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7 Ways to Beat Those January Blues

7 Ways to Beat Those January Blues

Sophie Coffey

Oh January!

After the drama of December (and 2020 in general!), it is natural for the first month of the year to seem a bit flat. When the combination of dark days and a seemingly never-ending supply of Mondays becomes too much then why not try one of these tips to beat those January blues!

Introduce some routine into your days

This is a particularly true of the beginning of January when all your days have melded into a cycle of only wearing pyjamas and eating selection boxes with every meal of the day. Adding some routine back into your life can be a helpful way of gently reintroducing normality. This does not have to be a big strict routine but even something simple like bringing your sleep schedule into a slightly more reasonable timeline can help.

Clear your head

Found your brain has turned to mush after hours of mindless TV and food comas? We completely understand! Why not try a board game, puzzle, or some form of activity that will engage your brain again? This short burst of productive energy can be a great way to tackle that seasonal slump.

Move your body

After a period that has probably involved plenty of well-deserved time on the sofa, getting your endorphins going is a great way to beat the January blues! Moving your body could involve going for a walk, or even a run if you are feeling particularly enthusiastic! But activities like yoga or even dancing around your room can also be great ways to clear those cobwebs!

Chat to friends

With a combination of the general restrictions and the time off school or college, it is not unsurprising to find your catch-ups with friends are limited. Socialising (within the safety guidelines of course) is a brilliant way of staying connected. It can have huge benefits for your mental health too and help make the long days that little bit easier.

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Make plans

With January dawns both a new year and a new academic term. The return to school can seem long and daunting, particularly for those with mock exams ahead. Creating plans for activities or things to do in the coming weeks can provide encouragement and a morale boost during those dark and wet January evenings.

Take advantage of the hours of daylight

One of the elements that can make January tough is how dark and dreary the days can seem. To combat this, try to get outside while the sun is still up. If this is not possible during term-time, something as deceptively simple as opening your blinds and windows to let in some natural light can have significant benefits.

How will you be motivating yourself through January!

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