International Women’s Day 2018

Happy International Women’s Day!

We thought long and hard about what to write to celebrate International Women’s Day. We considered chatting about some of the inspiring women in history. Or maybe an article on women in business. Or Irish women who slay all day. But in the end we decided not to go with any of these and there is a reason for it.

For us the essence of International Women’s Day is to celebrate all women. Not just to single out the women who have high-profiles. It’s a day to acknowledge all women, our everyday heroes.

Celebrate the women around you your mom, granny, aunt, cousin, friend, sister, teachers. And you. Remember to celebrate you. We are all awesome in our own ways, big and small.

Take today as your opportunity to look around at the women in your life and your community who shape the world around you. And also take the time to ask about other women’s stories. It’s so easy to forget that our mothers and grandmothers had a life before us. We know. Shocking! Ask them about their lives and their experiences.

Be thankful for the women who came before us and lead the way. And lift up those who are continuing to push for us. Equality is the name of the game for us.

Here’s to us! We are all frickin’ awesome! (even if we sometimes try to convince ourselves that we’re not!)



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