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5 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had Since March

5 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had Since March

Neasa Murphy

Is it July already? That can’t be possible, right? I could have sworn I just got sent home from college because there was a pandemic like three days ago…no?
The last few months have been crazy. In some ways, so much has happened; we closed our schools, Leo Varadkar made some intense speeches, people went mad buying toilet paper, all the non-essential shops closed, the Leaving Cert was cancelled, then the shops re-opened, we started wearing masks…you get the picture. In other ways, nothing has happened; no festivals, no celebrations, no school. We’ve just been at home, waiting for the pandemic to be over, and doing our best to stay safe and calm.
Throughout this madness, we’ve dealt with some really unexpected situations, and we’ve had some weird thoughts along the way.
Here are a few of those odd, 5 pandemic-related thoughts you’ve probably had since March…

So, I guess we’re all just home now?

Have we lived through anything stranger than the Taoiseach just telling everybody to go home? Four months later, we’ve all adjusted somewhat to working and studying from home, but it hasn’t been easy. Leaving the house everyday for school, work, and socialising is just our natural rhythm. Digesting the idea that we had to just stay at home was a lot!

Should I turn my camera on?

As we slowly but surely found ways to carry on with our lives, Zoom etiquette, connection issues, and background noise, replaced late buses, raincoats, and morning greetings, as the staples of our daily routines. Where we used to wonder if we’d be late because of traffic, we started wondering whether our teachers and colleagues would turn their camera on, and therefore, if we should get dressed. It remains a constant gamble…

Thank goodness for Normal People

Finally, it was late April (although it felt like March lasted forever), and we had something to watch! The buzz around Normal People came at just the right moment. Without it, we probably would have been left discussing hand sanitizer, and hand sanitizer alone, for the past few months. Phew.

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Did Leo just say what I think he said?

Mean Girls will never be forgotten, and Ireland will never forget the day the Taoiseach referenced it.

Hairdressers? Restaurant meals? I’ll never take you for granted again, I promise!

Oh Phase 3, we are grateful for you! Finally, our mothers can have their roots done, and we have a reason to do our make up! We might not be out of the woods yet; we’re still wearing masks, and using Zoom a lot, but wow are we happy with the progress we’ve made. Restaurant food seems to taste even better than it did before, and we will not be taking simple pleasures for granted again!
What weird pandemic-related thoughts have you had since March? Let us know over on our Instagram.

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