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12 Irish Authors For Teens and Young Adult Readers

12 Irish Authors For Teens and Young Adult Readers

Sophie Coffey

The summer offers the perfect chance to pick up all of those books you never got the chance to start during the academic year. Whether you are a bookworm who cannot wait to delve into your favourite paperbacks or a less confident reader determined to at least finish a few books this summer there are options for everyone. In fact, there are so many choices that it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily for you we have compiled a collection of 12 Irish authors for teens and YA readers!

Moïra Fowley-Doyle

There is a reason that Moïra Fowley-Doyle’s debut novel ‘The Accident Season’ was described as ‘magical’. It is a complex combination of suspense and romance that is perfect for fans of thriller mysteries. Her more recent novel ‘All The Bad Apples’ is equally captivating in its unflinching address of women’s rights and intricate plot.

Louise O’Neill

I could praise the brilliance that is Louise O’Neill’s writing for hours on end! For this article I will limit myself to recommending that you add at least one of her novels to your summer reading list. While my personal favourite is the critically acclaimed ‘Asking For It’, O’Neill’s other novels including ‘Only Ever Yours’ and ‘After The Silence’ are immensely powerful reads too.

Claire Hennessy

Claire Hennessy has written nine novels for teens but its her two most recent pieces of fiction that are particular popular. ‘Nothing Tastes As Good’ and ‘Like Other Girls’ both explore intense and valuable subject matter. And both are absolutely worth adding to your summer reading list.

Sarah Crossan

Not only are Sarah Crossan’s novels written in different formats but they also span a number of topics. Verse novels are excellent options for less confident readers due to their brevity but they still offer detailed exploration into complex subject matter.

Deirdre O’Sullivan

Deirdre O’Sullivan’s novel ‘Needlework’ received commendation and praise when it was first published in 2016 and in 2017 it was awarded Children’s Books Ireland Honour Award for Fiction. This acclaim is utterly deserved and ‘Needlework’ is a poetic and dark tale that is well worth your time.

Cecilia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern is not typically associated with YA writing but her ‘Flawed’ series is an intricately created novel perfect for fans of dystopian fiction. In particular readers who loved The Hunger Games are sure to enjoy this series.

Denise Deegan

We are often drawn to YA novels due to a sense of being able to relate to the character or situations. In this regard we need look no further then Denise Deegan’s butterfly series which follows a group of friends starting from their time in Transition Year. With everything from friendships, love and of course embarrassing situations, it is the perfect teen tale.

Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney has practically become synonymous with Irish YA writing thanks to her refreshingly realistic portrayals. Even if you have already devoured the brilliant ‘Normal People’, then Rooney’s debut ‘Conversations With Friends is the perfect next addition to your summer reading list.

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Anna Carey

While there are plenty of examples of Irish writers who have made their mark in YA fiction, there are also an abundance of brilliant authors who have created novels aimed at younger teens too. Rebecca Rafferty is the fourteen-year-old star of Anna Carey’s popular teen fiction series but it’s Rebecca’s determination to be a music star in her own right that creates an engaging and enjoyable read.

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb’s popular Amy Green series is another perfect example of teen novel to add to your reading list this summer. The heart-warming and hilarious series follows thirteen-year-old Amy as she navigates the trials and tribulations of being an Irish teenager.

Adiba Jaigirdar

Perhaps a newer Irish author for teens to add to your list is Adiba Jaigirdar. Adiba’s debut novel, The Henna Wars was released in 2020 and she has already published her second book, Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating.

Ciara Smyth

And another slightly newer author to keep an eye on is Ciara Smyth. Her two first novels, The Falling In Love Montage and Not My Problem are more than worthy adds to your reading list.

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