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An A-Z of Terms That Sum Up 2020

An A-Z of Terms That Sum Up 2020

Sophie Coffey

After the longest and strangest year we have ever known, 2020 is finally drawing to a close. It has been a year of insanity, loss, unity and so much more. But it has also been a period when we have added some terms to our vocabulary that we could have never imagined. 

Here is an A-Z of terms that sum up 2020!

A: Asymptomatic

B: Banana Bread (this seems so long ago!)

C: Coronavirus (this was the obvious one, but close contact came close too!)

D: Department of Health

E: Education Minister (spoken like a true Leaving Cert 2020 student)

F: Flu-like symptoms

G: Golf gate (oh the drama)

H: Homeschool

I: Influencers in Ibiza (Can I have bonus points for that beautiful alliteration please!)

J: Joe Biden (Easy though it is to forget, the pandemic was not the only event of the year!)

T: Two metre distance

L: Lockdown (this applies to the original and the sequel! Please don’t make it a trilogy!)

M: Measures


O: Outbreak

P: Phased reopening

Q: Quarantining

R: Reproductive Rate (flying it with this alliteration!)

See Also

S: Social distancing (staycation and sanitize were fantastic runners up)

T: Testing

U: Unprecedented (We are so ready for precedented times!)

V: Vaccine



Y: Yellow (Stretching it slightly here perhaps but this is in relation to that specific shade of yellow of the COVID-19 campaign

Z: Zoom

I don’t know about you but I am more than happy to leave all of these A-Z terms in 2020!

What words from 2020 do you never want to hear again? Let us know over on our Instagram!

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