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How To Ace A Job Interview

How To Ace A Job Interview

Aimee Walsh

So, you’ve perfected your C.V and landed a job interview – congrats!

Whether you are looking for your first job, changing jobs or just want to know some great tips on how to ace a job interview – we’ve put together our advice.
Job interviews can be a very daunting experience, and it’s perfectly normal to be nervous and anxious, but hopefully these tips will give you some confidence and make sure you secure that dream job.

Eye Contact

Even if you are not feeling overly-confident during the interview, eye contact can trick the interviewer into thinking you are. We don’t mean have a blinking contest, but showing eye contact while speaking to the interviewer can be engaging. This is extra-important when they are speaking, as it shows you are listening to them.
If they were speaking and you looked down at the ground, or elsewhere it might give off the impression that you are disinterested.

Don’t emphasise the negatives

You may not have extensive experience, or maybe you don’t reach all the criteria on the job brief, but it’s very important that you do not highlight this. Always emphasis the experience you do have and focus on the positives.
A really common question to be asked in a job interview is “What’s your biggest weakness”? This is a good opportunity to pick a weakness and twist it into a strength.

Dress the part

What you wear to the interview depends a lot on the type of job position and company you are interviewing for, but as a general rule of thumb you should always look professional, tidy and feel confident in what you’re wearing.
First impressions are important, and how you present yourself can be a determining factor in whether you get the job.
Neutral colours are always a good option, and look clean and neat. For a formal work environment stay clear of bold prints, very bright colours or distracting patterns. For a more relaxed or casual job interview, black jeans or trousers and a shirt/blouse is always a simple but put-together look.
Save the bold lip and glitter for the festival, and instead opt for neutral tones and minimal makeup.

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Ask Questions

Typically, when the interviewer is finished asking you the questions, they will ask you if you have any questions for them. This is a great opportunity to show your interest, and always have at least two or three questions prepared. Even if you already know the answer, it will show your enthusiasm and interest in the company. Some ideas of questions to ask are;
“What would a typical day in this position look like”?
“Is there opportunity to progress in the company”?
“What do you see for the future of this company”?

Do your Research

Make sure you research the company before your interview. This way you can add in what you know when answering questions, and show your interest to the interviewer.
You may even be asked, “What do you know about this company” or “Why do you want to work here”, and the interviewer will expect you to have done your homework. Of course you don’t need to memorise every detail, but knowing the basics and some key facts about the position and company will stand to you.
Now that you know our top tips on how to ace a job interview you’re sure to land your dream job!

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