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That Feeling When: 15 Emotions Every Irish Student Knows

That Feeling When: 15 Emotions Every Irish Student Knows

Sophie Coffey

All across Ireland students are preparing for the annual return to school. Pandemic related measures aside, there is no doubt that each of us has a different school experience.

Despite this there are some elements to our education that are familiar to every single student. These are identical components that remain unchanged regardless of the school’s structure or location.

So, whether you are starting your secondary journey, fondly remembering it, or even just muddling through somewhere in the middle, here are fifteen emotions you and every Irish student knows…

That feeling when…the teacher starts handing out a test you didn’t know about!

That’s just a worksheet right….right?

That feeling when… you hear the ominous tone of the bleep test recording!

Surely, there is a law against this by now?

That feeling when…the fire alarm drill is scheduled for your least favourite class

What’s the Irish for “thank god” again?

That feeling when…you don’t know an Irish translation so you just pop a trusty fada in the middle and an extra “a” at the end

Tár eis an ardteist rachaidh mé go dti…. Magalufa?

That feeling when… you can’t find a piece of homework you definitely completed

I swear I actually did it…this time.

That feeling when… you can only find half of your PE uniform

I swear my t-shirt was there five minutes ago!

That feeling when… you stare out the window of every classroom hoping for it to rain so that training will be cancelled

They can’t possibly make us play hockey in that? (They can and they absolutely will)

That feeling when… you remember how nice your lunch is

Come at me double maths – I have pasta for lunch!

That feeling when… a substitute teacher walks in

Class dismissed!

That feeling when… you accidentally use an Irish word in a foreign language class

Tír gan anam, tír gan teanga!

That feeling when… a teacher references an event in their life such as their own Leaving Cert so the whole class starts calculating their age

“Okay, so if she sat her Leaving Cert as an 18 year old in 1989, then that would make her how old now?”

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That feeling when… you completely make-up an answer and somehow get it right

I can never tell if I’m the most surprised or my teacher is!

That feeling when… you can’t find your pencilcase

Not my four-coloured Bic pens!

That feeling when… someone counts down until exams

Was that even remotely necessary?

That feeling when… you get the right answer but haven’t got a clue how you managed it

My genius is too great even for me!

Are there any other emotions you think every Irish student knows?

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