Meet Missy’s First Cover Star…Aileen Gallagher

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You might have heard our big news; we now have a digital magazine!

We spent months working on the magazine, but the hardest part was picking our very first cover star. We went back and forth on trying to pick the perfect person, but as soon as a member of Team Missy mentioned Aileen Gallagher, we knew she would be the perfect fit.

I’ve followed Aileen on Instagram for over a year now and she’s just such a joy to watch. She is full of positivity and has a great eye for styling. I thought she would be the perfect person to be on our very first cover.

Aileen styled the shoot herself using her own clothes and her sister, Dearbhla, was behind the camera. We are OBSESSED with what the girls came up with. We had such a hard time choosing the cover.

We also caught up with Aileen to chat about school, fashion and finding your own path….

Tell us a bit about your own school experience.

I loved school and learning and I really enjoyed being in the classroom and even doing homework! I genuinely enjoyed every subject but I did put a lot of pressure on myself during my last two years. I think most people in school feel a lot of pressure coming up to the Leaving cert! I really wanted to do well and I really wanted to get the points I needed for college so I was stressed and very anxious. I was spending way longer than I should have doing homework and I was studying until late at night so I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I started having panic attacks in school almost every day! Sixth year was definitely the hardest year for me in school but even though it was difficult I still enjoyed school, and I wouldn’t change a thing!  

What advice would you give to your teen self about school?

Put yourself first! School is important but we are so much more important and we need to look after ourselves, especially during times of stress, anxiety and exam pressures. It is important to try your best but don’t be too hard on yourself. When I was in school it felt like the Leaving Cert was the most important thing in the world but looking back now I see it’s only a small part of your whole life.

Any positivity tips for back to school?

SELF CARE 100%. Getting enough sleep, eating well and putting time aside to do things you enjoy will always have such a positive effect on how you feel. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself is also so important. Your circle has such an impact on your mindset so make sure you spend time with positive, uplifting and supportive friends.

Tell us a bit about your path after school…

So like most people I went off to college. I was so lucky to get the points needed for my first choice and I was so excited (and extremely nervous!) to move to and start college in Galway. I loved my course but because I was still struggling with anxiety and panic attacks I found it hard to go to my classes. I actually ended up dropping out at the end of second year because I realised college just wasn’t suited to me. I started working full time in Penneys in Galway (best job ever!) and after about a year, I moved home to Donegal, did a course to become a nail technician and I’ve been doing that for two years. Everyone always asks me do I regret leaving college and honestly, I have never regretted it. College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. I never would’ve thought my life would be the way it is now when I was leaving school but I couldn’t be happier.

Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes?

Nasty Gal is always my go-to – their clothes just suit my style so much. I also love H&M and Penneys, obviously.

To read more about Aileen’s school experience, how she started her own business and why she’s so passionate about astrology and journaling get your copy of Missy’s new Digital Magazine, on sale now.

Check Out Aileen's BTS Vlog

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