The Riverdale Recap: Season 4, Episode 4

Riverdale episode 4
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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 4 dropped earlier this morning. The episode is features many a spooky occurrence, as it is Halloween after all…

*This post contains spoilers*

It’s Halloween!

Riverdale episode 4, season 4
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As we’ve said, it’s Halloween in episode 4 of Riverdale. And in true Riverdale fashion, things get even weirder around this holiday. There are a few old school Halloween movie references, most notably Scream. Betty and Jellybean find themselves home alone so when the phone rings we know something spooky is going to happen. On answering the phone, Betty hears heavy breathing. After a few phone calls (and hangups), a voice informs her that it is her father calling. With the help of Charles, and his nifty FBI tracking tools, we find out that the call is coming from the centre where Polly is staying. Infuriated, Betty calls the centre and speaks to Betty, informing her she is no longer considering her a sister. All very dramatic! We have a feeling this storyline will come up again throughout Season 4. Is the Blackhood, aka Betty’s dad, really dead? *cue scary music*

Jughead Gets Drugged & Buried Alive!


We know now that Jughead’s grandfather also attended Stonewall Prep. When Jughead tries to uncover the mysterious reasons behind Forsyth the Firsts disappearance he comes across the “Stonewall Four.” We’re not really told much about this group, as Jughead is drugged, told to stay away from the Stonewall Four by some four of his classmates, and consequently buried alive(?!). By the end of the episode, we see that Jughead has in fact been locked in some sort of wooden box in an empty classroom as part of some Stonewall Prep initiation ceremony. However, Jughead thinks this “initiation” was merely an excuse for the aforementioned four classmates to get rid of Moose as all traces of him seem to be gone from their shared dorm room.

There’s A Murderer On The Loose

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Veronica is just about to close the Diner when a man appears asking if he could have dinner. He’s a trucker who’s been on the road a long time, en route to see his family for Halloween. Ronnie, being the kind gal that she is, offers to make him a burger. On finishing the burger, Ronnie asks the man (who is giving off very creepy vibes we might add) if he would like some pie. On fetching the pie from the kitchen, Ronnie sees a news bulletin informing the public of an escaped murderer, known as “the family man”, who kills his victims after forcing them to make him dinner. Ronnie clocks that this is the man sitting in the diner, and runs to escape through the speakeasy located under the diner. The family man pursues Ronnie, however she manages to douse him in alcohol and set him alight. She then whacks him with a chair just to be on the safe side!

Archie Is A Real Life Superhero, At Least He Thinks He Is…

Riverdale episode 4
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Archie decides to keep the gym open on Halloween night so that the kids of Riverdale can stay safe from Dodger and his band of villains. Things kind of backfire when Dodger shows up at the gym hoping to crash the Halloween party and nab a kid to do some of his dirty work for him. Archie and Munro (Maddog), manage to kick Dodger out but he and his gang decide to hang around outside. Dodger reminds Archie that yes, he can kick him out of private property, but the streets are fair game. He reinforces his message by brandishing a gun. Archie rushes inside to ring the police, but by the time F.P shows up, shots have been fired and Eddie (the kid from before) has been shot. Eddie will survive his wound, but he is too afraid of Dodger to defy him again. The next day, Archie vows to Veronica that he is going to clean up the streets of Riverdale, emphasising his superhero prowess by declaring he’ll “need a mask.” We say give the mask to Veronica and let her be the hero, she did take on a wanted serial killer after all!

The Blossom Twins Are Definitely Triplets…

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Toni convinces Cheryl that it’s time to bury Jason. However, strange things begin to happen once Jason is buried. Most notably, a doll (classic Halloween movie trope) begins to show up around the house. Cheryl suggests they hold a séance to find out what is going on, and who might have taken up residence in said doll. Sitting down at a ouija board with Nana Rose, the letter J is highlighted. Cheryl’s immediate thought is Jason. However, Nana Rose informs us Cheryl and Jason were triplets. That was until Cheryl absorbed the third baby (Julian) in the womb. We mentioned this last week, but episode four of Riverdale confirmed our suspicions.

Cheryl digs Jasons body up, switching it for the doll that they assume to be Julian. The next day, Toni finds the doll back in the house. All very spooky! We’re curious to see where this storyline goes!

There’s Something Suspicious About Charles…

We get the feeling that Charles is hiding something…

After suggesting to Betty that she join a young FBI Agent programme, we later see Charles tapping into her phone calls with Jughead. We have a feeling he’s setting a trap for Betty, we just don’t know why. Chances of him being who he says he is are looking quite slim to us right now…

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