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The April Beauty Edit

I thought I would go a bit old-school style with this new segment on and share my current favourite makeup products.

IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40

IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC is one of this products that I’ve heard a lot about, but recently I feel like I’ve seen it everywhere. So, of course I saw it as a sign that I needed it ASAP. I’m still on the hunt for a foundation that works well with my super oily skin and I thought that this might finally be “the one”. I have some good news and bad news to report.

Bad News:

The original IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC sucks for oily skin. It honestly made my skin fell disgusting after a few hours wear. So, I went and bought the Oil Free version. RIP my bank account!🙈

Good News:

The IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 works really well with oily skin. I’m actually obsessed with the finish of the oil-free version. I didn’t really like the normal one and TBH my skin felt so gross and heavy after a few hours wear. I won’t lie and say that it’s 100% amazing, but for the moment I’m really liking it and I probably would class it as my current favourite.

I purchased the IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC from QVCUK with the intention of using their money-back guarantee but I kinda forget to send it back (oops!) but I popped into Arnotts and asked for a sample to the IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 and I was really impressed when they gave me a really good size sample (I got 4/5 days out of it). So, I went back to Arnotts and bought it there. I also saw Bonnie Ryan talk about how great the Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation as for oily skin, so that’s now on my list to try! Seriously, someone stop me!

Carter Beauty 18 Shade Eye Palette – Warm Velvet, €14.95*

When Carter Beauty launched last August and I saw the eye shadow palettes I instantly knew that the Warm Velvet palette would be my jam. I only recently got it and OMG I’m obsessed! There are so many different looks that you can create with the palette and the pigmentation is really great. The colours really remind me of the Modern Renaissance Palette. For only €14.95 it’s well worth the money.

PS…Smoky Lash, Penneys, €3.50

This mascara has become my Number 1 Holy Grail product. I have converted so many people to this mascara and everyone raves about it. I hate clumpy mascara. I like a natural looking lash with more volume and something that lasts all day. As a disclaimer I used to love expensive, high-end mascaras, but I would never buy them again because this is SO much better and it’s cruelty free!

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil, €15.20

No matter which eyebrow products tempt me I always come back to Benefit! They were the brand who made me obsessed with my eyebrows back in the day. I’ve tried all of the top brow products on the market but my favourite is definitely Benefit Precisely My Brow.

The reason that I’m including it on my April Favourites is that I did stray again, but not far. I was using the Benefit Goof Proof, but in my onion Benefit Precisely My Brow is way better. I like a really fine pencil for my eyebrows to fill them in without over-doing it. Benefit Precisely My Brow is really similar to Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz. I went through 3 Brow Wiz‘s before I finally gave up the ghost and admitted that it wasn’t uh-mazing. Precisely My Brow  is the way to go!

Madison Makeup Contour Highlight Brush, €9*

First world problem story time; I lost my Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush when I was traveling in Vietnam.😭 Yes, I spent €50 on one make brush, yes I’m stupid, yes I still lament the loss. I couldn’t find a brush that was similar and it was so annoying. I was using various Real Techniques brushes, but it just wast the same.

I was gearing up to buy a new Powder & Sculpt Brush when I was sent on the new Madison Makeup Contour Highlight Brush – it is identical to the Powder & Sculpt Brush and only costs €9! I love this for contour because it really allows you to build up and natural and subtle contour – no hash lines in sight. It’s also perfect for lightly dusting highlight onto the skin. I just seriously love this brush!

Currently Trialing

I’m pretty ridiculous in how I spend months considering one purchase but then impulse buy something else in two seconds. So it is with the iGlow Long Lashes Serum. I saw someone talk about it online and I got a confirmation email before you could say “Can you really afford that?“. I’ve been looking at gets a lash serum for a while now, so I’m interested to see how I get on with this – I will let you know!

What beauty products are you loving this month? Slide in to my DM’s on the Instagram – I love trying new products!

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Trending: Cranberry Eyeshadow

It’s no secret that we are big fans of berry makeup here at So, of course we are all over the latest berry eyeshadow craze. Well, cranberry eyeshadow to be exact.

The Inspo

Fuelling our obsession is the incredible Lili Reinhart who rocked cranberry eyeshadow with her striking red dress at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. To create her red stare, makeup artist Adam Breuchaud used the Pat McGrath Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette.

It turns out that red looks fab with cranberry eyeshadow; who knew? Another look that we are OBSESSED with is the always fab Louise McSharry’s cranberry/pink eye look with a bold red lip. Obsessed, we tell you!

Top Tip

If the thought of cranberry eyeshadow scares you, fear not; there is a way to slowly introduce it into your eye makeup look. Cranberry eyeshadow looks great with burnt oranges and deep browns; why else do you think they’re included with the famed Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette and every dupe since?

Start off with the lightest cranberry shade and blend it on your eye lid. Then, take an orange shade and blend out the cranberry into the crease. Keep repeating this until you find an intensity that you like.

[shopr collection=”cranberry” order=”random”]

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How To Refresh Makeup

There’s nothing worse than spending an age on your makeup only get catch a glimpse of yourself at mid-day to see that all your handy work has been undone and replaced by a haggard mess. Well, there are worse things, but you understand the struggle.

Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to refresh makeup that may have worn off during the day instead of applying a ton more product, because that just makes it so much worse.

Often operation refresh makeup takes place without your whole dressing table present. So, think about what you might need when putting your handbag together.


The No. 1 Rule

Don’t be tempted to go back in with more foundation. If your skin has excess oil on it it’s only going to mix with the new product to create more of a mess. Ewww! And if you have dry skin, re-applying makeup is only going to highlight the issue more. So, no more foundation!


Blotting Papers

Use blotting paper to remove excess oil that may have built up on your skin. Simply dab (don’t rub!) the paper over your face. The great thing about blotting papers is that they don’t disturb or remove too much of the makeup. If you’re stuck, use some tissue paper.

Missy Loves FENTY BEAUTY Invisimatte Blotting Paper.


Foundation Tip

A really great make-up artist approved tip for fixing foundation that has started to wear off in patches is to use setting spray. Simply spray the area with setting spray and then use a clean foundation brush or Beauty Blender to buff it in.

Missy Loves wet n wild Photo Focus Setting Spray.



Use a light dusting of setting powder to re-set makeup and get rid of any shine. Don’t ever be tempted to drag your expensive lose powder around in your bag – it never ends well! Instead pick up a good budget version to keep in your bag at all times, that way it’s always there when you need it and you won’t be super heartbroken if anything happens to it.

Missy Loves NYX ‘Stay Matte But Not Flat’ Powder Foundation


Conceal, don’t feel

If you feel like you really need more converge over a spot or under your eyes use a small bit of concealer and blend, blend, blend!

Missy Loves Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer.


Flush of Blush

Blush is always the easiest and quickest way to refresh makeup and add a bit more life back into your face. Don’t go overboard with it; just a quick swirl on the apples of your cheeks is more than enough. Go for something that has a bit of a glow to it to add a natural flush.

Missy LoveBenefit CORALista


Have you any tips to refresh makeup?

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Halloween Makeup Looks

Did you know that our article last year on Halloween Makeup is one of our most highly viewed posts ever? True story.

So, of course we just had to new a new one for 2018! Here are some of the best Halloween makeup looks to inspire your spooky adventures…


While not at all spooky, we are obsessed with Katie Snook’s unreal look! Katie has a full tutorial for this look on her YouTube. We’re just devo that there’s no other justifiable reason to look like this the other 364 days of the year! Pretty sure the mammies are not going to be too happy about all that glitter though…


Glam pumpkin? Sign us up now!



We just can’t stop looking at this spooky creation from @sadie.shill_makeup!

It make look super hard, but there’s actually a lot of room to just go with it. Start with the black and then outline everything with brown and orange eyeshadow. And just blend, blend, blend!


There’s a lot of inspo coming from Ariana Grande this Halloween and we are down for it. We love @sadie.shill_makeup cosmic look!


Cheekbones to die for – literally!


One of the big trends for Halloween makeup looks this year is neon skulls!


Decided to do something last-minute for Halloween? Then this look is an easy one to do@pinpinpinpin. Again, just blend blue and pink eyeshadows out like there’s no tomorrow!


We are not fans of spiders here at, but we are huge fans of this look by jodiemcd4. It really mixes traditional Halloween makeup with a glam twist.


Creepy and beautiful all in one look!


We are legit incapable of doing a makeup list on without including Aideen, but she just gets it right ALL. THE. TIME. We honestly can’t stop looking at this and trying to figure it out! If you’re all about the glam, but still want to have a Halloween look, this is the perfect idea!

Check out our Halloween Board on Pinterest for more inspo!

Which look will you be trying? Let us now in the comments below or Tweet us!

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5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos Imaginable!

With Debs season in full swing, we here at Missy have been looking into what makes a great photo! Posing for photos is a love/hate thing, some people are naturals and others need a bit of help! Let’s be honest, it’s all about the pose and making the most your angles… Follow these tips for fab Debs photos!

1. Smize

If you’re an America’s Next Top Model fan you’ll know all about “smizing”. For those of you who don’t know what we mean when we say smize, it’s time to channel your inner Tyra Banks! Smize = smiling with your eyes. Look in a mirror and smile, see how you kind of squint and the corners of your eyes go up? Now try replicate this even when your mouth isn’t in a smiling position. This helps to give your face a good shape. Your Debs photos will look bomb with this little trick!

2. Contour

Seeing as you’ll probably have no control over the lighting at your Debs venue, or at pre-debs events, contour your face to create false shadows. Contouring involves using darker tones to sculpt out your cheekbones, forehead, nose, and neckline. Use lighter tones in areas where light will naturally hit i.e. under your eyes, centre of forehead, bridge of your nose, and just above your jawline. Make sure you blend like crazy and set with powder for a natural look that stays put!

5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos!

3. Stand Up Straight

Good posture makes a photo! Stand up straight to accentuate your body, and show off your outfit in all it’s glory. Standing straight also gives you a confident look.

5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos!

4. Ditch The Awkward “Debs” Pose

You know the one… Your granny probably has a few of these photos hanging in her house of your cousins or older siblings. It really isn’t a great look and screams AWKWARD! You can be posing with your best friend in the whole world but somehow that dodgy hand holding pose will make you look like strangers forced into some kind of social experiment! If you’re getting a professional debs photo, let the photographer know that thats not the look you’re going for. Instead, take a more relaxed approach. Lean into your date at a 45 degree angle to accentuate your body, tilt your head down so your chin is slightly aimed to the floor (not too much or you’ll form a double chin in the photo), smile naturally, and hold hands in a natural way.

5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos!


5. Get Candid

Sometimes no matter how hard we pose or what makeup we wear, candid photos just look better. Ask your mam/dad/cousin to try get some candid snaps of you getting ready, or you and your date in the house before you leave. At the actual debs, see if you and a couple of friends can make a deal to snap a few candid shots on your phones throughout the night! You’ll be grateful for the natural shots in years to come!

Have you any tips for taking Debs photos?

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The Best Budget Drugstore Concealers

The Best Budget Drug Store Concealers

Do we actually use the words “Drug Store” in Ireland, or did we just acquire them from watching a lot of YouTube?

Chemist, Pharmacy, Grocery, Supermarket, place of joy…whatever you call the place where you stock up on your latest beauty buys, you can’t deny that there are some seriously great products on offer for a fraction of the cost of high-end beauty products. And a lot of the time they are just as good or better.

Here are some of our favourite budget drugstore concealers…

The Budget Drug Store Concealers


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Also known as Zoella’s favourite concealer, not to mention a whole host of other beauty gurus who rave about this lil’ product. This is probably one of the most hyped budget drugstore concealers out there. We love it because it’s so blendable, but it still provides great coverages. The only downside is that the colours in the range are still very limited. 100% buy this if you haven’t already tried it.

Great For: covering spots


Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

A firm favourite here at, the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer is a great dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. We really love the doe-foot applicator, although we sometimes feel that it applies a bit too much product – so watch that. In terms of how long it lasts and coverage, it really can’t be beaten. There are also over 20 shades available.

Great For: full coverage, especially under the eyes

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

Don’t be put off by the “Anti-age” label, a good concealer is a good concealer no matter who the advertising department are trying to target. Again, this is another highly rated product by beauty gurus. This gives a nice medium coverage and is particularly good for under the eyes.

Good For: on the go application



NYX Professional Makeup Dark Circle Concealer

If you suffer from permeant dark circles under your eyes, you might need to invest in a colour corrector. We recommend applying it before your foundation. Once you’ve applied your foundation over it, follow-up with a light layer of a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Great For: those you are naturally dark under their eyes


L.A. Girl PRO.conceal HD High Definition Concealer

This is a name that’s only recently been on our radar, but we are seriously impressed with L.A Girl Cosmetics. There’s are a number of colours in the range and there are also correctors to go with the concealers. Theres also an applicator brush, which is v handy!

Great For: lasting all day

What are your favourite budget drugstore concealers?

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10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last

10 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last

You spend an eternity perfecting your makeup, only to look in the mirror two hours letter to see it morph into something from a horror movie. First World Problems, we know. But it’s so annoying! And keeping your makeup in-tact is especially tricky during the summer heat.

But fear not, is here to  share some tips and tricks to help make your makeup last, no matter the weather situation.




1. Skin Prep

How well your makeup lasts is already being determined before you even apply your makeup! Your skin care is a huge part of the process, so don’t neglect it. Exfoliation is key to prepping your skin for makeup application – the smoother the surface, the more even it can be applied and therefore the longer it lasts. Missy Loves Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Pore Refining Facial Scrub. Moisturising is also super important as it helps with keeping your skin hydrated. If you suffer from oily skin it’s even more important that you chose the correct moisturiser to help control oil production. Missy Loves Image Daily Matte Moisturise SPF 32.




2. Prime Time

Try to get an oil-free, water-based primer; this will help your foundation from slipping or moving around. Primers help “seal in” your moisturiser to give you a blank canvas effect when applying your foundation. This helps prevent your makeup from “slipping off” during the day. Missy Loves Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and NYX Professional Makeup Shine Killer.

The same principle applies to eyeshadow and although there are some great eyeshadow primers on the market like Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, we highly rate using a concealer all over the eye area to act as a base. Missy Loves Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer by Catrice.




3. Make Foundation Last

Use an oil-free foundation to ensure that it stays put. Oil based products make it more likely that makeup will “slide” out-of-place. If you have dryer skin, make sure you moisturise well before using an oil-free foundation. Missy Loves Revlon Color Stay Foundation.




4. Layer It

Less really is more if you want to make your makeup last all day. Try using a Beauty Blender to apply light layers to create a smooth and even complexion. Building up your makeup products in light layers will make it last way longer than applying one heavy layer, and it always looks more natural too. Try applying a light, even layer first and then “top up” any additional areas that you feel might need a tad more coverage. There’s no point in caking lots of makeup on an area that simply doesn’t need it, only for it to “slide” off later on.



5. How To Eyeshadow In Place

To keep to eyeshadow in place and to stop it creasing, dip your eyeshadow brush in a priming spray before applying on eyelids. This is a great trick when applying a shimmery eye shadow. Not only does it help lock down the pigment to last all day, it also gives a ‘foiled’ effect to the eyeshadow. Missy Loves NYX Professional Makeup Makeup Setting Spray.




6. Wear Waterproof

Opt for a waterproof mascara to keep your eyes smudge free all day long. Mascaras and eyeliners tend to smudge under the eyes easily in warm environments. Try a waterproof formula so that you don’t get the ‘raccoon effect’ after a few hours. Also make an effort to keep your hands away from your eyes, which is way tricky than it sounds, amirite?



7. Set It

To make your makeup last all day, apply a powder to set both your foundation and the concealer under your eyes. Baking has become hugely popular as a way to set makeup. We talked about it a bit more previously. This not only mattifies by soaking up excess oil left on the skin, but it will also set your makeup for way longer. Missy Loves Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Revolution Bake and Finish Powder as a budget alternative.

Think about getting a pressed powder so you can take it with you to soak up oil throughout the day. Missy Loves NYX Professional Make Up High Definition Finishing Powder.


8. Setting Spray Is A Must’

A setting spray is the key component to make your makeup last. Setting sprays are great because they act as a “seal” for makeup. Setting Sprays are also great for refreshing makeup throughout the day. Missy Loves the hyped MAC Prep + Prime Fix Mini as it’s great to pop in your bag and it’s far more affordable that the big bottle.



9. Blot It

Using blotting papers to soak up oil during the day is great, but be careful as sometimes they can remove the makeup along with the shine. Instead of using blotting papers, try using Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges to soak up unwanted shine throughout the day. And they’re super handy to keep in your bag!



10. Keep the essentials with you

To keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, keep the essential products in a bag to touch up throughout the day. Make sure to keep your Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges with you to soak up unwanted shine, your lipstick to reapply lightly and your pressed lightweight powder to touch up by lightly tapping the product into the skin. Always select budget versions of your favourite products to keep in your bag, especially on nights out to avoid dealing with the horror of something expensive going missing. If we had a euro for every time we’ve lost our Velvet Teddy…😭.


Check out more of our makeup favourites here!

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10 Makeup Products Under 10 Euro That You Need

10 Makeup Products Under 10 Euro That You Need-2

There’s no denying that there has been a huge shift in cosmetics over the past few years. The quality of budget brands has drastically improved allowing them to rival luxury brands for a fraction of the cost.

Packaging has also vastly improved. So, even if you’re not splashing out on something expensive there’s still a luxury element to the purchase.

There are some truly great stand-out products on the market now. Not only are they a lot cheaper than you would expect for the quality of the product, they’re more widely available too. So, your makeup bag no longer has to rely on a spend-y trip to Brown Thomas!

Because we’re sound and spend far too much time thinking about makeup, we decided to share some of the best products that are under €10.

We basically put together a full face of makeup that all amounts to under €60! You’re welcome!


10 Makeup Products Under 10 Euro that you need in your life…

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer, €4.69

Light drops are everywhere, but it can be hard to find ones that don’t make up look like a disco ball. Missy Loves this one because it’s part primer.

It’s also super versatile because it can be used on it’s own, underneath foundation or mixed in with your base. We recommend mixing it with your foundation to add a bit of glow to your skin.

PS...My Perfect Colour Velvet Finish Foundation Penneys

PS… Velvet Finish Foundation SPF 30, €6 from Penneys

Penneys are continuously upping their game when it comes to their own beauty range and this Foundation might just be one of the best additions to their collection yet.

This is regarded as a very good dupe for the famed Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. It comes in a selection of colours that’s not super comprehensive, but leaves room for mixing your own colour together. A must buy for oily skin gals.

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer Ireland

Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Concealer, €4.99

We have already declared our love for Conceal and Define and we still think that it’s an excellent budget buy.

When it says Full Coverage, it really means it. Set it with some powder and it will last you all day long. There are 25 shades in the range, which is amazing!


PS… Banana Powder, €4

Who can remember a time when we didn’t bake our makeup? We cant!

Baking is messy and takes a lot of product, so we like something thats budget friendly and that actually works.

Eneter this offering by Penneys. The yellow undertones help counteract any discolouration in the skin. The container is a little bit annoying, so apply liberally with a Real Techniques Setting Bush and once you’ve baked press it with a Beauty Blender.

CYO Shimmer Switch Bronzing & Highlighting Palette

CYO Shimmer Switch Bronzing & Highlighting Palette – Lost in Space, €6.50

We’re kinda over the intense contouring trend; we’re all about subtlety enhancing our features now.

This is a very handy buy because its a bronzer and highlighter all wrapped up into one lovely little palette. It also reminds us of the Bobbi Brown Brick Compact that’s waaay more expensive.

nyx micr brow pencil

NYX Professional Makeup – ‘Micro’ Brow Pencil, €9.99

Nothing beats an eyebrow pencil. It truly is the only way to get a natural, but defined brow.

Yes, Anastasia Beverly Hills is the queen of brows but the products are hard to get in Ireland and they don’t really last that well. Sorry, not sorry! This offering from NYX is truly unbeatable.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, €4.10

Beauty bloggers went crazy for this last year, and with good reason.

This give a false lash effect without the unsightly clumps that often comes along with mascara. Layer-up thin coats to get the best effect.

Essence Million Nude Faces Eyeshadow Box 01 Beyoutiful,

Essence Million Nude Faces Eyeshadow Box 01 Beyoutiful, €4.99

Eyeshadow palettes are a dime a dozen these days, but we honestly think that this little buy from Essence will see you through so many different looks.

From  a beautiful bronze look, to a smokey eye to die for, to a natural shimmery nude – the options are endless with this palette.


Collection Fast Stroke Eyliner, €3.37

Don’t @ us, but this is the best eyeliner on the market today, FACT! Not only does it last and last, it also applies like a dream.


NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick, €8

These often draw a lot of comparisons to the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits, but we think these are in a league of their own.

Unlike other matte lipsticks these are a lot softer on the lips and way more comfortable to wear.

Bonus points for the HUGE colour range on offer. When it comes to 10 Makeup Products Under 10, this is one of our top picks.

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Here’s Every Single Makeup Product Kylie Jenner Used In That Vogue Video

Here's Every Single Makeup Product Kylie Jenner Used In That Vogue Video

Forget Netflix and Chill, we get our entertainment from watching hours of makeup tutorials on YouTube! And of course it’s extra fun when you get to watch an actual celebrity do their own makeup. We were recently treated to the queen of cosmetics, Kylie Jenner, doing her makeup. In her bathroom. For Vogue…as you do!

Want to know every, single makeup product Kylie Jenner used in that Vogue video? You’ve come to the right place! Be warned though, Kylie’s makeup routine costs a lot when you add it all together. 😥

Kylie used some cult makeup products and she showed some sisterly love to Km Kardashian West’s KKW Beauty. It turns out that there’s no sister rivalry between the two when it comes to makeup. Kylie says “the more makeup, the better!”

And of course Kylie used a whole lot of Kylie Cosmetics. She even gave us a sneak peek at a brand new Kylie Cosmetics’ SUMMER 2018 palette! The summer palette contains warm tones in a variety of satin, matte, and metallic finishes. We are fans of Kylie Cosmetics here at  so, we’re alway excited to see what Kylie has up her sleeve next.


Here’s every, single makeup product Kylie Jenner used!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops in Fantasy

Beauty Blender Nude

Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer

KKW Beauty Baking Powder

Chanel Ultrawear Flawless Compact Foundation

KKW Beauty Powder Contour Highlight Kit

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liner

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Nova

Kylie Cosmetics Blush in Barely Legal

Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black

Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in Over Brown

Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter in Salted Caramel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

MAC Prep + Prime Fix +

Watch Kylie’s Makeup Routine

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5 Affordable Makeup Products You Need To Try!

Shopping for affordable makeup can feel slightly overwhelming. How do you know if it’s worth the hype? Is it really a good dupe for that one high-end product you’ve been eyeing for months? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 affordable makeup products you need to try ASAP!

1)Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

5 Affordable Makeup Products You Need To Try!


This concealer already has a pretty large cult following. Zoella and many other beauty vloggers have raved about this concealer for years. This product has won multiple awards, and we can see why. It’s got amazing coverage, lasts ALL day, and a little really does go a long way. The fact that it’s around the five euro mark makes it even better!


  2) L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

5 Affordable Makeup Products You Need To Try!

If you’re looking for a foundation that blends like a dream then defo give this a go! The formula is a dream and contains colour matching pigments, ensuring a natural look. This foundation doesn’t cling to your skin making it perfect for even the driest of complexions. With excellent lasting power you won’t feel the need to touch up throughout the day.


 3) Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

5 Affordable Makeup Products You Need To Try!

Intense colour and a creamy texture are what springs to mind when thinking of this lipstick. It glides onto lips so easily, and while the colour payoff is ah-mazing it doesn’t leave your pout stained when removed as so many other rich colour lipsticks do. These products are incredibly affordable. Our fav colours are Midnight Plum, Peach Poppy, and Fuschia Flash.


 4) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup Sponge 

5 Affordable Makeup Products You Need To Try!

This drugstore favourite is an affordable alternative to the famous BeautyBlender. Applying makeup with this sponge makes for an even, more natural look. The fact that you wet the sponge before applying your product means there’s very little wastage.


 5) L’Oreal False Lash X Fiber Mascara

5 Affordable Makeup Products You Need To Try!

The struggle of the false lash application is over! The formula contains fibers that cling to your lashes, making them look lifted and longer. The product also comes with a black primer on one end, this thickens the look of your lashes giving that false lash effect! Similar to the Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara this is an affordable alternative to the high-end beauty product.

Which affordable make products do you love?

Read More: The Best Makeup And Skincare Dupes

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How To Steal Betty Cooper’sMakeup Look


Previously on Missy we showed you how to steal Cheryl Blossom’s makeup look.

We asked you to vote on Instagram for who’s look you wanted us to cover next. It was a very close vote, but you chose Betty Cooper’s Makeup Look.

We love Betty Cooper’s makeup because it’s simple and natural looking. Unlike Cheryl she isn’t into dramatic looks. With her signature high pony-tail, we think Betty’s look would be perfect for school.

We found the exact products that the makeup artists on Riverdale use to create Betty Cooper’s makeup look.



Betty Cooper, is the epitome of socialite preppy. She can rock a high ponytail like no other, and is an all-American blonde beauty. Though her makeup look is minimalistic, Betty’s skin is always glowing. Her cheeks flushed with the perfect pink hue. And her lipstick choice is always the ideal pinky nude shade.

The lead Makeup artist on Riverdale, Erin Mackenzie, shared Betty’s exact product lineup with POPSUGAR.

“Betty’s natural look begins with Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer with Guerlain L’Or Radiance Primer underneath for added radiance,” Mackenzie revealed. “My go-to sculpt and highlight palette is Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, and Glossier Cloud Paint for the most beautiful natural blush out there! Or Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek To Chic blush, in Ecstasy. I adjust her eye shadow each episode, always staying within a naturally defined zone, playing with tones to match her moods. Her lashes are made perfect with Clinique mascara and our favorite lip [last] season is, without question, Josie Maran Sting Plumping Butter in Free It. All this pulled together gives us that perfect girl-next-door glow!”


Lili’s Fav Makeup

It turns out that Lili’s makeup IRL may be very similar to Betty Cooper’s Makeup!


“I do actually use a lot of the same makeup that I wear as Betty on the show, purely because I’ve fallen in love with so many of the products. For eyes, I love to wear this Clinique mascara because I really like a thin, precise brush. I’m not a fan of huge, chunky lashes, so Clinique’s formula delivers a really beautiful finish, and I also use Clinique concealer. Brows are a big thing for me too. I think everyone on the planet uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo, which I’m a big fan of.”

“I’m also really obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlight —oh my gosh, it’s just so gorgeous. I was wearing it for the show and finally had to get it to use in real life, too,” she laughs. “Then for day-to-day, I’ll use Tom Ford’s Traceless Foundation Stick with a BeautyBlender. On the show, we actually use a mix of the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation and Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid, which creates a really gorgeous glowy illusion that translates really well on camera.”

Lili’s top trick:

“Applying with a dampened Beautyblender is the secret to getting the perfect coverage and maintaining a no-makeup look.”

But even though Betty and Lili are basically one-in-the-same, there’s still a difference to how they approach makeup.

“I guess, when it comes to beauty, I’m very much like Betty in the sense that I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and day-to-day, my look is very natural. For instance, I’m out to breakfast right now, and I don’t have any makeup on. But when I think about it, I do think I’m more willing to do a vampy lip or strong, bold eyeliner for a special occasion. Whereas Betty tends to stay in her comfort zone with her pink lipsticks and softly made-up eyes.”


Lili Has Skin Woes Too!

Lili is just a regular gal, like us. She previously revealed that she struggles a lot with acne. Lili even links it to her social anxiety. But she has a collection of go-to products to help fight spots!

According to Lili, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is “amazing for cystic acne”. She also revealed that she buys it “super cheap on Amazon”. Deemed as the “world’s most powerful facial,” this clay mask will unclog your pores and leave you with clearer skin after each use in just 10 minutes. We need this now!

Lili also uses a number of products from Renee Rousseau, which isn’t available in Ireland at the moment. She swears by Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, but you can get a similar effect with The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution.

“But if I want to moisturize, I use GlamGlow’s DreamDuo Treatment. Super heavy moisturizer — amazing,” wrote Reinhart. The overnight moisturizer provides the two-in-one treatment of an anti-aging vitamin-infused serum and hydrating cream made with hyaluronic acid.

If a pimple does pop up, Lili uses Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, which is a super-powerful calamine and salicylic acid treatment to zap away spots overnight.

Lili uses her freshly mixed and customized body lotion made with papaya and pistachio from the St. Ive’s mixing bar in N.Y.C. This is an actual thing and our minds are blown!


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