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Celeb Fashion Icon Of The Week: Luna Montana

Celeb Fashion Icon Of The Week: Luna Montana

Sorcha Kennedy

As a ballet girl, I’ve been watching Luna Montana for years. She’s definitely someone I heavily relate to and I love how open and honest she is about her struggles in life. She’s a great role model to look up to and feels like a friend to all her viewers. She also happens to have impeccable style, which she shows off both on her youtube channel and her Instagram (which is very aesthetically pleasing). I’ve picked some of my favourite outfits she’s worn and found similar pieces so you can steal her style.

Britney and Justin Denim On Denim

For Halloween last year Luna and her boyfriend, Kai, recreated this iconic Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake moment. Personally, I love a good denim on denim look (when it’s done right of course) and this outfit gave me serious inspo. The combination for the denim corset top and skirt with over the top silver jewellery is super early 2000s. It is easy to inspiration from this in a subtle way though (it doesn’t have to be a costume). I’m pretty sure this skirt is by the Australian brand I Am Gia (which is one of my favourite brands but they can be quite expensive) so I’ve found some similar pieces you can add to your wardrobe that definitely have the same vibe as this outfit.

Slip Dress Perfection

In a recent video, Luna mentioned that she loves wearing slip dresses or baby doll dresses, and she gets most of them from Depop or from thrift stores. You can definitely tell from her Instagram that these are a staple in her wardrobe. This pink colour is also a favourite of hers and is a common theme on her Instagram. I’ve picked out some dresses that would definitely be Luna approved. These would also look great paired with a cropped cardigan and a mini bag like Luna styled hers!

Blair Waldorf Vibes

This look is very Blair Waldorf and super trendy at the moment. Again, Luna added a touch of pink to make the outfit pop more which is a great idea. This idea of adding a collared shirt under a crew neck is such a good way to dress up a basic crew neck. Pairing them with a skirt is also a great idea but you could also pair them with some basic pants or jeans.

Cowboy Boots!

I am utterly obsessed with cowboy boots, it’s honestly unhealthy. These amazing brown cowboy boots are literally everything I could ever want and Luna styled them perfectly with this simple white dress. Here are some of my favourite cowboy boots (that I will definitely be buying).

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Cosy Sweater

Now that we are entering into autumn and winter, everyone needs a selection for cosy sweaters and jumpers in their wardrobe. Even Luna, who lives in LA needs some jumpers. This jumper is an amazing purple colour and bright jumpers are the best way to brighten up a dull day.
Are you a fan of Luna Montana’s fashion choices?

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