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20 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

20 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Sophie Coffey

There is no doubt that retailers are exploiting the commercial element of Mother’s Day more and more every year. However, it can be a great day to show your mum how much she means to you. 
If you are looking for a unique present that won’t leave you bankrupt check out my top 20 gift ideas for Mother’s Day.


Often when we imagine gifting jewellery flashy price symbols jump to mind. This doesn’t have to be the case and it is still possible to purchase jewellery on a student’s budget. TKMaxx and Accessorize are particular favourites of mine when it comes to this one.


Perhaps your mum is running low on her favourite mascara. Or maybe you’ve spotted a gorgeous lipstick that is just her colour. Either way there is an abundance of beautiful cosmetics choices to suit all budgets.


If you really aren’t sure what to get your mum, then a voucher is a safe bet but be sure to put some thought into where the voucher can be spent. A gift voucher for afternoon tea, or a spa treatment is always a good idea.

Purses and Handbags

There are plenty of gorgeous purses and handbags out there and frankly you can never have too many. TKMax is a brilliant place to pick up a designer purse at a cost that won’t dent your own.


As far as we are concerned Netflix and streaming services are the main ways to watch our favourite films, but if you know your mum happens to have a beloved film that isn’t available online, why not source a copy for her. Amazon has EVERYTHING!

DIY Vouchers

These are guaranteed to go down well and are the perfect way to ensure you don’t end up bankrupting yourself. You can make them as specialised as you like. For example, a voucher to give your mum a break from cooking dinner to be redeemed when she chooses. Or perhaps a voucher to do the shopping etc. Another idea for a DIY voucher is for a day with you. Quality time with you is far more valuable to your mum; when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas, it’s definitely the best.

Pamper goodies

Bath bombs and face masks are gifts we love to receive and perfect for a Sunday evening. Treat your mum to something for a luxurious night in.


Chocolates are a typical favourite but you’ll definitely score some brownie points if you can pick out your mum’s favourite sweet treat.


These might sound a bit generic and can sometimes seem unreasonably priced but much like with the chocolates, if you can pick out your mum’s favourite these are a winner.


Often mum’s have hectic schedules so consider gifting yours with the chance to go and try something new or take a break.

Stylish accessories

With spring arriving there is a reduced need for thick woolly accessories but the change in seasons does not have to mean less fashionable accessories. Check out stylish scarves or trendy belts.


This is one that I recommend for all gift giving occasions but setting aside time to spend with your mum will definitely be appreciated.

Scented candles and diffusers

Perfume prices tend to seem extortionate for the bigger brands but consider buying your mum some scented candles to relax or a diffuser to keep her room beautifully scented.

See Also

Cosy clothes

This is a firm favourite in my house and I don’t think my mum has had to buy herself a single pair of slippers or a dressing gown since having kids!

Personalised gifts

There are plenty of online websites that will allow you to gift your mum something meaningful this year.

Photo album

Continuing on the personal note, creating a photo album is a special gift idea that lasts forever.


If your budget extends to something a little pricier check out tickets to local shows for an event you and your mum can attend together.


Books are brilliant gifts and don’t forget to check out non-fiction too – we have some great suggestions that mums will love too!

Hobby related

If your mum has a particular hobby then check out the possibility of buying her something connected to her hobby.

Homemade gifts

Personally, I have the artistic ability of a farmyard animal but don’t be afraid to give your mum something you’ve managed to create. Mums tend to be proud of them no matter what they look like!

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