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6th Year Guide: What I Wish I Knew Going Into 6th Year

6th year students

Sixth year is a lot more than just the Leaving Cert. It is your last ever year of school, your last year with the same group of people you’ve spent six years with and it is essentially your last year being considered a child. Yikes!

Here’s our guide to 6th year, so that you can make the most of it and try keep the stress levels down.

1.It’s not all stress. 

Although a big part of sixth year is studying it’s not all a ball of stress. You have pre-debs, debs and your graduation. It is also likely the year that you will turn 18 so you can actually go out. So, remember to enjoy your time in sixth year. 

2. The mocks will be more difficult than the actual exams. 

The mocks are designed to give you a little bit of a shock and, also keep in mind that it is your first time doing any exam like that. So, don’t stress with the results of the mocks, most if not all people get higher points in their actual leaving than in their mocks. 

3. The sixth-year stone is a real thing. 

It isn’t a myth. Unfortunately spending all your time sitting a learning, along with the occasional stress eating the weight can sometimes sneak in. Also, grandparents tend to lend a hand by buying you study food. I’d recommend to make sure to keep your physical health in check as you study not only for the sake of your body but for the sake of your mental health too. 

4. Do not leave studying to the last minute. 

There is a lot more material than you would think on the Leaving Cert and ignoring studying, even though it is a very easy thing to do will only end in unnecessary stress. Do even a small bit every day from the beginning of the year it’ll pay off in the long term.  

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5. The best way to study is doing past papers. 

Making notes is good too but practicing the past papers is the best way to get used to how to tests are structured. You can also ask your teachers to correct them.

Is there anything you think we should add to our 6th year guide?

Alannah Murray
Alannah Murray

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