The Yummiest Food Accounts To Follow On Instagram

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Instagram is a fab place to keep up to date with celebrities, memes and fashion. However, one of the best parts of Instagram, in our opinion, is its food accounts. From healthy recipes to yummy treats, here are our best picks of the yummiest Instagram accounts.

This account, with over 2 million followers, is definitely one of the most popular food accounts on Instagram.

It promotes healthy eating that is still nutritious and yummy, and includes simple recipes such as sweet potato brownies and health blueberry banana smoothie. They also put up food plans and portion sizes, as well as facts on food including how warm water is better than iced water for your digestion, the levels of mercury in certain types of fish and how to tell when an avocado has reached peak ripeness.

A great account for anyone trying to live their best life food-wise.

Averaging a post a day, this account will keep you hungry 24/7. Showcasing the very yummiest treats in New York City, from videos to photos, the accounts holds images of nearly everything sweet thing you can think of.

From chocolate cheesecake to churros to brownies, this account will give you some serious food envy. We’re getting hungry just looking at the account!

Started by Ella Mills when she was a student, Deliciously Ella is now a food company ranging from cookbook to ready-made dinners and snacks. Her Instagram account is a mixture of sweet family life and yummy recipe ideas she’s currently working on.

The account shows that vegan doesn’t have to mean boring and bland, and her recipes include tahini and peanut butter caramel slices, avocado and almond pasta, and turmeric noodles. Definitely a yum in our books.

Matt Adlard is an English baker who has achieved over half a million followers on Instagram. He posts videos of his baking inventions, which range from edible bowling pins and ball to chocolate corn-on-the-cob to amazingly intricate sweet pie designs.

After looking at his Instagram account, it’s clear why some consider baking an art-form.

The Happy Pear was stated by David and Stephen Flynn, twins from Ireland, and has grown hugely into a multi-platform company.

From YouTubers to book authors to café owners, the two men have also expanded their business to include Instagram too. The two gained fame for their simple, healthy, and most importantly, yummy meals, ranging from sweet to savoury and everything in between.

Their Instagram has posts of yummy dishes, as well as the ingredients and recipe below. Healthy and yummy – what’s not to love?

Not since Mrs. Hinch have we been so obsessed with every single post on an Instagram page.

This page is full of amazing and super tasty recipes, not to mention genius ideas – you HAVE to see this recipe for cheeseburger springrolls! And most of the ingredients used are found in Aldi, Tesco and other Irish stores.

They have also recently announced that they are releasing cook book, which we definitely need in our lives!

Which food accounts do you like to follow on Instagram?

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