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How To Choose The Best False Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

How To Choose The Best False Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

Aimee Walsh

False eyelashes can completely finish off any makeup look – whether it’s a dramatic eye, glam smokey eye or a natural look.
Considering your eye shape before picking a pair can enhance your natural eye shape. We all have different eye shapes – almond, hooded, round and deep-set eyes to name a few, and there are different false eyelashes to suit every shape out there and make your beautiful eyes stand out even more!

Rounded Eyes

People with rounded eyes can usually have large eyes and can see the white around your iris. People with rounded eyes should choose curly lashes to lift and enhance the curve of the top eyelid. Heavy and voluminous lashes can make rounded eyes look heavy and smaller. Cat-eye lashes, like the Unicorn Cosmetics 3D Mink Eyelashes Apple Sours, that flare out towards the end are a go-to for round eyes, softening and flattering the natural eye shape.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are slightly pointed at the ends, with a wider centre. The iris is hidden by the eyelids. Most eye lashes look great with an almond eye shape, especially extra volume and full lashes.

Deep-set Eyes

Deep set eyes are when the eyes look larger and are set deeper in the eye socket, which creates the look of a more prominent brow bone. People with deep set eyes usually want makeup and lashes to help brighten the eyes to make them look less shadowed. Long and wispy lashes are the way to enhance deep-set eyes.

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Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are when the eyelid is not clearly visible when the eye is open. The wrong eyelashes can pull hooded eyes down and make them look smaller. Fluttery eyelashes with longer lashes above the pupil can open the eye at the centre.

Mono-lidded Eyes

Mono-lidded eyes are eye shapes that do not have a crease on the eyelid. Lashes with a mixture of long and short lashes and a wispy texture are the best for mono-lidded eyes as they will add depth to your eyes.
Do you choose your false eyelashes for your eye shape?

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