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40 Running Shoes for Under €60!

40 Running Shoes for Under €60!

Team Missy

Running shoes are an essential part of running. “Obviously” we hear you say. Turns out there’s a lot more to running shoes than we knew. Wearing the wrong shoes whilst running can cause all sorts of sores and injuries (yikes!).
Running has become very popular during lockdown. With apps like couch to 5K, and running challenges all over social media, it’s hard to escape the running bug that’s captivated the nation!
If you’ve recently taken up running a pair of proper shoes is essential!

What To Look For In A Running Shoe

When it comes to choosing a running shoe for you, there are a lot of different factors to consider.
Things like the surface you’ll be running on, how long your runs will be, and even the weather (if running outside) need to be considered.
Whilst it’s tempting to go on a friend’s recommendation or just buy the latest trend, running shoes are very important and should be given a lot of thought.
Consider features like the sole shape, the material, the amount of cushioning before purchasing.
Price can also have a huge impact when it comes to deciding on a running shoe. All of our picks are below €60, but remember to do some research before purchasing to ensure they’re the ones for you!

Here Are 40 Running Shoes For Under €60:

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