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How To Add Colour To Your Bedroom

How To Add Colour To Your Bedroom

Ella Morley

We’ve all probably spent more time in our bedrooms recently than we might have wished, so maybe’s it’s time to take a look around and see how you might brighten up your space?

If you are sharing then you will probably have to consult with your roomie so be prepared and have all your ideas ready and they won’t be able to object.

Re-arrange the space

Simply moving some furniture in your room can give you a whole new perspective.

It can be a case of trial and error here, but worth a few attempts to get a better feeling on the best use of your space.

Maybe you have some things in your room that you no longer need and can be put to better use in someone else’s room? Out they go to their new home.

A good clear out of all cupboards and shelves is very rewarding especially when you get to sit back and enjoy the results.

Now that the canvas is clear, you can see what colours would complement your creativity.


With permission, a change in wall colour might be worth considering but in the short term it really isn’t necessary.

There is so much art available to cover your walls that the underlying paint colour won’t even matter.  Whether this be your own creations or bought, it is up to you. Whichever you choose, it will undoubtably brighten up your room. Artwork is a vital finishing touch to any space and is great for setting a tone and adding dimension to a room.

The word art is so broad that it can apply to anything. If you’re into photographic art rather than a traditional painting, then why not hang up some pictures. These can be of your best friends, favourite pets or celebs. This will add an even more personal touch to your room and make you smile every time you walk into the room. Maybe it is printmaking that springs to mind when you think of artwork or maybe it is a sculpture.

Whatever your definition may be, the artwork should reflect your personality, it is after all, your room.


A few simple lights or a lamp can dramatically change the dynamic of your room. They will provide an improvement to your space guaranteed. Even just updating a lamp shade will give a whole new flair of colour to your room.

Hues will change, the atmosphere will change, the level of warmth will change when a new light or lights are added to your room. Maybe a mood change is what you are looking for? In that case you may want to opt for a candle. It is all about balance. Too much light would make your room very clinical but too little is not sufficient either especially if you have to study.


Whether this would be this be cushion covers, rugs, throws or blankets, well-chosen fabric selections will add a colourful yet cosy touch to your bedroom.

A rug can add colour and comfort for your toes on those cold winter mornings. Take the colour wheel into consideration before buying a rug to find one that best suits your room.

The same goes for cushion covers, throws and blankets. They will all add considerable depth to your room but only if they suit the existing colour scheme.

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For instance, you could add a pop of yellow to a room that is mostly neutral tones or a burst of red in room of greens.  Fabrics will add both texture and give that homey quality to any room.

Don’t be afraid to mix up fluffy and sparkly, patterned and plain. Just remember to choose colours that contrast your walls and curtains and you are good to go.


Mirrors are brilliant because they reflect colours. They create the illusion of a bigger space and add shape to your room.

Whether you opt for a full-length mirror or a few smaller ones they will all offer a different perspective to the area. Perhaps buy one with a decorative boarder to add a bit of spice to the place or maybe customise it yourself if you are up for a bit of handcrafting. This is not mandatory, maybe you feel less is more in this situation. It is completely up to you.  Your room is defined by you. It is your own private sanctuary.


Include a piece of nature to your room by adding a pop of green.

Plants are a brilliant way to bring some extra positivity to any space. Greenery can make the area more appealing and is a great way to purify the air around you. Looking after plants can help you destress and can be a benefit to your mental health. They can boost your productivity, your mood and your creativity. It is scientifically proven that even looking at the colour green can make you feel more relaxed.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel up to looking after a real plant, you can opt for an artificial one. There are some great choices out there. Plants are a great way to brighten up the place and with so many benefits there really is no downside to consider having a plant in your bedroom.

Happy decorating!!!

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