check. Sometimes people get put on the correct Pill straight away. But sometimes it might take a few different brands to find the one for you. If you or your family have a Medical Card you will be able to avail of the Pill for a subsidised cost. Normally your doctor will give you a prescription for a few months supply in one go. Just make sure that you go back for regular checkups (usually 6-12 months) with your doctor to make sure everything is ok.

What You Need To Know About The Contraceptive Pill

How To Take It

The Contraceptive Pill is quite small, think the size of a little vitamin. There are 21 pills in the pack and you take them for 21 days. After that you take a 7 day “break”. During this break you will have your period. Once those 7 days are over you start of the next pack for another 21 and on it goes.

The packet has the days of the week marked out so you can stay on track. You should always start your packet on the same day each month. When you first start taking the Pill you begin your first packet on the first day of your period. So if it’s a Thursday then Thursday will be the day that you always begin the new packet. All this will be explained to you be your doctor anyway and it will also be in the little booklet that comes with the Pill.

It’s recommended that you try to take the Pill at the same time everyday. We recommend committing to taking it either first thing in the morning or just before you go to bed. Whichever you feel would work better for you and make you less inclined to forget. Keep it beside your bed or in your purse so you don’t accidentally lose it. If you forget to take it your cycle could be thrown off and you might not be fully protected by it.

Pros of The Contraceptive Pill

  • It can prevent pregnancy. Again we need to stress the it can prevent, but only if used correctly at all times.
  • It can help with period pains
  • It can help regulate your period if you have irregular cycles. Also of you have particularly heavy periods it can help ease them.
  • It can help with acne.

Cons of The Contraceptive Pill

  • The main big con of the Pill is that it does not protect you from STIs and HIV. You must also use a barrier method, like condoms, to project yourself from STI’s.
  • The Pill is only effective if you use it correctly. You must take it every, single day. It’s also recommended that you take it at the same time everyday. If you miss a day it won’t work. Make sure you read the information booklet a million times before you start using it. And keep the booklet for reference so you know what do it if you forget to take one.
  • Antibiotics and illness can also effect the Pill. Always talk to your doctor or Pharmacist if you’re not sure.
  • If the Pill doesn’t agree with you it can possibly cause a hormone imbalance in your system. This can lead to weight gain, acne or other side effects. It’s important that you weigh up all the pros and cons that go along with the Pill and chat to your doctor.
  • The Pill can also cause a number of health side effects. Reading the booklet that comes with it will probably scare the be-jesus out of you but it’s best to know what to look out for. If you have any serious side effects or if something is worrying you go see your GP straight away.

And there you have it, everything that you need to know about the Contraceptive Pill! So let’s talk. Let us know your thoughts, feelings, concerns below in the comments!

Something you’d like us to cover on Missy? Get in touch!

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Consent: We Need To Talk About What It Is And Isn’t

Consent Is Sexy

This topic has been all over Twitter, Facebook, the news, the internet, the world: consent. It’s important that we clear up any issues as to what consent is, and what consent isn’t. 

What Is Consent?

Consent is when you verbally, or physically, say ‘yes’ to a sexual act. It’s leaning in for a kiss, it’s leaning your body, it’s agreeing to engage in the act that the other person is embarking on.  

Consent is not freezing when a guy puts his hands on you or leans in for a kiss. It’s not lying there because you don’t know how to say ‘no’ but you really don’t want anything to happen. It’s not going along with it because you kissed him earlier.

If you’re walking past a guy and he slaps your bum, he’s acting without your consent. If he ‘lobs the gob’, he’s acting without your consent. Essentially, anything you don’t want to happen is you not giving consent. In the heat of the moment, there might not be a question asked, but you should be given ample chance to give your consent.

Someone using their position of power, or their strength to coerce you into acts is not consent. Sex and sexual acts should be fun, they can be passionate, strong, gentle, anything goes, so long as both parties want it. If you are drunk, you cannot give consent because you are not fully within your senses. If you are on drugs, legal or illegal, which have an affect on your cognition, you cannot give your consent.

The problem is that we can often freeze, out of fear, or shock, and because we’ve not said yes or no, our silence is taken as an invitation. It isn’t. Our inability to verbalise our consent is therefore an indication of us not giving our consent. Silence is not consent.

The thing you need to remember is that, you are not to blame for anything that happens to you that you do not consent to. If you need more information see here:

To read more by Michelle check out her blog or her past articles on Missy.

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Why You Need To Get To Know Your Boobs

It really is time to think pink this month as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Not only is it important to support the campaign by buying a pink ribbon or some of the products on sale to rise money for charities relating to Breast Cancer, it’s important to think and talk about the subject. Worryingly the current statistic in Ireland is that 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer in the course of their lifetime.

Although statistically you may not be considered at risk of developing Breast Cancer right now sadly there are always exceptions to this. CoppaFeel! is a UK charity that was founded in 2009 by Kristin Hallenga and her twin sister Maren after Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the age of 23. Yep, it can happen that young and also did you know that men actually have the same breast tissue as us girls? So, they are at risk of developing breast cancer to. It’s estimated that 400 men are diagnosed with it every year. So, maybe direct the men in your life here too.

CoppaFeel! state their mission as “to help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer, because if found early it is very treatable and survival rates are higher. That’s why you need to become good chums with your boobs and coppafeel regularly.” And we wholeheartedly agree with this.

Although the most of you reading this will not have to worry about cancer yet it is important that you should be aware of it now. You need to know what’s normal for your body and what’s not. Coppafeel! advocate getting to know your own body and the sooner you do that the better. And don’t just think of yourself, what about those around you? Ask your friends, your mom, your sister, your aunty, your granny are they checking? Are they doing it regularly? Do they know how to properly check? Have they gone for their most recent monogram? Early detection really is the best chance for us all. And talking about it and being aware of our bodies is so important.

For a quick guide on how to properly check yourself have a look here at Coppafeel’s website.  Breast Cancer Ireland also have an app that’s free to download that sends a reminder to your phone once a month to remind you to check as well as a guide on how to properly self examine yourself. There’s also a cool feature on the site that allows you to send an email about the app to 5 women in your life to encourage them to check themselves.

This October we really encourage you to support charities involved in flighting back again this terrible diseases, but also to open up a dialogue about it with those around you. Awareness really is the only way we can fight this..for now.

Image via: Birchbox
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The Importance Of Self Worth

The Importance Of Self Worth

The Importance Of Self WorthIf you feel left out, it can make you feel very down and depressed. You might feel like no one understands you or that there’s something wrong with you because you’re not into the same things that your peers are. That’s okay.

You don’t have to be into all the things your friends or classmates are. You don’t have to go clubbing every weekend, or even like clubbing at all. That’s okay. You don’t have to like everything your friends like. You don’t have to pretend to, either.

All of these things are easier said than done, I know. The thing is, you’re great. You’re intelligent, interesting and beautiful. Some days you might feel the opposite of those things, and you might feel like you’ve nothing to give to other people.

Maybe you feel like an imposter, or like you’re living someone else’s life in a different body, or any variation of the above. You’re not. You’re living your own life, you’ve brought yourself to where you are now, and you are where you deserve to be.

The problem with confidence is that it’s not easy to have, and self-belief can be even more difficult if you feel slightly out of touch with the people around you. The reality is that you’re not alone.

Always Remember

 Everyone has off days.

 Everyone has days when they feel like they’re disconnected.

 Everyone has days when they wish they were different, more successful, more interesting.

 It may take time, but trust me when I say you’ll get there in the end. You can believe yourself worthwhile, if you just work on it, slowly, a few steps at a time. If you slowly start to reaffirm yourself, you’ll soon notice an improvement in your overall feelings of wellbeing. You may start to sleep better, or concentrate for longer periods of time.

Maybe you even take a bit more joy in your appearance, or in your hobbies. The difficulty is that you won’t feel better immediately. It will take time, and it will take effort and it will take perseverance.

You can love yourself, but it will take time. Trust me when I say it is worth the work – it might take years, but it will be worth it in the end.


Do you struggle with self worth?

If you need to talk there is always someone there to listen. We have a list of helplines.

To read more by Michelle check out her blog

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Why You Need To Read Doing It

doing it hannah witton

Have you heard of Hannah Witton? Maybe you have. Or maybe she’s gotten lost down the vortex that is YouTube, but you need to know her right now. Hannah has an amazing YouTube channel that mainly focuses on a range of youth centric issues such as relationships, friends and sex. Earlier this year she brought out a book called Doing It. Can you guess what it’s about yet?

What’s It About?

The blurb describes it as follows…

Sexting. Virginity. Consent. The Big O … Let’s face it, doing it can be tricky. I don’t know anyone (including myself) who has sex all figured out. So I’ve written a book full of honest, hilarious (and sometimes awkward) anecdotes, confessions and revelations. And because none of us have all the answers, I’ve invited some friends and fellow YouTubers to talk about their sexuality, too.

We talk about doing it safely. Doing it joyfully. Doing it when you’re ready. Not doing it. Basically, doing it the way you want, when you want. So. Let’s do this.

Sold? You should be. We at Missy think that this should be required reading. Because it’s one of the things that we worry most about when it comes to our readers. Back in our day, only a few short years ago ,we learned most of our Sex Ed from teen magazines such as KISS, Bliss and Sugar. And sadly they’re no longer on the newsstands. God knows we were not getting any info from schools. And although the internet is fricken’ deadly, there’s a lot of misinformation and down right wrong information out there. And those friends who act like they know it all when it comes to s.e.x…they don’t. Which is why we think you need to read Hannah’s book. She has the answers to all those questions that niggle in your head.

The book explores the ideas around virginity, LGBTQ+, masturbation, healthy relationships, consent, porn, body image, STIs, sex shaming, sexual pleasure, contraception and sexting. Hannah approaches each matter in a positive, informative way. There’s a mix of personal stories from Hannah and her friends,  with some words of wisdom. She provides sound advise written in a straight-forward and non-judgemental way and which really covers a lot of ground and provides genuine, important information. It’s not even the sort of book that you necessarily need to read from cover to cover. You can just leaf through it when you need a bit more information on a topic.

We’re not the only ones who think you need to be more in the know. Snapchat King James Kavanagh started a series a few months ago after being shocked by the amount of sex education questions he was receiving from his teen viewers. “I was shook at the amount of messages I received from young people who hadn’t a clue about STIs and how to avoid catching them – or indeed how you get them” he said. “Chlamydia is not the name of a posh, little girl. When I was in school, sex educaysh was DESPERATE. As it turns, from the messages I got, sex ed is still pretty dire in Ireland. The more we talk, the more safe we can all be”. That’s definitely something that we can agree on, which is why Doing It is such an important read.

Just Read Doing It!

We think you should all take a read of this book. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, we certainly did. It’s funny to read at times, but also insightful and full of information that you need to know. And if you’re thinking to yourself “OMG I’d be far to embarrassed to buy a book about sex” here’s the thing, you probably shouldn’t be Doing It yet. Also, don’t forget to check out Hannah’s YouTube Channel!

Have you read Hannah’s book?

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Ways To Get Fit For Free

Being fit and healthy is so, so important. It’s not just about looking your best, but feeling your best too and having a healthy heart. It can be hard to fit in a fun activity around school, work and everything else. But thanks to the world wide web and the fresh outdoors it can be easy and fun. Here are some fun ways to get fit for free.


There are tons of Youtube videos to get you working up a sweat. We love Blogilates which should be awarded the funnest workout videos on the planet. We love Cassey’s dance videos. If you’re looking for something less intense but still challenging try Ballet Beautiful videos to bring out your inner swan.  And last but not least if you’re looking for something to really up your game The Body Coach as a large selection of videos that are perfect for varying workouts.

Join A Team

A fun and social way to up your fitness is to join a team. You could look at joining a sport in school, college or a local team. Now is the time that local teams start recruiting so keep an eye out on Facebook and local papers. If you can’t find anything why not think about starting your own team? You and a group of friends could get together and start your own Tag Rugby team or even a running group.

Hit The Books

Although this isn’t exactly free to begin with as it involves purchasing a book, Harry Judd from McFly/McBusted fame is releasing a book next month titled Get Fit, Get Happy  which is full of fun workouts that require no equipment or gym membership. If you’re looking for a positive way to improve and some inspiration we really would recommend investing a few euro in it.

Get Outside

And finally the most efficient way to get your fitness levels up, get outside and walk or run. It’s that simple. Go for a long walk either on your own with your headphones or rope in a few friends for a good gossip session. If you’re invested in getting into running try the Couch To 5km Challenge or download the Nike App which tracks your running or walking.

Which one will you try?

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5 Changes To Make Now

5 Changes To Make Now

Yes, it’s devastating that summer is over, but let’s look at the positives. September is just as good, if not better than January for a fresh, new start. Here are 5 changes to make now to be more organised, healthier and happier in your life and in school….

Get Up Earlier

Rolling out of bed at the last possible moment is so last year. Set your alarm that little bit earlier and get up as soon as the alarm goes. No hitting the snooze button! Take the extra time in the morning to do something you enjoy, like reading or catching up on Snapchat. Relax with a cup of tea or try having some hot water with lemon and honey. On that note..

Eat Healthy

Start with a good breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day, your mom was not lying to you. If you’re not a breakfast person we have some great ideas coming up. Continue on the rest of your day by trying to work in some more fruit and vegetables into your meals and snacks. And try set yourself a goal of drinking at least 2-3 litres of water every day.

Find a New Hobby

Take up a new hobby or join a new group. The new school year is the perfect time to make new friends. There should be lots of local teams recruiting at this time of year. Or try a new class such as yoga or Barre which is a mix of ballet and pilates. If sport isn’t your thing look at something to bring out your creative side like sewing or calligraphy with the Nib + Ink book. Or embrace your inner child. We have become obsessed with adult colouring books such as The Enchanted Forest. It’s such a relaxing pastime and works wonders for the mind, trust us!

Get Into A Routine

Now is the time to get into a new routine. Whether it’s a study routine, a daily routine or a workout routine. Make the commitment now and start working towards it. Plan out your day in a diary or a notebook and stick to it. The first few days you might be tempted to let it slide, but stick to it.

Get Organised

Becoming an organised person is #goals. Sort everything out and it will cut down on stress and time-wasting. Clean out your bag and get new folders in the Euro Shop. Get into the habit of packing your bag the night before that way you’re not stressed and you won’t forget something important. The same goes for your room. Get it in order. Even committing to doing 10 minutes tidying everyday will go a long way. Also deal with the mess that is your makeup. Keep your everyday makeup in one easy to reach section and then tidy the rest of your stash away. Her Clutter Boxes are the bees knees!

What changes are you going to try make?