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Aldi Have A Glossier Haloscope Dupe For €2.99!!

Aldi Have A Glossier Haloscope Dupe For €2.99!!

Danielle Mahoney

Aldi have long been serving us some great dupes for Pixi, Smash Box, Urban Decay, Creme De La Mer and more, but now they have a Glossier Haloscope Dupe!

Why Glossier’s Haloscape Is So Special

Aldi don’t waste their time with products that aren’t worth mimicking, so straight away you know that there must be something pretty special about Glossier’s Haloscope. When the rest of the beauty world was busy lashing tons of glitter into highlighter, Glossier was creating their own everyday glow in the form of Haloscope. Haloscope is alllll about that dewy-skin look and enhancing natural beauty. It’s downright dewy without beaming off of your cheekbone like other artificial shimmer products.

Give. It. To. Us. Now.

Why They’re So Similar

Well, for starters the packaging is basically the exact same. And just like the Glossier version, the Aldi highlighter has an outer core and an inner core.

Haloscope is described as: ‘A crystal-infused highlighter with skin conditioning benefits. The stick’s outer core (the “halo”) is formulated with genuine crystal extracts for an all-day glow that’s not glittery. The solid, oil-based inner core is made from vitamin-rich moisturizers for a hydrated, dewy finish‘.

The Lacura highlighter doesn’t have the same marketing jargon to accompany it, just that it gives a ‘dewy-glow look with no glittery effect‘.

Why The Aldi Glossier Haloscope Dupe Is Worth Buying

Just like the OG Glossier product, the Lacura Highlighter Stick is a great subtle highlight. The cream sheen from it looks very natural on the skin, so it looks like you’ve been blessed with gorgeous skin. If you like a mad highlighter, this isn’t for you as it’s not glittery. But if you’re after a subtle glow with a nod with the Instagram “glass skin” trend, this is a perfect daytime highlighter for you.

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Use it on your brow and cheek bones, cupids bow and the bridge of your nose for a natural dewy-glow. 

Another added bonus is that the Lacura Highlighter Stick is cruelty free, which we stan. Glossier products are also cruelty free as well, which we also stan.

Also the Lacura Highlighter is €2.99 compared to Glossier’s version which retails for €21 excluding shipping.  Honestly could you go wrong with Aldi’s offering? 

Will you be trying the Glossier Haloscope dupe from Aldi?

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