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How To Choose A Fashion Aesthetic For Your Mood

How To Choose A Fashion Aesthetic For Your Mood

Neasa Murphy

Do you like dressing with a specific fashion aesthetic in mind? Or do you change it up according to your mood?
Having an aesthetic that you stick to consistently can be a nice way of making your life easier, or it can make you feel a bit boxed in. Most of us just can’t settle on one aesthetic, especially when we’re young, so why not channel whatever aesthetic suits your mood instead?
TV shows, movies, and music videos often use the same aesthetics to portray similar characters, situations, and feelings, again and again. Over time, we’ve come to associate pink with femininity, dark blazers and sunglasses with strong leadership, and other aesthetics with other ideas. These patterns give us interesting insights into our culture and society, and they create links in our minds between certain clothes, and certain feelings.
Dressing with an aesthetic that fits your mood is a fun way to play around with these links, express who you are, and get creative with clothes.

Mood: I’m feeling energetic, bubbly, and full of personality

Aesthetic: 90s pop star

In lots of ways, the 90s was all about being comfy while still making a statement. If you’re feeling energetic, you’ll want to be able move around in your clothes, but still turn a look with a little colour or a pattern. Scary Spice and Sporty Spice are good examples of this mood.
Take a loud pattern, like the tie-dye jeans from Urban Outfitters below, and pair it with a pop of colour. Now add some hairclips and a choker, and you’re ready to take the stage.

Mood: Dramatic and strong

Aesthetic: Monochromatic

There’s something about a monochromatic look that just screams confidence. The commitment to one colour is striking and always makes you feel brave. You can dress up or dress down a monochromatic look, and either way you’ll feel super stylish and boss.

Mood: Girly, sassy, and flirty

Aesthetic: Early 2000s bombshell

The early 2000s will forever remain in our hearts. It was Mean Girls, it was Legally Blonde, it was fluffy and pink, and if we’re being honest, it kind of needed to be toned down, but it was amazing. Early 2000s style is super girly and fun, like Ariana Grande’s looks in her Thank u, next video.
The Nasty Gal dresses below are a perfect nod to this over-the-top period of fashion. The white fluffy number is very Cher from Clueless, and the pink is a little Regina George, a little Elle Woods.

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Mood: Sophisticated and impressive

Aesthetic: Effortlessly put together

Who hasn’t gone through a phase of just being obsessed with looking “put together”? There’s something about this neat and tidy aesthetic just makes you believe you’ve got your whole life figured out (even though we all know that’s not really a thing).
Looking “put together” is all about taking classic clean-cut pieces, like skinny jeans and structured jackets, matching them perfectly, and strolling out the door like you haven’t even thought about it. The final touch is to respond to any compliments you get with a casual, “Oh this thing? Thanks, I just threw it on…”

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