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Decluttering Tips For The Perfect Spring Clean

Decluttering Tips For The Perfect Spring Clean

Sophie Coffey

Most of us have spent more time in our homes and rooms over the past twelve months than we could have ever envisaged.

So, while it has been doubly beneficial to have a tidy space it has also been something that became harder to maintain. Not only will a good decluttering stop you from climbing the walls in boredom but it will mean the contents within those walls will be spotlessly clean!

To help you spruce up your space here are our top decluttering tips for the perfect spring clean!


A spontaneous spring clean seems like a great idea until you just want to go to bed and the entire contents of your wardrobe is on the floor. Try to avoid undertaking a mammoth clean mid-afternoon. Instead aim to start bright and early for the greatest chance of success.

Start with something new

We are creatures of habit and this can even be seen in how we clean our rooms! Usually when we undertake a good clean we start in the same place. While this area of your room might be sparkling we tend to reduce our productivity by the time it comes to other parts. Start with a more neglected area this time for maximum benefit.


A good decluttering will usually result in some items being thrown out or donated. To spare yourself messy piles of mismatched objects prepare some boxes or bags in advance. Organize them into specifics such as ‘keep’, ‘donate’, or ‘bin’ to avoid the risk of accidentally throwing something important out.

Prepare to be ruthless

If you want to achieve a proper decluttering then prepare to be merciless! If you are feeling particularly ambitious then check out Marie Kondo for some  inspiration. On the other hand if you are not in the mood for something quite so drastic then start with dividing items into ‘maybe’ and ‘definite’ piles to reconsider later.

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Clean your mess, don’t move it

Tempting though it is to throw absolutely everything into a wardrobe or cupboard of some kind, don’t! Instead of achieving an organised space, this will simply relocate any mess or chaos.  This tip is one that is particularly worth keeping in mind towards the end of your spring clean. At this point we tend to lose stamina and motivation and shove items haphazardly behind doors in the desperate hope that they will close.

Be thorough

The most satisfying spring clean is one that delves beneath the surface. Try to avoid simply clearing the visible or obvious areas. We often avoid items wedged in tight corners or angled precariously. Equally why not sort out your school materials or use our handy guide to help declutter your cosmetics collections.

What are your top decluttering tips for a successful spring clean?

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