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Christmas Nail Ideas

Christmas Nail Ideas

Róisín Lynch

Have the cutest nails at the Christmas dinner table with these super cute nail ideas!

Candy Cane Nails

How fun are these candy cane nails, the red and white make them super Christmassy and they are a fairly simply design if you don’t like too much going on when it comes to your nail designs.

Present nails

Similar to the candy cane nails, these aren’t too over bearing but are still super cute and perfect for Christmas week!

Christmas mix up

A little bit more complex but will definitely cause nail envy! When you can’t pick what Christmas theme you want why not go for them all?

Pink and Gold

If red isn’t really your colour but you still want to do something festive on your nails then these are the nails for you! Pretty and pink with gold shimmer! Perfect for your Christmas plans.

Snowman nails

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Just how cute are these snowman nails! They will definitely turn heads and you will be feeling like your best Christmas self!

Snowflake nails

Once again if red isn’t exactly your colour but you still want to get in on the Christmas nail art fun then these pink snowflake nails are the perfect choice. Simple and not too in your face but still nice and festive!

What are your favourite Christmas nail ideas?

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