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5 Things To Know About Your Parents

Let’s be honest; you can be the best of friends with your parents and the worst of enemies all in the space of like, 10 minutes.

Sometimes it can be very hard to see where your parents are coming from.Here’s 5 things to know about your parents to try demystify them..

They Had A Life Before You

Yep, before ruining your life was their sole goal in life, your parental unit had a whole other life going on before you and your siblings made an appearance. They had relationships, worries, ups and downs, and friends. Ask them about their life. And although we doubt that they used to be a part of the South Side Serpents, there’s probably a lot that you can learn about them and from their own experiences. Ask them what music they used to listen to, or what the fashion was like when they were a teen for some guaranteed lols.

They Don’t Tell You Everything

As much as it might drive you insane, your parents don’t tell you everything and it’s not because they don’t trust you, it’s because they probably want to keep any adult stress and tribulations out of your life.  But the reality is, they have things going on too. Although we’re sure that they’re not planning to take over your city like Hiram Lodge in Riverdale, cut them some slack if you sense that they’re a bit stressed. There’s usually a reason to everything. And although you don’t necessarily have to take on their burdens, look at small ways that you can help them out.

They’re Not Always Right

Shocker, we know. But sometimes parents do get it wrong. Try not to gloat for too long or leverage it to push boundaries. We all make mistakes. The older you get the more you realise that you really do just have to wing it when it comes to life. Adulting is hard. okay!

They’re Constantly Worried About You

We’ve all had the “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” “Who are with?” “What time will you be home at?” texts. It’s not because your parents want to ruin your fun, they’re genuinely worried about you. You are their world and they worry about the constantly, in big ways and small way. So, be open and honest with them to reassure their fears and try to see where their coming from every once in a while.

They Love You

Even if you mange to F-up to epic proportions and your parents are so disappointed in your actions, always know that they do love you more than life itself. There’s nothing that you can say or do that’s going to alter that, ever. Sometimes our mind might try trick us in to believing otherwise or we might have earned some justifiable ire, but they love you unconditionally. So, tell them when you need them even if it feels like the most impossible thing in the whole world.

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Climate Change: What You Need To Know And What You Can Do

To everyone else besides Donald Trump it seems abundantly clear that our planet is getting hotter and that some people *cough cough* politicians, are not doing anything to tackle it. It seems that the need for change has been left up to the younger generations of the world.

Two years ago, a 16-year-old Swedish school girl called Greta Thurnberg skipped classes each Friday to sit outside the Swedish parliament, by herself, advocating for climate change action. On Friday the 15th of march 2019 Greta was joined by more than 4 million students all around the world marching and demanding change with her. We are running out of time to make change, so the time is now. 

What you need to know about climate change. 

  1. Our actions will become irreversible in the next 11 years. 

If you are reading this chances are that climate change will not impact you too heavily in your lifetime, but in the lifetime of your children or grandchildren it will. Since the time of the industrial revolution climate change has been getting progressivily worse and we are now nearing the time that nothing can be done about it anymore. Humans have just over 11 years to rectify our wrongs. 

  1. People who still deny it are fooling themselves. 

There is an overwhelming amount of proof that climate change is real and happening. Our sea levels have risen at an astonishing rate since the ice caps have begun to melt. Countries have reached record high temperatures in the past year and we have lost over half animal species from deforestation and other harmful toxins. There is no more room for being sceptical bout the sources of proof when they are right in front of your eyes. Ignorance is not bliss in this case. 

  1. We will be the first generation to save our planet. 

Not trying to toot our own horn here but we are just the beginning of a wave of generation who will follow in our footsteps to save the planet. 

What you can do for climate change. 

Im sure you’ve heard the speech already. Turn off the lights don’t use too much water recycle. But there is much more you can do. 

  1. Cut down on red meat. 

I know it is a foolish concept to think that everyone is going to give up Christmas dinner at the click of fingers, but the meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to the rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere and by cutting down on red meat, such as steak and mince you could make a hell of difference. Did you know that if we killed humans at the same rate that we kill animals we would all be gone in 17 DAYS? All 7.7 billion of us. 

  1. Buy a reusable-products. 

Did you know one reusable water bottle (3 euro in Penney’s btw) can make up for 167 normal plastic bottles? Did you know one reusable coffee cup can make for 500 normal coffee cups? Reusable products are available everywhere and for just about everything and in the long run they will actually save you money. 

  1. Stay far away from single use plastics. 

Single use plastic are the equivalent of King Joffrey in Game of Thrones. They are the Voldemort of the Wizarding World and you should not use them. Practically useless and take years to decompose they are no good and will not be coming into th future with use. Things like plastic straws, plastic bags, cling film and plastic cups. Stay clear. 

  1. Do your best to avoid palm oil. 

This scandal being covered and hushed by the big companies that make money of chopping down the trees of the amazon at an alarming rate and extracting the palm oil for use in everyday food products that could be easily replaced by a more eco-friendly product. Not only does this kill our natural source of air by cutting down trees but it also murders numerous indigenous animals in the amazons. We have already lost half population of the orangutans. 

  1. Do the basic. 

The speech you are given still has some meaning. Turn off the lights, switch off the tap, walk or cycle instead of driving, use both sides of the paper. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. Simple easy things can make the biggest difference. 

Remember that we can fix climate change but we need to do it NOW. Don’t be scared. Spread the word. 

Read More: Why Our Climate Needs Saving

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We Need To End Period Poverty In Ireland

Period Poverty In Ireland

When you’re a girl, periods become just another part of life. Almost like breathing. They come, you buy sanitary products, you deal with it for the 5 days or so, and then it’s over. Repeated 12 more times in the year. An estimated 450 times in a lifetime.

For some girls and women, a part of that third sentence is a BIG deal. Buying sanitary products is easy for most of us. For others, it’s just not a possibility.

Plan Ireland published a survey titled We Need to Talk. Period. This survey revealed that 50% of Irish girls have experienced problems around affordability of sanitary products. With 61% of girls admitting to missing school because of their period. Are you shocked? Because we were.

Period Poverty In Ireland

The Figures

Sanitary products cost an average of €4.50, and one box does not contain enough tampons or pads to last the average period length. So you have to buy at least 2 packs. We’re already at €9.00. As pointed out by the Irish Times article, pain relief will also more than likely be needed at a cost of around €4.20. That’s a cost of about €13.20 per month. So every year, your period costs about €158.40. *jaw drops.*

In Ireland, sanitary products are zero-rate VAT. Other European countries charge women up to the standard rate of VAT (27%). “Luxury” items like jewellery, beer and wine are charged VAT at this rate. I don’t know about you but the last time I checked, there was nothing luxurious about having your period…

Period Poverty

The unaffordability of sanitary products is labelled ‘period poverty.’ Period poverty effects women and girls who struggle to afford, or have to go without sanitary products during their period. 45% of women in Scotland have had to manage their period by using makeshift sanitary products out of socks, newspaper, and toilet paper. This statistic is more than likely true of most EU countries. This is a mark of period poverty. This has to stop.

We Need To End Period Poverty.

What Is Being Done?

Charities and initiatives have been set up by women and girls to help break the stigma surrounding periods and end period poverty worldwide. In the UK Molly and Nell started Preventing Period Poverty inspired by an A Level class on pressure groups. Molly and the Preventing Period Poverty team were outraged by the 5% luxury item tax remarking, “To give some perspective, Viagra is not taxed since it is ‘a necessity.'” One way for the boys and another for the girls it would seem…

We Need To End Period Poverty.

In Ireland, Homeless Period Ireland helps tackle period poverty in Ireland. They say the purpose of HPI “is to donate feminine hygiene products (pads, tampons, liners, wipes) to those who otherwise would go without. The donations are brought by volunteer drivers to Homeless Outreach Centres, Direct Provision Centres and Women’s Refuges. The HPI is an initiative, not a charity and is 100% reliant on volunteers for distribution and collection of sanitary products.”

On March 13th, an all party motion calling on the Government to provide free sanitary products to women won support in the Dáil. The movement calls for the provision of free sanitary products to be made available in public buildings, schools and universities included! The motion also called for Ireland to work with EU member states to abolish the VAT rates faced by women. So, there does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

What Can I Do?


If you are in a position to do so, Homeless Period Ireland is always in need of donations of tampons and pads and they have drop off centres around Ireland including: Tropical Popical, Waxperts, UCD, UL, IADT, Rebel Reads Cork, Bella Baby. You can also contact and see about setting your school up as a drop-off point.


Until the government provide free sanitary products, ask your school principal if it would be possible to provide free sanitary products to students in your school by holding a fundraiser to raise money for supplies. People could donate their time, money and/or sanitary products.


55% of girls in Ireland feel embarrassed by their period. The social stigma surrounding periods has to end. You can help to end the shame felt by girls and women by normalising periods and talking about them with your friends and family. More than half of the population get a period. So why shouldn’t we talk about it?

Homeless Period Ireland call for education on the expense of periods, and the basic hygiene needs of women saying ““Periods happen every month and unless you are experiencing it, it’s not at the forefront of people’s minds”.

We Need To End Period Poverty.

We at are shocked and angered by the figures surrounding period expenses. The statistics of women and girls facing period poverty in Ireland are heartbreaking and it needs to change now.

Let us know what you think in the comments below or contact us here.

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How To Balance College And Your Social Life

It can be a huge adjustment from school to college and you aren’t given much time to do it. You are thrown from the clutches of the Leaving Cert and CAO madness into the abyss of college life and expecting to prevail. It can be difficult to find your ground and your routine again. Here are just a few small things to help you along the way.

Join societies and sports, even crazy ones

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried the sport before or have never heard of the society, join them if you are interested. Societies are where you have the most fun and make the most friends. It can be a great way to kick-start your college social life. And if you need to miss training sessions for one reason or another no one is going to kick you out. It’s an understood fact that students are busy. 

Plan ahead

Start keeping a diary, just to jot down what will be happening in the following week. It becomes apparent quite quickly that student lives can be pretty jam-packed. So, just to help you plan and make sure you make the most of your time I suggest writing it down. 

Don’t have F.O.M.O

F.O.M.O for those who don’t know is the Fear Of Missing Out. It can be a real thing when you start college, especially when you want to make and secure friendships, to want to go to everything. But just remember its college there is always another time to do things. Don’t let F.O.M.O ruin things. 

Use those connections 

People who have been in college, friends who are a year ahead of you, siblings and cousins. Anyone and everyone who in college, even if it isn’t the same one as you are, talk to them. They have the experience that you don’t, and you could get some really handy advice that you wouldn’t find in the handbook. 

Don’t do nights out before nine a.m.’s unless you plan to miss them

College is about you. No one is going to force you to go or pay attention and college is only valuable to you when you pay attention. So, if you are going to fall asleep in lectures I’d say it’s not worth it. Sometimes you have to be a grown up and say no to a night out if it’s only going to cause trouble the next day.


College will be useless if you don’t take in any of the information because your too tired, which means if you don’t understand the subjects in class you will have to study more which will mean an even bigger loss of time. You should actually make time to nap to make sure you have enough energy. 

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AD 5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

* Collaboration with Chill Home Insurance

How much time do you spend in your bedroom? If you’re anything like us it’s probably a lot of time. Between studying and hanging with friends, to the almost mandatory Netflix and Chill at the weekends and of course, sleep, your bedroom really becomes your go-to place. It’s also your sanctuary from the world, so you may as well love it!

Now we’re not recommending getting Dermot Bannon in to go mad, but there are some ways that you can make your room “insta-worthy” no matter your budget. So, whether you’re giving your room at home a much-needed revamp or decorating your first room in college, we have some tips on how you can redecorate your room on a budget.

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget


Yep, the first tip is to bite the bullet and do that deep-clean that you’ve been promising to do for months (or years!). Go full on Marie Kondo and clean out your whole room. Donate what you don’t need anymore to charity. Make better use of space and storage by investing in some storage from Ikea. Once you have everything cleaned take a good look at your room and really think about what you’d like to do with it.

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

2. Work with what you already have

One of the best ways to redecorate your bedroom on a budget is to use what you already have and improve upon it. If you can’t afford to change the curtains look at what colours you could use elsewhere in your room to compliment it.

The quickest and cheapest way to redecorate your bedroom is to move the furniture around. Try moving your bed to a different wall if you have the space.

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

Image via Joanne Condon

3. DIY

Do you have a chest of drawers that could be up-cycled with a bit of paint? Check out the rabbit hole that is Pinterest for tons of cool ideas. Joanne Condon is the absolute queen of up-cycling – definitely check out her Instagram for some fun inspiration! If you don’t have anything ask your granny or other family members if they have an old dresser, desk or bedside table lying around the place. St. Vincent de Paul and other charity shops can be great for furniture.  Some chalk paint and new handles work wonders and make everything look “Insta-worthy”.

A really fun and budget-friendly way to add a fun, new look to your bedroom is to use wall decals like the gold spots above. They’re easy to stick on and shouldn’t mark the wall (please don’t blame us if they do!) and are super-cheap!

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

Image via Primark

4. Invest wisely

If you are spending a bit of money make sure that you do it wisely. Don’t go for colours that you’re going to be sick of in a few months. Stick with naturals and then add a pop of colour using budget-friendly accessories. Call us basic, but we love the Marks and Spencer Iris Spotted Dobby Bedding Set that ALL the bloggers seem to have!

5 Tips To Redecorate Your Bedroom On A Budget

5. Accessorises make a room

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget (or parental permission!) to make big changes like painting the walls, or getting a new bed – it’s the small details that make a room anyway! Fairy-lights make everything better, FACT! And they only cost a few euro. Don’t overlook Dealz and Penneys for cute accessories. Add contrasting cushions and throws to create a cosy atmosphere in your room. The key to a great Insta worthy bedroom is the stying. By mixing and matching a few new additions with your own books and pictures you can create the impression that you’re redecorated your whole bedroom.

Have you any tips to redecorate your bedroom on a budget?

Thanks to Chill Home Insurance for collaborating with us on this post.

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Why Our Climate Needs Saving

On October 8th 2018, the United Nations released a 12 year warning calling for urgent changes needed to limit the catastrophe that is climate change & its repercussions. 

Our generation is the answer to the end goal; a safe climate.

What Is Climate Change?

I fully encourage any young person that feels they don’t understand what climate change is, to ASK this question. You should never feel embarrassed or ashamed for not understanding the topic.

More importantly, have you noticed the news headlines of crippling heat conditions, severe earthquakes, devastating hurricanes & more extreme weather conditions becoming more frequent? That is our climate changing. 

Our climate is changing because of human activity. Actions such as deforestation, agriculture & burning fossil fuels have caused the climate to reach a tipping point. A tipping point that places Earth in the unthinkable direction of a state of being inhabitable. This would mean that it would be impossible for any living being to survive on Earth.

What Causes Climate Change?

You might not have noticed but certain everyday actions can have a huge impact on the progress of our climate changing. Leaving a light on when you’re not in that particular room, spending longer than 5 minutes in the shower, using an unnecessary amount of plastic, eating excessive amounts of meat & using aerosol cans such as spray deodorants are all a contributor to the worsening of our climate. 

Ideas To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Although the reduction of these everyday actions might seem extreme, they are not as scary as you might think. Even cutting down  the amount of meals you eat a week that contain meat can have a positive impact on our climate. You do not have to make a drastic dietary change if you don’t think it suits you. Personally, I became a vegetarian to do my part in bettering the climate & it has its perks. I now have a much better diet & I also get my meal on airplanes before anyone else onboard (usually, the vegetarian meals are tastier too). I’m not a fantastically skilled cook (though I still survive on a vegetarian diet) but when I give cooking a go, books like ’30-Minute Vegetarian’ by Ylva Bergqvist with 100 vegetarian recipes make the vegetarian lifestyle feel incredible. 

Start making small positive contributions to the climate, every contribution makes a difference. After a certain amount of time, that small contribution you made will become a habit & your everyday actions will help towards a better climate without you even noticing.

Why Should I Care?

I believe the problem that surrounds the neglect towards climate change is formed from a lack of interest.  Caring about climate change & how you can help is the key solution to a better climate. Follow an Instagram page (@climatereality is a great Instagram page that posts daily about our climate) that focuses on climate change, read an article or a book about climate change or ask someone about the current situation surrounding our climate. Feed the curiosity.  

I find that climate change is also a great topic to bring up in a conversation. Sharing your knowledge of the current climate crisis &  how humanity can help will spread the word but you might also learn something new about it from others. It’s also a brilliant conversation starter on dates if you’re stuck in silence!

Here is  link to an article I read recently speaking on climate change & the United Nations’ statement:

This is only the beginning, if no change is made. The winters will be deathly cold with unbearable conditions, if no change is made. The summers will be suffocatingly hot with people gasping for relief, if no change is made. People will continue to suffer as a result of our climate changing, if no change is made. Learn how you can help. Change is possible, a better climate is possible.

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CAO 101: The Guide To A Successful CAO Application

So, I know you must’ve thought that the CAO was miles away and that you had absolutely ages to get that all sorted, but in the craziness of sixth year you managed to leave it a little late and now the deadline has creeped up out of nowhere.

Well not to worry, here is the ultimate guide to having the successful, stress free application. Just remember, pick your course because you want it not because other people want it. 

Here are some tips to help you wade through the stress and confusion of the CAO application.

1.Go to open days. 

Colleges have open days through most of October and November and most colleges repeat them again in January and February, so schedule in a trip. For bigger courses like Medicine or Law they will have their own separate open days. Going to Open Days can really help you chose which college you want to go to. It’s a great chance to get the overall feel of a college and it might be easier to visualise yourself actually going to that college.

2. Process of elimination. 

Picking a course can be seriously hard, especially if don’t know what you want to do. Start by writing down your interests and your favourite subjects. Then look up college courses that resemble those choices and by process of elimination you can start to narrow them down. 

3. Read up on courses on Qualifax 

Qualifax is a very useful website that basically has all the information about any course in Ireland. It gives you the course breakdown, points needed, if there are any special requirements and more. Read about the course you’re interested in to make sure that you really understand exactly what the course is about. You may find something you might not like about the course that will turn you off it, so it’s better to know now rather than find yourself sitting in a lecture come September that leaves you going “WTF”.

4. Read CAO handbook and watch the online video. 

Not only will this make the entire CAO application process less daunting, but it will help stop you from making small mistakes in the application.  So, don’t cut corners when it comes to reading the handbook, it has all the information. Boring we know, but it’s there for a reason.

5. Give the CAO a weekend to think about. 

Don’t leave it between study breaks. You need to give it a whole weekend at least so that you know you’re making the right decision. There is no point in putting loads of effort into studying hard for exams only to come out with a course you don’t really like because you’ve made a mess of the CAO. 

6. Remember to fill as many spaces as you can in your course list. 

Each CAO year is subjective to the students that sit their Leaving Cert in that year. Course points will go up and down depending on how many people want the course. Don’t chance it and only put one course on your CAO even if you are certain you can get the points. Things can always change, so my advice would be to fill all ten of the course spaces or at least some of them. 

7. Have backups 

Don’t just fill you whole application with the exact same course from different colleges, have another choice down there. Fill in some level seven courses. Go to an interview for a PLC just in case. Have backups for your backups. Just play it safe when it comes to the CAO. 

8. Make decisions for you. 

It doesn’t matter what your parents want you to do or what your teacher tells you is the easiest route for a job. Pick your course based on what you want to study. It’s worthless spending four years in a course you don’t like; you’ll go insane. A job will come later.

9. DO NOT change your mind on what course you want after exams. 

Even if you think you out-right failed the LC, don’t take a course off because you think you won’t get it. You may do better than you think, and points may still go down. If you don’t get it your second choice will still be there, but it’ll hurt if you end up getting the points after taking your top choice off. Seriously, it would be soul destroying!

10. You Need To Get An Application In Now

And the reason we’re talking about the CAO application now is that one of the super important deadlines is quickly looming. deadline. The 1st of February is the main cut off-date. Even if you’re not 100% what in the name of God you’re doing come next September, get your name in the system. Those deadlines are there for a reason. You are not a special snowflake in the eyes of the CAO. Excuses and exceptions won’t be made just for you, so get your application in on time. If one of your course choices is on the restricted courses list you must have your application with the course on it in by the 1st of February. This is really important if you have you heart set on a medicine course.

The closing date for late applications is the 1st of May. You can read the full list of deadlines on the website.

We have a whole section on dedicated to the CAO application process because we obvs love it SO much! You can read up about it here.


Best of luck to everyone submitting a CAO application this year!

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19 Things To Do/Try In 2019

19 Things To Do/Try In 2019Here are 19 things to do/try in 2019 to make it the best year ever!

  1. Get your sleep schedule in check & become a morning person – I know, I know. It’s easier said than done to click out of Netflix when you’re 7 seasons deep in Friends, but your health will thank you. Sleep is something a lot of us can easily neglect, but try not to forget about all the benefits it can have on your mind and body. From being good for your heart, to spurring creativity; having a look into just some of the benefits might help you put the phone away a little bit earlier each night. In my first year of college I fell into the dark hole, waking up at 1pm and never using my hours quite as productively as I should have. But I made a conscious decision to force myself, as difficult as it was, to get up at 7am. And believe it or not now I’m not quite sure how I managed without those extra few hours in the morning.
  2. Learning a new skill – If you’re still in school/college it can be difficult to dedicate time to learning something new. But take cooking for example, why not start off by trying to cook yourself just one new meal a week? Or if cooking isn’t your thing but something like photography is, try being more conscious of your surroundings and snap some pictures whenever you can. Even if it’s just for fun or making for a very aesthetically pleasing Insta!
  3. Plan a getaway – Whether it’s a weekend away, a holiday abroad or simply a day out, plan something with your friends or your family. It’s always good to give yourself something to look forward to. 
  4. Go to a concert you wouldn’t usually go to – Grab a friend or a group and go to a concert of a genre you might not usually attend. Let’s face it, live music is great and something like this can be so much fun! It doesn’t have to be a big gig where you fork out €50 on a ticket, try attending in one of the smaller venues for a change from your standard night out.
  5. Do something for your mind – The start of a new year seems to always bring about the ambitions to lose weight or stick with a new gym routine, but seldom to take up habits that benefit our mental health. Try doing meditation a few times a week, or if it’s even just taking 10 minutes out of your day to do something which calms you (preferably not technology related!) then that will be a step in the right direction too. 
  6. Buy a planner, and USE it! – We all are guilty of owning about 10 different notebooks, buying them purely because of the cute cover and never really finding a use for it. But some studies have shown that the simple to-do list is actually hugely effective and helps your productivity. The tasks don’t have to be big, in fact it’s probably better starting out small, and make sure to tick them off as you go along. It may sound silly but the act of completing a task and checking it off has a positive effect on the mind, helping you remain focused and productive.
  7. Read a new book – Whether it’s reading for pleasure to distract your mind from life’s stresses or a self-help book, pick up one you think you may enjoy or learn something from. Make a conscious effort to set aside some time in the evening or a certain number of pages to read each day. 
  8. Try a new food – Throw back those oysters and taste those extra spicy chicken wings – be brave! You might find your new favourite food.
  9. Be savvy – Being more conscious of your spending is something that can only bring benefits. Try gathering any loose change and putting it into a jar for a rainy day. If you have a bigger, more steady income why not set up a bank transfer to take a % of your paycheck every week or month? 
  10. Break a bad habit – Biting your nails or consuming too much sugar, there’s no time like the present to try kick your bad habits. 
  11. Be in control of yourself – Become more aware of your emotions and how you feel/react to certain situations. You are in control of your reaction to things and while you can’t choose the situations you find yourself in, you can play a part in the outcome. Be in charge of your emotions and the rest will follow.
  12. Don’t feel obliged to please everyone – At the end of the day the person who matters most is you. By no means am I promoting an attitude of selfishness, but remember you don’t have to put others before yourself and please everyone. Do what’s best for YOU.
  13. Start giving back – Instead of just throwing what you consider old or useless clothes into the bin, drop them off at your local charity shop where someone may appreciate them more than you know. You could also try volunteering at a local dog shelter, not only are you giving help where it’s needed but think of ALL THE PUPPIES! Heaven. 
  14. Get moving – Not necessarily saying you have to enroll yourself in HIIT classes (high intensity interval training), but at least try hitting your 10,000 step count each day. 
  15. Declutter – Set aside a few hours to sort out your room and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. Try not end up sitting on your floor for hours going through all the items you forgot you had. Chances are, if you forgot you even had it, you probably don’t need it. And if you haven’t worn something in the past 3 months, maybe it’s time to let someone else give it a new lease on life. Not only will decluttering help you feel so much more organised, organised homes are linked with less stressed, healthier, and happier people. 
  16. Build a capsule wardrobe – This is something that is a work in progress for me. A capsule wardrobe basically means owning a few basic, essential items that never really go out of style, as a result it is easier to mix and match your items of clothing. You can still bring in seasonal trends but having a few basics instead of constantly impulsively buying is not only better for the environment, but better for your pocket.
  17. Get a taste for your dreams – Lacking motivation in regards to where you want to get in your career/life? Give yourself a taste of what it is you want. Want to get into journalism? Try get some work experience at your local newspaper or radio station or give us a shout at! If you’re dreaming big and aiming for the finer things in life, spend a night in a swanky hotel or eat out in a fancy restaurant. Put yourself exactly where you want to be, and pretend you’ve already made it!
  18. Have a digital detox – This is one I will definitely be giving a go myself. As something that has probably crossed everyones minds, the amount of time we spend glued to our phones and laptops is pretty worrying. If you can turn off your phone for just an hour a day and give yourself a break from social media and technology in general, it will do you the world of good. 
  19. Don’t let fear dictate your decisions – How many times have you dreaded doing something, only to later say to yourself “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be…”? Probably a lot. Fear comes to us all, but some of us are better at pushing through it than others. In 2019, take small steps to push yourself outside your comfort zone and conquer your fears. 

What’s on your list of things to do/try in 2019?

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6 Reasons Why Being A Feminist Is A Good Thing

Feminism by definition, is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. So, prior to what you may think, this article is for women and men, just like feminism is.

I’ve had my own personal experiences where people have had ill-conceived notions of what feminism means. Once a friend told me that I “shouldn’t be a feminist because boys wouldn’t find me attractive”. And time I heard one of my male friends say “Man, you can’t be feminist; that’s only for girls”.

But here are the reasons that being a feminist is a good thing, no matter your gender.

1. You are not a one-image feminist. 

Yes, you can wear makeup. You can still smile. Yes, you can still wear pink! And yes, you can think and speak about other things other than feminism. There are loads of misconceptions of what being a feminist means, so it’s understandable some people have trouble with admitting they are feminists. But these stereotypes do not have to apply to you by wanting equal rights. So, makeup and smiles for all.

2. Saying you’re a feminist, is not saying you hate men. 

There is a stigma out there, that if you are feminist you automatically hate men. Now I’m highly doubting that the male feminists wake up each morning proclaiming to the world that they hate themselves. Or that the female feminists go around chanting that they hate all men in their lives. We would actually be contradicting ourselves, as feminists to say that they hate men. I mean it would be pretty difficult to get equal rights between genders, if we actually hated one of the genders. Just sayin’!

3. Feminists aren’t crazed cat ladies moaning about man-sized tissues. 

These days there are so many prejudices about what feminist look like. People try to belittle the movement for equality by painting a negative, archaic stereotypes in our minds about crazy women complaining about men all the time. A feminist is a person, man or woman, who believes and will fight for equality. Simple as that. 

4. Wanting equal rights is actually the most attractive thing you can do. 

Girls, wanting to have equal chances, jobs and rights, IS attractive. Having ambitions in life, having goals for yourself and wanting to go just as far as your male friends is amazingly attractive. Anyone who says otherwise needs to realise that they are about 100 years behind the new world and also probably need some guidance from you to get a bit of cop on.

5. The equal rights works on both sides. 

Boys, saying that you want equal rights for both genders does not make you less of a man. Anyone who says otherwise is again probably stuck in the last century and just needs to be caught up on the last few years. Feminism is not just for girls in any way, shape or form. Saying you are a feminist makes you very attractive to a lot of us. 

6. Being a feminist makes sense on so many levels. 

There are endless amounts of problems in the world. Problems that affect everyone. Too many to mention. But how are we planning on fixing them if only half the population are invited to participate? Feminism will actually speed along the development in the world because we will have more minds to the problems. That’s just logical sense. 

The moral of the story is that we should all be feminists and aspire to be badass women!

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The Law of Attraction Part 2: Creating Your Own Vision Board

In my last article I introduced you to The Law of Attraction and laid down the basic concepts of it. One of the useful (and fun) ways to implement the Law of Attraction into your life is by creating a “vision” or “mood” board. It is one of the most valuable tools for visualisation. Try thinking of the collage as a picture of your future. It should depict your dreams and goals and it needs to make you emit positive feelings when you look at it. Creating your perfect vision board takes time and shouldn’t be something you rush to complete. So set aside a few hours, get comfy, make a cuppa and let’s get into how to create your vision board!

Step 1

The first thing you are going to need to get is a cork board. Cork boards are ideal as by using pins they make it easier to add/remove images over time instead of gluing an image down to a piece of paper only to want to get rid of it if you decide you no longer want it or if it has already manifested. I picked up a cork board from Woodies for only €5.50, but most arts and craft stores should have them too.

Step 2

Sit down and think about what it is you want on your vision board. Really try to narrow it down to some of your main wants. Too many images can be overwhelming and mean you don’t fully focus in on your goals. Try to resist adding pictures just to add to its aesthetic or to fill up space! Don’t be conscious of what other people will think about your vision board. Add a picture of that mini cooper you want. Add the name of the company you want to get that job with, this is about YOUR goals.

Step 3

Once you have a fair idea of what you want, you can browse through some magazines and get some cut outs from there. I prefer using websites like Pinterest (give us a follow @missydotie) or even just Google Images, so I can specifically search for what it is I want and just print them out. Your vision board is going to be placed somewhere where you are going to see it everyday so it’s important that it is visually pleasing.

A good idea would be to maybe get some inspo from other people’s boards on Pinterest or Tumblr. Perhaps sticking to a certain colour scheme of keeping it minimalistic whatever is appealing to YOU! Feel free to go ham if you want to, let your creativity flow, add glitter and fabrics if that’s what will bring you happiness when you see it and make you proud to display it! 

Step 4

Now that you’ve completed your vision board it’s time to pick a spot for it to be put on display and let your dreams manifest! Try putting it somewhere where you will be guaranteed to see it every single day. And to get the best use out of it try set aside a few minutes everyday to look over it and focus on the images and how they are making you feel.

Remember, in the Law of Attraction a huge emphasis is placed on how you feel. It’s all well and good adding a picture of the Louis Vuitton handbag of your dreams, but if looking at it evokes a feeling of lacking and makes you think about how you don’t have it now or how/when you will get your hands on it, remove the picture. You need to receive a feeling of happiness and excitement knowing of what is on its way to you. 

Glancing over the board before bed may be most effective. This is because the thoughts and images that are in your mind during the 45 minutes before you go to sleep are the ones that will replay themselves in your subconscious mind throughout the course of the night, and the thoughts and images that you start each day with will help you to create a vibrational match for the future you desire.

We’re off to make our vision board now…

That was pretty simple, right? If you really enjoy the creative process as much as I do perhaps down the line you could create two vision boards, one for short-term goals and one for long-term goals. Anyways, that’s all for this post, if you decide to create your very own vision board we would LOVE to see them! Give us a tag on any of our socials if you decide you get creative. 

Until the next one 🙂

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Celeb Fave Maria Tash Has Arrived In Brown Thomas

Maria Tash earrings

You may have noticed the sudden rush in Irish influencers getting new piercings on showing them off on Instagram; that’s because Maria Tash has launched in Dublin!

Multiple pricings are very popular at the moment and Maria Tash is definitely the one driving that trend.

Before now you had to hop on a plane to NYC, LA or London to indulge in a Maria Tash piercing, but now you juts have to pop into Brown Thomas in Dublin. Fans of Maria Tash include Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Zoella and Fleur de Force.

All of the earrings look super amazing, but they’re also a bit on the spendy side. Piercings at Maria Tash range from €20 to €40, but then the earrings cost anything from €100 for a simple hoop, to over €2,000 for the statement diamond earring. Notice that we are keeping it in the plural. Maria Tash specialise in “curated ears” which means that each earring is sold individually and not as a pair.

Tanya Burr wearing a number of Maria Tash pieces.

So, why the hype over such expensive earrings?

Well, they are incredibly beautiful. And you are paying for the luxury aspect of it, similar to buying a Chanel or Gucci bag. Maria Tash earrings aren’t the same as those on offer in Claire’s Accessories. The diamonds used are real and other precious gemstones are also incorporated into designs, like this Diamond, Opal And Rose Gold earring.

If you follow YouTuber Tanya Burr, you’ve probably noticed her wearing the Maria Tash Spike Earrings. They’re definitely far more affordable than the other earrings in the collection, but one single earring will set you back €170.

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“We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” 💫…. Today I got TASH’d with the amazing @danielguilfoylebodypiercing at @maria_tash in @officialbrownthomas! 🙊💖 The lovely people at @maria_tash invited me in for the experience and I am so happy with my piercing! 😍🙊 I chose to have my Conch pierced (with the advice of the team on the counter – they were all SO professional and helpful) with the stunning 18ct white gold and diamond 3 star garland 💫 🙊💫@danielguilfoylebodypiercing was my piercer and he was literally the dream. 👏🏻Calm, professional and a bucket of encouraging words. 🙌🏽 Highly recommended😊 #mariatash #piercing

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This trend probably isn’t one that will appeal to everyone; a Maria Tash piercing is definitely a treat. But diamond hoops are something that you will always have and they never got out of style. Tragus piercings are really popular and this 18-karat Gold Diamond Earring looks super pretty. At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves, anyway!

Here are some of the earrings from Maria Tash that caught our eye and give you flavour of whats on offer..



Maria Tash Brown Thomas is now open permanently on Level 2 of the Dublin store.

If Maria Tash is out of your budget, we pulled together some earrings that look very similar. Sadly, they don’t have real diamonds – but a girl can dream!