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Body Hair: Should It Stay or Go? That’s Your Decision

Body Hair: Should It Stay or Go? That’s Your Decision

Caoimhe Mahon

We are constantly bombarded with ads and suggestions on hair removal: from shaving to waxing and now laser, which is increasing in popularity.

Though we rarely hear anything about keeping our body hair.

We are taught from a young age that body hair is something to be embarrassed about, hid and removed…that is for females, of course.

It seems ironic that a lot of males have problems with females body hair, I mean heaven forbid a girl has a little shadowing or stubble, yet a male is allowed to be as hairy as he likes and nothing is said to them.

If a male waxes, shaves and plucks that is okay, if they choose not to then that’s okay. They are given freedom to do so whilst condemning women to pricey and time consuming procedures of hair removal.

Even now, in 2021, we are still not an accepting society.

On Instagram you will see posts where body hair is visible, on ads or in films it is popping up more often than before.

However, people still view it as taboo something that generates controversial discussion and divides opinion. This in itself proves the lack of acceptance in our society. If its not impacting us, its not our body then why do we care and why do we think we have the right to judge?

Just last week I was scrolling on social media and came across a string of videos where girls were dancing or posing with visible body hair and then suddenly the clip would be recorded over by someone holding a razor. When I saw this I was taken aback that so many of the people holding the razors, and forcing their opinion on these girls, were either male or younger girls.

Again, if they are male, why do they think they have the right to tell us what does and doesn’t make us feminine? And as for the younger girls, just think what type of message this attitude towards hair tells them if we condone this?

Are You Doing It For Yourself Or For Others?

I personally choose to shave, wax and use laser to remove some of my body hair because for me removing it makes me feel more confident.

I know I’m not alone in feeling more confident by removing my body hair, but I also understand and respect that some others get that same sense of confidence and empowerment from having their body hair remain on their bodies.

Either way, it’s perfectly okay and you need to do what you want, what makes you happy and most of all you need to do it for you.

Think next time you pick up the razor or spend money on a wax:

  • Am I doing this for me, because I want to?
  • Am I doing this because I feel pressure to and I don’t want people to laugh at me?
  • Am I only doing this for boys ?

Asking yourself these questions will put things in perspective.

Consequences of Peer Pressure

For some people their hair is dark, thick and resilient. No matter how often we pluck or how hard we wax it returns with a vengeance.

Creating a society which pressures girls to constantly remove hair can open a whole can of worms.

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For some constant shaving and waxing can be painful and damage the skin, for others the constant battle with their hair reduces their self esteem and leaves them lacking confidence and for some it racks up an eye watering bill especially if they feel they have to go down the route of laser hair removal.

Body hair is a natural thing for everyone. It’s also important to remember that hair removal trends come and go, but in the mean time they warp our sense of beauty. In the 1970’s a “full bush” was deemed desirable, but now we’re being lead to believe that a full Hollywood” wax is all that is acceptable. Neither are “correct” really – it should be all about your own personal preference.

The bottom line is simple:

This is your body, your hair and that means it is absolutely your decision.

If you want no hair, a little or a whole lot that is your choice.

Just remember, it has to be kept or removed because you want it to be and not for anyone else.

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