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Celeb Fashion Icon Of The Week: Perrie Edwards

Celeb Fashion Icon Of The Week: Perrie Edwards

Sorcha Kennedy

In my opinion, Little Mix as a girl group has some of the best (and brightest) tour outfits of all time. Each girl has their own individual style whilst still keeping a cohesive group aesthetic. They all also have super unique street styles, and Perrie is no exception. Here boho infused style is so recognisable and has been since the start. However, her style has definitely evolved since her days of wearing flower crowns and waistcoats. Here are some of my favourite Perrie Edwards outfits and how you can copy them.

Orange Obsession

This bright orange mini dress by Alexa Chung is an absolute dream and is definitely Perrie’s style. You don’t have to go for a bright blood orange to steal this look though, there are lots of slightly less intense shades to choose from. The jacquard/satin fabric is so on-trend at the moment and will work for any season. Unfortunately, the dress is sold out (and cost almost €400). Don’t worry though, I’ve found a few similar dresses for a way better price that will give you the same look.

Statement Belt

A statement belt can spice up any outfit and this Off White belt definitely did that. These cloth/utility style belts are super trendy at the moment. Perrie’s belt costs €139, but if you don’t have a couple hundred euro to spend on a belt, here are a few options you can wear instead that won’t break the bank.

Crotchet Everything

Crotchet fashion has become a big trend since the beginning of quarantine as crocheting has been picked up as a hobby by a lot of people. But if you haven’t quite mastered the art itself, here a few crocheted pieces currently on sale on the high street to save you all that time.

Brown/Earth Tones

Brown is currently my favourite colour, and it’s definitely one of Perrie’s as well. It’s such an easy colour to do a monochrome look with because it’s so neutral. It also has lots of shades to choose from. It’s also a great colour to transition from summer to autumn.

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Chunky Sneaker

No one is immune to the chunky sneaker trend, not even Perrie. Having the perfect chunky dad shoe in your wardrobe is a must! They can be worn with everything and anything, and look especially cool with a blazer or suit like Perrie has put together in this outfit.
In your opinion, which Little Mix girl has the best style?

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