The Riverdale Recap: Season 4, Episode 2

The Riverdale Recap

Welcome back to the Weekly Riverdale Recap!

Episode 2 of Riverdale landed on Netflix yesterday, and in true Riverdale fashion the drama was aplenty!

Let’s take a look at what happened in episode 2 of Riverdale.

** This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2 **

Summer Is Over

Summer has drawn to a close, and Archie and the gang are back to school. There’s a new principle at Riverdale High and he and Cheryl have already clashed. We can’t wait to see what more Cheryl has in store for Mr. Honey, we suspect leaving a bees nest on his desk was only the beginning…

Jughead moved School

Riverdale Recap

Jughead is scouted by an English literature teacher from Stonewall Prep, a local boarding school. After some hesitation on whether or not to make the move, Betty insists Jughead take the opportunity. We later learn that Jughead’s grandpa, Forsyth the first, also attended school there. There’s something fishy about Jughead’s new school, and we can’t wait to find out what it is…

Betty Got Her Nancy Drew On…

Betty goes full detective when she sets Kevin up to leak information to Fangs, who is still in the clutches of The Farm. Charles and Betty hope to use Kevin to get to Edgar, and whilst their plan works out it is possible Betty has landed her Mom in danger by revealing too much. To be honest , this storyline is a bit confusing but we sense big drama ahead!

Veronica Took Back Control

Veronica has found herself in the middle of her parents war. When Hiram leaks a story about her being the true crime queen of Riverdale, Veronica decides enough is enough. Holding a press conference (which started with a very random sing song), Veronica admits she did commit said crimes, but only because her father was threatening her. In a final power move, Veronica decides to change her name from Lodge to her mother’s maiden name, Gomez.

Reggie Stood Up For Himself

During football practice Reggie loses the ball to Mad Dog and Reggie’s dad (who should really be in work but is at a high school football practice) is not one bit happy with what he sees. Reggie later reveals a black eye. Veronica informs Archie that she has a suspicion Reggie’s dad hits him. At the next football practice Archie decides to confront Reggie’s dad, which really doesn’t help the situation. Later in the episode Archie accompanies Reggie as he takes a baseball bad to his dad’s fancy car. Whilst it’s not recommended that you take your anger issues out with the destruction of private property, the action helps Reggie and his dad to have a conversation about the abuse.

What did you think of Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2?

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