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Leaving Cert 2021: What Do We Do Now?

Leaving Cert 2021: What Do We Do Now?

Amy McLoughlin writer and 6th Year student, Amy McLoughlin, discusses what’s next for the Leaving Cert 2021 class with COVID-19 once again impacting schools and the exams.

So, we have a plan. Whether it’s good, bad, clear or unclear or just a complete mess, it’s still a plan.

For the foreseeable future Leaving Cert students will be returning to the classrooms for three days a week, with the remainder of the week being spent on remote learning. With no further guidance on exams, mocks, orals and practical exams; we are still pretty much sitting in the dark.

It is extremely frustrating and an anxious situation to be left in. So, what do we do now?

The Mock and Oral exams are going ahead, for right now and until we hear otherwise. The traditional Leaving Cert 2021 is going ahead in June, for now.

So, no matter how much we want to throw our books, copies and possibly ourselves out of a window, we have to keep studying. We have to keep working, whether it’s when you’re in the classroom or at home online. I know it feels pointless and frustrating, but keep going.

Irrational outbursts are just going to sink the ship.

If you have a concern or a worry or an opinion; first, take a breath before ranting and attempting to take the government and the Department of Education over Twitter. If you want to be heard we have to do in a mature and measured fashion.

The Irish Second-Level Student’s Union or the ISSU are here to represent us, second level students. Emails to are accepted from all students who are concerned, anxious or have any questions on the recent restrictions put in place. Properly worded and thought through requests are what will get your opinion heard on the floor.

We are all in this together.

I know you are sick to teeth of hearing that and it has ruined any chance you will ever have of enjoying High School Musical ever again, but it’s true. Dragging people down who have a different opinion to you is completely destructive behaviour. There are over 60,000 Leaving Cert students and we probably all want different things.

So, do not get into a fight with someone who disagrees. We don’t all want calculated grades, we don’t all want to do the Leaving Cert, we don’t all want to go back to school. Whatever your opinion, we need to stick together. We can’t afford for the student voice break from the inside.

Watch out for fake news.

Reading responsibly is the best way to protect your mental health and ensures that you’re well informed. Following the news on official resources like RTE, Virgin Media and Government Official pages will keep you correctly informed. Richard Chambers and Gavan Reilly from Virgin Media News are fantastic on Twitter and Facebook for anyone looking for constant and correct information.

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Finally. You need to mind your mind.

You are the most important person in all of this. You need to look after yourself. Whether we want to or not, we will be back in the classroom on Monday, so you need to be 100% ready to go, to face this new challenge.

Should you need anyone to talk to:

Text “HELLO” to 50805, HSE

Phone 116 123, Samaritans 24hr Helpline

Phone 1800 66 66 66 or text 50101, Childline

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