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Why You Should Keep Dressing (Relatively) Normal During Lockdown

Why You Should Keep Dressing (Relatively) Normal During Lockdown

Róisín Lynch

Emphasis on the relatively!

We can all agree that sweatpants and oversized hoodies were one of the good things to come out of 2020 and I think many of us can agree that we have taken them in to 2021 with us too!

While they are so nice, there are benefits to putting on a nice outfit and a little bit of makeup if that’s something you used to wear before the whole you know pandemic.

Here is a list of reasons why you might want to put a little bit of thought in to your outfit choices one or two days out of the week!

It motivates you for the day

Just like the saying you are what you eat, the same goes for what you wear! It’s more to do with the effect it has on your mindset more than anything else. The way you dress sets the tone for the day. While it’s lovely to feel nice and cosy, putting on a nice top and doing a nice hairstyle can make you feel a lot more motivated for the day and help you conquer your school or work day with a boss attitude!

It makes an abnormal time feel a little bit more normal

Dressing the way you used to pre pandemic can give you a sense of normality that we all need right now. This will really help your mood for the day and make things feel a little bit less scary and daunting. We all need a little taster of the life we had before all this weirdness so dressing the way you used to may be a big help!

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It’s good for your mental wellbeing

Similar to point one about dressing up a bit being good for motivation, it’s really good for your mental well-being over all. When you are wearing sweatpants and hoodies every day (as nice as it is!) you can start to feel a little slouchy and tired. Changing out the sweatpants and hoodie for a pair of leggings or jeans and a nice top can make you feel more awake and fresher which can only result in a clearer mind to work with for the day.

You’ll feel more like yourself

It’s easy to lose yourself in comfy clothes and Netflix marathons at the moment as we have to go without our usual routine and hobbies but dressing in the clothes you used to wear for your daily activities can make you feel a little bit more yourself and give you the boost you might be needing at the minute!

Are you trying to keep up dressing normal during Lockdown, or have you stayed your pyjamas?

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