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Bananas for Bandanas

Bananas for Bandanas

Caoimhe Mahon

Retro clips, chunky headbands and the scrunchie are just a few of the hair accessories, which have gained popularity over recent years coming in and out of fashion on a loop.

Now, in summer 2021, it seems the 90s hair favourite of the bandana is back. This stylish and diverse accessory is a firm favourite in my wardrobe and one everyone can rock due to its range of prints, colours, fabrics and styles available.

The History of The Bandana

The bandana was famously adopted by style icons of the 1950s who partnered the iconic bandana, tied in a dainty bow, with a bold red lip. In the 1990s the bandana made a big comeback adding dimension to denim and urbanising any outfit. This small but mighty piece of cloth has stood the test of time as it harks back to the times of Ancient Greece and Rome alongside cementing roots in South Asia and now firmly sitting at the table of fashion after undergoing a western rebrand.

The Bandana In 2021

Some of our favourite celebrities and musicians are also jumping on the bandana buzz from pop stars to rock stars; each one is adding their own spin to this hot new accessory. So whether you want to wear it like Beyonce, style it like Harry Styles or dawn it like J-Lo you will never be short of inspiration.

How To Style Bandanas

Whether you want to use the accessory in its classic form or mix things up by styling it as a neck scarf or an elegant pony tie the options with a bandana are endless. You can also use it as a top!

In every highstreet store there appears to be a shelf draped with this 90s gem so whether you are drawn to tribal or tartan, silk or leather this accessory caters for all. Therefore, the bandana is the perfect staple this summer for adding a fresh new spin to your unique look.

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So whether you are in need of disguising a bad hair day, wear it as a top or simply cannot wait to try out this new accessory this summer the bandana should be making an appearance with your summer outfits.

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Will you be wearing bandanas this summer?

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