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The Do’s and Don’ts of Waiting for Leaving Cert Results

The Do’s and Don’ts of Waiting for Leaving Cert Results

Sophie Coffey

The countdown to results is never an enjoyable period. These next few weeks may come with their own challenges but there are practical steps that can be taken to help you keep your panic at bay.

So, if you are feeling the stress, here are our tried and tested tips for how to keep calm whilst waiting for Leaving Cert results…

Do…distract yourself

Constantly focussing on the results will only cause the pressure to build up. Instead, try to keep your mind off them as much as possible by distracting yourself. Whether it is a face-mask and bath or a complicated baking session, there are simple ways to divert your stress. Other options include finding some escapism in your favourite film or challenging your brain with a tricky puzzle or book. Remember; “Over analysis leads to paralysis”


As someone who has experience counting down the days until the results, this is so much easier said than done, I know! But if you can manage this, it while be hugely valuable.

Most of us have experienced leaving an exam with relative confidence only for this self-belief to tumble the further away we get from the paper itself. This year we are facing a much more extreme version of this. Almost four months will have elapsed between the cancellation of our exams and our results. On top of this we have battled against the media coverage attached to being the most prominent cohort of students in Leaving Cert history.

It’s no surprise that panic and worry are bubbling over at the moment. But where possible try to keep your mind from spiralling into negative “what ifs”. Focus on the positives and what you can control as opposed to what remains out of our hands.

Do…source accurate info

The class of 2021 have spent months dealing with changes, new proposals, backtracked plans and constantly varying reports. Now that the finalised information is available, use these reliable sources to provide yourself with accurate and updated facts.

If you still have any queries this article from the Department of Education and Skills will explain the process of getting your results.

Don’t… worry about rumours

The Leaving Cert has never received as much attention in any given year as it has in 2020 and 2021. As a result we have spent months dealing with sensationalist headlines and articles. Stressing over speculation is an added worry and one that will hopefully be unfounded. None of us know what will happen to points or the impact this method will have had on our grades. Try to focus on that which we know for certain to be true. Avoid worrying about rumours that flit around friendship and year groups.

Do…get some sleep

Results are set to be released at 9am prompting most of us to wake up early (far earlier than 9am I suspect, whether we intend to or not!) The uncertainty and the stress of the day itself is likely to be mentally draining. To combat this aim to get plenty of hours of sleep over the next few days. Being as well rested as possible will also put you in the best mental place to cope with the results – what ever they may be!

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Don’t… speculate over the CAO

None of us can even guess what the CAO points will look like this year! When results are issued try not to convince yourself that you are guaranteed to get or lose out on a place. It is important not to give up before the offers are even out but also to remain realistic and prevent disappointment. Try to apply these “do’s and don’ts” to the countdown for offers as well!

Waiting for Leaving Cert results is honestly the worst part. No matter what you get there’s always way forward.

Best of luck to everyone getting their results from all of us here at!

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