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Celeb Fave Maria Tash Has Arrived In Brown Thomas

Maria Tash earrings

You may have noticed the sudden rush in Irish influencers getting new piercings on showing them off on Instagram; that’s because Maria Tash has launched in Dublin!

Multiple pricings are very popular at the moment and Maria Tash is definitely the one driving that trend.

Before now you had to hop on a plane to NYC, LA or London to indulge in a Maria Tash piercing, but now you juts have to pop into Brown Thomas in Dublin. Fans of Maria Tash include Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Zoella and Fleur de Force.

All of the earrings look super amazing, but they’re also a bit on the spendy side. Piercings at Maria Tash range from €20 to €40, but then the earrings cost anything from €100 for a simple hoop, to over €2,000 for the statement diamond earring. Notice that we are keeping it in the plural. Maria Tash specialise in “curated ears” which means that each earring is sold individually and not as a pair.

Tanya Burr wearing a number of Maria Tash pieces.

So, why the hype over such expensive earrings?

Well, they are incredibly beautiful. And you are paying for the luxury aspect of it, similar to buying a Chanel or Gucci bag. Maria Tash earrings aren’t the same as those on offer in Claire’s Accessories. The diamonds used are real and other precious gemstones are also incorporated into designs, like this Diamond, Opal And Rose Gold earring.

If you follow YouTuber Tanya Burr, you’ve probably noticed her wearing the Maria Tash Spike Earrings. They’re definitely far more affordable than the other earrings in the collection, but one single earring will set you back €170.

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“We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” 💫…. Today I got TASH’d with the amazing @danielguilfoylebodypiercing at @maria_tash in @officialbrownthomas! 🙊💖 The lovely people at @maria_tash invited me in for the experience and I am so happy with my piercing! 😍🙊 I chose to have my Conch pierced (with the advice of the team on the counter – they were all SO professional and helpful) with the stunning 18ct white gold and diamond 3 star garland 💫 🙊💫@danielguilfoylebodypiercing was my piercer and he was literally the dream. 👏🏻Calm, professional and a bucket of encouraging words. 🙌🏽 Highly recommended😊 #mariatash #piercing

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This trend probably isn’t one that will appeal to everyone; a Maria Tash piercing is definitely a treat. But diamond hoops are something that you will always have and they never got out of style. Tragus piercings are really popular and this 18-karat Gold Diamond Earring looks super pretty. At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves, anyway!

Here are some of the earrings from Maria Tash that caught our eye and give you flavour of whats on offer..



Maria Tash Brown Thomas is now open permanently on Level 2 of the Dublin store.

If Maria Tash is out of your budget, we pulled together some earrings that look very similar. Sadly, they don’t have real diamonds – but a girl can dream!


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