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Dear Katie: All of my friends are in relationships and I’m single

Dear Katie: All of my friends are in relationships and I’m single

Katie Harrington

Dear Katie,
All of my friends are in relationships and I’m single. I feel like we never hang out anymore because they’re always busy with their boyfriends. HELP!!
Dear Molly,
First of all, being single is not a bad thing. You’re young, beautiful and you have little or no big responsibilities, so just enjoy it! In saying that, have a chat to your friend and let them know how you’re feeling because chances are, if it’s their first relationship and it’s relatively new, they’re possibly feeling just as overwhelmed as you are. If it is a new relationship, let them enjoy this exciting time and just know that you’re not alone in the way you’re feeling because the majority of people will experience it at some point in their life. Even if they pull back a bit, try not to think of it as if you’re losing a friend, try gaining one by getting to know your friend’s S/O. That way your friend will know you’re cool with them having their S/O around.
My other advice to you is if you’re feeling left out or like you’re not getting to hang out with your friends, try organising some group activities such as bowling, going to an arcade or taking a day trip to the beach. That way your friends can bring their partners but there’s also room for other friends to tag along as well. So you never know, you could find yourself in a relationship as well.
Don’t forget that there’s plenty of time for relationships when you’re older so just enjoy yourself and have fun and if someone nice comes along, well then that’s fine too. And always remember to love yourself first and everything else will eventually fall into place.
Katie x
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