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A Look Back At The Kardashians Most Iconic Moments

A Look Back At The Kardashians Most Iconic Moments

Róisín Lynch

The Kardashians just wrapped on filming their last series of the reality series and while this is a very sad occasion they have left us with some truly entertaining moments, a lot of which have since been turned in to well-known memes.

To help you get over the Kardashian withdrawals we are taking a look back at some of the most iconic moments from Keeping Up With The Kardashians over the years.

The Kardashians Most Iconic Moments

“Kim there’s people that are dying.”

Top of the list has to be Kim’s famous diamond earring in the ocean moment. Kourtney gives Kim a very blunt reality check by informing her that there are in fact worse things that can happen.

The Handbag Fight

The Kardashian sisters are known for having their fights but things can get physical from time to time and that was certainly the case with the iconic handbag fight between Kim and Khloe. This one definitely provided some quality entertainment for us watching at home.

Scott pretending to be Todd Kraines

Who can forget Scott’s Oscar worthy prank on Kris! To be fair his accent  is very believable!

Kimye’s proposal

While we all love the Kardashians for the drama there are some sweet moments that we can’t leave off this list. One of those being Kanye’s proposal to Kim. If there’s one way to do a proposal it’s this, fireworks, a stadium, the whole shebang. It’s safe to say Kanye has set the bar high on this one!

Kimye’s wedding

And of course with a proposal like that the wedding was sure to be a treat and it definitely was! An Italian setting and just look at those flowers!! Wedding goals for sure.

Scott Disick becoming a lord

While he may not be an actual Kardashian there is a reason that many people vote Scott as their favourite on the series and that is purely down to his dry humour and his wild ideas. One of those ideas being his decision to become a lord!

Kim to Kourtney “you’re the least interesting to look at.”

When things got a little heated in regards scheduling for the family Christmas card shoot, Kim threw out a savage line informing Kourtney of her place in the family, while it was a little harsh it sure proved entertaining for us at home!

“Kim stop taking pictures your sister is going to jail.”

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When Khloe gets done for a drink driving offence, rather than helping her sister Kim decides to use the car ride to the court as an opportunity to take some selfies – I mean she is Kim Kardashian after all!

Scott slagging Kim for how much money she has

One thing we love about Scott is his ability to say what we are all thinking! Scott in some ways is one of us as an outsider looking in to the family and we just love when he speaks his mind and slags them for the luxuries they have. One of these iconic moments was when Kim gets excited after receiving a free yoga membership, with Scott sarcastically reminds Kim of the fact that money isn’t exactly an issue for her!

Kim’s ugly cry

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry! Now not many of us look great when we are crying but Kim’s crying face has made for many the good meme over the years with even Kourtney slagging her for it on the show!

The final series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is currently airing on Hayu.

When it comes to the the Kardashians most iconic moments what’s your favourite?

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