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A Modern Take On 90s Fashion Trends

It was kind of an alarming realisation for Team Missy that most of you reading this are 00’s babies, officially making us nineties babies old relics. But lucky for us the 90’s are SO in right now. Thanks in no small part to the incredible Derry Girls the nineties are taking over fashion again. Thankfully it isn’t as much of an assault on the eyes as the first time around.

Here’s how you can work some 90s fashion into your wardrobe without looking like you’ve been caught in a time-warp.

A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via @sydneymaycrouch

Hair Clips and Scrunchies

Take it from us; you were doing 90s fashion wrong if you didn’t have a million hair slides or butterfly clips. We’ve already told you why we are obsessed with the hair slide trend but we are also here for scrunchies! As demonstrated in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before a scunchie is VERY important! Penneys, Claires and Topshop have lots of great options. The rule with scrunchies is the bolder looking the better and go super high with your ponytail!


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via @bourksandbees

Mom Jeans

The first signs that 90s fashion was on the way back was reappearance of the Mom Jeans a few years ago. Although we are ride or die for black skinny jeans it is nice to be comfy without wearing a tracksuit. Also, can we just write and ode to high-waisted everything?! Sometimes cuts can be a bit weird on Mom Jeans, so shop around and try them on until you find the perfect fit. We love these ones from Topshop or the original Levi’s, which are available in Kildare Village BTW!

A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Platform Trainers

I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want(ed) in the 90s, Platform Runners like Baby Spice! With the Spice Girls set to play Dublin next month it might just be time for me to make my 6-year-old dreams come true and invest in these. Well, maybe not the ones that Baby Spice is wearing in the above picture – they are insane! Also spot a 13-year-old Prince Harry! The return of the platform trainers have divided a lot of people.

A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends


The ultimate 90s fashion piece was the choker! New Look are selling the “authentic” ones that ruled the 90’s, but we love Missoma’s offerings, which are much more wearable and so pretty.


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Slip Dress

Yes, it looks a lot like a nightdress, but a slip dress can look amazing. We are obsessed with this one from Nasty Gal and it’s currently reduced to €24! If it feels a bit too out there for you wear it over a plain white t-shirt for the ultimate 90s fashion look.


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via @sydneymaycrouch


You knew you were going on holidays when the bumbag came out! We are glad that we left the original bumbags back in the 90’s, but we are loving the modern take on them because they have reminded us just how handy they are. Even though we’re pretty sure our allowance wont allow us a Gucci bumbag we LOVE this designer-like offering from PrettyLittleThing.


A Modern Take On 90's Fashion Trends

Image via EmilyCanham

Flannel Shirts

British YouTuber Emily Canham managed to tick off lots of 90’s fashion trends in this one look with Dr. Marten boots, mom jeans and a flannel shirt! We love the idea of using flannel shirt for the awkward in-between weather when it’s too warm for a coat but too cold to go without.


Which 90s fashion trend would you wear?


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