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10 Basics Everyone Needs In The Wardrobe

10 Basics Everyone Needs In The Wardrobe

Alannah Murray

New year, new wardrobe. January is the time for spring cleaning, get rid of all those clothes that you promised yourself you’d wear but never did, like the ugly jumper you got that one Christmas and finally abandon the impulse bought clothes you probably got during quarantine boredom.

But whether you are redoing your entire wardrobe, or you just feel like you got clothes but no outfits in there, here are 10 basic pieces everyone needs in the wardrobe to make it complete.

Statement jeans

Nothing is better than those jeans that fit perfectly, you can wear to work, to school and on a night out. These statement jeans can be dressed up or dressed down and have no limits in the outfits they can be a part of. Statement jeans are those wide-legged-cool-girl-feel jeans that will be the perfect thing to start any outfit.

The classic ‘LBD’

Your ‘little black dress’, is essential in getting through life. It suits everything from family gatherings to nights out (when we can have them again). The LBD is something that you can just rely on, its comfy, its pretty, it never fails. It can be any type of dress, whether halter, sweetheart, long or short a little black dress will help you go through life sane, as whenever you have any event to go to and need that last minute dress, you know you always have you little black dress to rely on.

The plain white tee

Never undervalue the power of the plain white t-shirt. A vastly underestimated piece but one of those essentials in an everyday outfit. Can be worn over turtle neck, under corsets, with jeans, with shorts, with skirts and best of all, if you have a particularly captivating pattern on a coat or on your trousers you can keep it casual with the plain white t-shirt, so that the attention doesn’t get drawn away from the real statement.

Black boots

Again, a bit of a plain one, but you always forget that everyone needs a pair of plain black boots. They can be used in any season, with a dress in the summer, or with jeans in the winter. They can really be statement of an outfit and can bring the whole thing together, not to mention they can also be the easiest item of clothing you own, as you never have to think about what will match with them, everything will.

The ‘big’ hoodie

Hoodie’s are godsends, as they suit any day, any mood, anything. They can be your comfort clothing and can be dressed up and worn out, especially now that we have all these walks to go on. They can just be what you need to lie in bed but still feel like you made some effort to get dressed. Worn with a flannel over them it is always a good combo and in Lockdown they are particularly useful.

The leather jacket

Again, can seem plain, simply boring but the leather jacket is so versatile. Can keep you warm in winter, but also can be casually worn during the summer as its not a full coat but still does the job. It also adds that extra ‘umphh’ to an outfit, that extra bit of ‘don’t mess with me’. The leather jacket is really the best essential to complete any wardrobe.

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The white statement blouse

This one, the white statement blouse, is the one that really screams you, depending on which way you decide to wear it. Over a dress, with plain jeans, or whatever you’d like. The white blouse can do anything and goes with everything. What’s better is that any lip colour always pops with the white shirt and if you feel like being a little bold, nothing like a black bra under a white shirt says bold.

The black blazer

A black blazer will never get you down, whether you need to go to an interview and be serious, or go out and look pretty af, the black blazer has got you covered. Its again an underestimated piece and not something that everyone goes for but having it in your wardrobe is a handy thing to have.


Especially in quarantine, we have all realised the good graces of a plain tracksuit, but in many wardrobes it’s needed. The tracksuit, it’s just comfy, what else is there to say. It’ll always be there waiting for you when you get home from a long day of wearing socially expectably clothes.

Turtlenecks in all colours

Turtlenecks have always been the best thing and in more recent times are being rediscovered for their incredible powers. They look good under everything, keep you warm and can fit just about any aesthetic under the sun.

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