The Missy Edit: Multiple Ear Piercings

Your mothers are probably going to kill us for this one, but we are loving multiple ear piercings!

Statement earrings are out. This year it’s all about mixing multiple earrings to achieve a simple, but striking effect.


We’ve noticed a number of celebrities and bloggers sporting pieces from Maria Tash, but be warned, they’re majorly on the pricey side. Maria Tash has definitely influenced our love.


“Ear curation is not a trend,” Tash says. “It’s always been popular. What changed is that the jewelry is smaller and prettier, it’s custom-fit to your ear, and you can wear it continuously.”


And although we are smitten with certain pieces, (sorry, but these look unreal!) it is possible to get some similar MT looks for less *cough* .

Go small

The key to this trend to mix and match various small earrings to create an over-all look. Think small hoops and dainty studs. The great thing is there are no rules and you can continuously mix it up. Gold is still big news. As is Rose Gold. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and colours.



Although there are lots of great and far cheaper alternatives to Mari Tash, who uses actual diamonds in her pieces, do look at investing in some good quality pieces. Yes, Penneys can be the biz, but their jewellery isn’t exactly made for long-term wear. Look for pieces that are plated Sterling Silver. These will not only last longer, but they shouldn’t irritate your ears either.


Piercing Advise

The great thing about ear piercings is that you can remove them anytime and if you get sick of them they should close up with little to no scaring.

If you’re looking to get a new piercing we advise asking around to see where the best place is in your local area. F.Y.I, it’s best to be pierced with a needle instead of a piercing gun used in some jewellery stories. Make sure the place is clean and that it makes you feel comfortable. Be especially careful when getting cartilage piercings as they do take longer to heal and can become infected a lot more easily than lobe piercings. Best to leave it to the professionals with lots of experience. And follow after-care instructions!



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