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Trending: Leather Leggings

Trending: Leather Leggings

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Is anyone else finding it really hard to pull an outfit together these days? Granted, we are just heading to Tesco for the weekly shop but that’s the hight of excitement these days.

After months of loungewear and not getting out of your pyjamas for days it’s weird to be putting on actual clothes that are going to be seen in public. There’s a weird feeling of just wanting to be comfortable, but also feel good about yourself, which is what fashion really is. So what can we do?

May we suggest investing in leather leggings?

Now, the notion of leather trousers might be giving you visions of Ross from Friends, but believe us when we say that leather leggings are the comfiest things – except for a tracksuit or pyjamas – that you can wear.

How To Style Leather Leggings


There are so many ways to wear leather leggings.

Pair them with an oversized hoodie and trainers and suddenly you look ready for the catwalk, forget the pasta aisle in Tesco.

Wear them with a summer dress and Doc Martins.

The also look great with blazers, oversized jumpers, runners…anything really.

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How To Wear Them

A word of caution: not all leather leggings are created equally. Some are made of quite thin fabric. That makes them super comfortable to wear, but they don’t offer much support. A good pair of seamless underwear to avoid visible panty lines and a top to cover the bum area and you’re good to go.

If you envision yourself wearing leather leggings are more of a trousers go for a studier faux leather fabric, like these ones from Topshop.

Here’s some of our top picks…

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