The Riverdale Recap: Season 4, Episode 5

Riverdale season 4, episode 5
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Riverdale season 4, episode 5 aired this morning. 5 weeks in and things finally seem to be taking shape. Check out what happened below..

* This post contains spoilers…*

Archie Is Getting his Superhero On


Archie is running around town in a mask, preventing crime. Chasing Dodger’s minions from crime scenes, whilst wearing a mask and speaking in a very strange deep voice…

His gym is under public scrutiny from locals, who are unhappy about the presence of another gang in the area. FP suggests that he hold an open evening, inviting locals to observe the good the gym is doing.

Jughead’s Favourite Author Comes To Town

Riverdale season 4, episode 5
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And he knew Jughead’s grandfather…

Turns out Jughead’s flare for writing comes from his Grandfather. However, when Jughead discusses this with FP, he is reminded of his Grandfather’s violent nature.

Jughead attends a murder mystery party at his school, where he is told he by author that he should apply for the ghostwriter position for some of his favourite books.

On doing some research, Jughead finds out that it was his grandfather who gifted him his favourite books every birthday. He finds a hidden message in one of the books from Forsyth the first, all very cryptic…

Jughead decides to embrace his Forsyth-ness, and lets Mr Chipping know that he can refer to him as Forsyth the 3rd from now on. He’s also entering the writing competition which involves plotting the perfect murder.

It’s Veronica’s Parents’ Trials

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Of course, Hiram is up to his old tricks, and tries to further incriminate Hermione. Veronica then turns to blackmailing Governor Dooley, again…

Despite Ronnie’s efforts, her mom pleads guilty in court.

Veronica meets a stranger, who tells her she’s a private investigator who has been recording Veronica’s nefarious conversations in attempt to frame Hiram. Not only is this mystery woman a PI, she’s Hiram’s other daughter, Ramosa.

You would think Hiram would pack up and leave Riverdale with his daughter, but nope, he announces his intention to run for Mayor…

Betty Thinks She’s A Serial Killer

Riverdale episode 5
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Betty was diagnosed previously with MAOA and CDH13, or the “serial killer” genes. But when she attends Charles’ detective class, it turns out she can spot serial killers in a line up. As if she has some sixth sense for gene recognition… Betty then starts to realise she’s repressed some things from her childhood. Mainly the killing of her cat, which was an action her father forced her into.

Also turns out Charles had it too. But Betty and him don’t share a Dad… which means she must have inherited it from her Mom? Yet her dad is The Blackhood… Betty suspects something is off with this confession from Charles and decides to follow him. I mean, we’re 5 episodes into this season and she’s only now realising that this random guy might not be who he claims to be?

There’s an arrest…

The episode ended with with a jump into the future. FP barges into the school and arrests Betty, Veronica and Archie for Jughead’s murder. We can’t help but think that this has something to do with Jughead’s perfect murder plot…

What did you think of Riverdale Season 4, Episode 5? Missed last weeks episode? You can find the recap here.

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