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Reasons To Love Yourself

Reasons To Love Yourself

Ella Morley

These days with the amount of hate and trauma present in our environment, it can be hard to see the good left in the world.

That “good” starts with you.

How do you feel about yourself? Do you listen to the nasty things people say online or to your face? Or do you rise above it all and realise that if they are unable to see your value, they are not worth it.

There are countless reasons to love yourself and here are just a few:

There is no one quite like you

As Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Trying to be someone else can be exhausting. Why would you deny the world the chance of seeing the real you? At the end of the day this is your life so there is no point trying to fit into a box. This will only make you unhappy. There is no one else on the planet quite like you. No one else will experience the world exactly the same as you. No one has been on your journey. Only you know what has led you up right to this moment and therefore no one has permission to judge you.

You overcome many obstacles

You have gone through so much and still managed to make it out the other side. Look at all the obstacles you have overcome. Whether you had to endure bullying, fake friends or anything else that has not been easy for you – then that just proves how strong you are. To keep fighting even when you feel like giving up can seem impossible, but you are here now. You have conquered every single bad day you have had. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Keep going. You got this!

You deserve it

Look at all you have achieved so far. You are living through a pandemic for starters and have already survived two lockdowns. That is quite a lot for anyone to undertake. Well done! Sometimes we feel that in order to be successful in life we must do something big like write a book or run a business but in reality, even the smallest things should be celebrated. Going for a walk every day is an achievement. Cooking dinner for your family is an achievement. With this in mind look around and you will find many successes in every day. Just taking note of these achievements will highlight to yourself all that you have accomplished.

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Your life will improve

If you love yourself, your life can only improve from there on out. Self-love will add a layer of optimism to our lives. You will become more confident once you realise all the amazing qualities you do have. Loving yourself is not always easy and can be incredibly tricky to maintain at times. Learning how to do this can take time but it is one of the most important lessons you will pick up. This is a big step in terms of your personal growth. When you love yourself, this energy will radiate from you attracting like-minded friends and acquaintances from all walks of life.

You are unstoppable

We often underestimate our capabilities until we are put to the test. Sometimes we are so scared of failure that we let it stop us from achieving our goals. You are so much stronger than this. Once you love yourself you begin to recognise your potential. Everything that once seemed out of reach now becomes possible. You realise that with a little self-belief and motivation your wildest dreams are attainable. Self-love will give you this power. Go for it!

You are unstoppable and do not forget it.

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