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The Missy Edit: Spring/Summer Coats

The Missy Edit: Spring/Summer Coats

Controversial opinion: Spring/Summer is the worst in Ireland!

Yes, the rest of the world might be getting ready for summer heat-waves, but in Ireland we are never too far away from the threat of rain. This proves to be a disaster when it comes to coats. What are you supposed to do? Bring a coat, and then be roasting and forced to take it off and carry it around? Disaster. Or leave your coat at home and face the wrath of the cold/rain or worse, your mother?

Missy has pulled together some coat options for spring ,and let’s be honest summer, because we can never fully put our outerwear away in Ireland.

Before we show you out top Spring/Summer coats, can we just take a moment to appreciate this Rain Jacket With Bumbag from Asos? Yes, we did say Bumbag! Yes, the ugly but practical coat that we were all forced into as children on holidays have returned, but we are loving this pink version. How could your mother object?!

Top Tip: You’re not going to get a huge amount of wear out of  Spring/Summer coats. We advise forgetting about mad trends (we’re looking at you, Crystal Denim Jacket!) and invest in a classic item, like a Mac or a denim jacket that you can take out every year when it comes to awkward transitional wear.

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Spring/Summer Coats

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