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The Effect PPE Has On The Environment and How You Can Reduce It

The Effect PPE Has On The Environment and How You Can Reduce It

Sorcha Kennedy

One of the only positive things to come from the COVID19 pandemic is the fact that fewer cars were on the road, which created a record drop in global CO2 emissions.

Unfortunately, there are bad effects the pandemic is having on the environment, which includes pollution by PPE (personal protective equipment). Here are some of the effects PPE is having on the environment and a few ways you can help reduce these effects.

The Effect PPE Has On The Environment

If you’ve been in a busy area recently then you’ve probably noticed discarded gloves, masks, wipes, etc. lying on the ground. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in most countries, therefore creating a global problem. Some of the most often discarded items included plastic gloves and wipes, neither of which are biodegradable. A big problem may occur if PPE ends up in water like seas or lakes, although it has not been reported if this is an issue yet. No PPE is recyclable, however, a lot of it is ending up at recycling plants. It’s super important to dispose of these items in the proper manner.

Disposing of PPE in the proper manner

It’s important that if you’re using one-use items that you dispose of them properly. This means you must seal them in a secure bag and dispose of them with your normal waste. It’s important to not just leave them on the floor somewhere as they won’t biodegrade.

Use reusable face masks

Reusable cloth face masks are a great way to cut down on the effect of PPE on the environment. You can make your own, or buy them (here is a link to an article we did on 5 places you can buy reusable masks in Ireland)

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Use biodegradable sanitizing wipes

Wipes are a super handy way to sanitise things like your phone, your hands, etc. but unfortunately, most wipes aren’t biodegradable. You can buy biodegradable wipes that are a great substitute!

It’s super easy to stay safe by wearing a face mask, and still be eco-conscious!

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