The Riverdale Recap: Season 4, Episode 1

The Riverdale Recap
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Riverdale is back! Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1 landed on Netflix early this morning and of course watching it was a priority. Check out our first recap.

We knew the episode was going to be emotional and boy was it! My panda eyes can vouch for the whirlwind of emotions. Why so emotional? The episode was dedicated to Luke Perry (Fred Andrews) who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Before we get into the emotion of it all, let’s iron out some of the smaller details.

*This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 4, Episode 1*

Cheryl Escapes Reality
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As we’ve said before, Riverdale and all of its strangeness is something we’ve embraced. However, one of the opening scenes of this episode really took the biscuit. We see Cheryl walking with purpose donned in white, carrying a newspaper. She’s looking a bit glam for an early morning paper read but that’s not the strange part. Next we see her (dead) brother Jason propped in a wheelchair. Cheryl asks what gossip Riverdale might have today as she unfolds the newspaper, insinuating this is somewhat of a routine. The drama with The Farm may have cooled down, but if this is anything to go by we haven’t heard the last of it.

The Gang Is Back Together

Riverdale Season 4 episode 1
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Technically we knew that Archie and Veronica had reunited in Season 3, but we’ve skipped a few months to summer so anything could’ve happened. Jughead and Betty are also still together too, we didn’t know if their recent IRL relationship drama would affect this storyline.

It Gets Very Emotional
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The episode focuses on the tragic death of Fred Andrews for a majority of the 42 minutes and 28 seconds. If you’re an avid watcher of Riverdale you know this isn’t usual as normally there’s about 3 or 4 storylines going on in one episode! Action packed? Yes. Head-ache inducing? Often. To have an episode focusing one on thing was refreshing, but also very sad.

Having been hit by a car whilst helping someone to change their tyre, we’re informed of Fred Andrews death early in the episode. We follow Archie as he tries to come to terms with the death of his father.

After having a dream in which he’s told he was expected to bring his dad home, Archie and the gang head to the nearby town of Cherry Creek. Reggie proves particularly helpful, showing up with a hearse.

Whilst in Cherry Creek, Archie learns the name of the person responsible for his father’s death. In true Archie fashion, he’s blinded by anger and heads to confront them. It’s in a heated confrontation that we learn the man who confessed is not to blame. He’s covering for his teenage son who took the car without permission. Archie recognises himself and his dad in this situation and walks away (thankfully, we don’t need Archie in prison again).

Cheryl’s Lovely Gesture

Riverdale Season 4
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We know that Cheryl has been planning something for Archie’s family, but when we find out what it is the tears truly kicked in. As Archie approaches Riverdale after collecting his Dads body he’s met by FP Jones, who offers to give a police escort as it is what Fred deserves.

As Archie and Veronica, Jughead and Betty follow the police car, they come across crowds lining the street waving American flags and banners that read “Welcome home Fred.”

The next scene has us witness an emotional goodbye to Fred. You can tell that the actors’ were saying goodbye to their friend Luke, as well as their characters mourning Fred.

The episode ends with a fireworks display as a homage to Fred, and Archie reminiscing over the race car in his garage.

What did you think of Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1?

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